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This page is a translated version of the page Affiliations Committee/User Group recognition timeline and the translation is 19% complete.
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Trong trang này, bạn sẽ tìm thấy thời gian xử lý để công nhận Nhóm người dùng bởi Ủy ban Liên kết.

Quy trình làm việc của Quá trình Công nhận

Recognitions Pipeline workflow
Bước Quá trình Các ngày
1 Tiếp nhận hồ sơ 2
2 Duyệt các tiêu chí 7
3 Đánh giá pháp lý về các nguyên tắc đặt tên 14
4 Chuẩn bị nghị quyết công nhận và biểu quyết 30
5 Xác nhận 2
6 Hệ thống cập nhật nhân viên 7

Quá trình Công nhận Nhóm Người dùng

Bước 1: Tiếp nhận hồ sơ mới

Time: 2 business days

User Group submits a new application to AffCom through Meta. AffCom staff will confirm receipt within 2 business days.

Staff will add an application progress box to the bottom of the User Group’s meta page.

Step 2: Staff Review

Up to 7 business days

The application will be reviewed by AffCom staff to ensure the following criteria:

    • A link is provided to User Group Page on Meta
    • The User Group name is appropriate, viable, and not already in use.
    • It has at least 10 members (recommended)
    • Members include 3 users with 500 edits, 6 months of editing history
    • The User Group page contains the following:
      • Planned activities
      • The aims are published and align with the Wikimedia mission
      • Logo (if there is one and it has been approved, otherwise the Wikimedia logo can be used)
      • New Members are welcomed
      • Contact details for key people (at least two)
      • Code of conduct

AffCom Staff to notify the local Chapter for any geographic user group, who have 21 days to respond with their support, concerns, or to raise any relevant issues.

Staff will update the application progress box on the User Group page.

Step 3: AffCom Review & Step 4: Recognition

simultaneous 10-30 business days

  • Staff will liaise with the Legal Department over the User Group name (this can take up to two weeks)
  • Review Meta Page
  • Taking into account the advice from the legal department, interested affiliates, and other relevant stakeholders, AffCom staff will draft a recommendation, known as a "resolution"
  • The application will be tabled at the next monthly meeting,[1] and committee members will vote on the proposed resolution
  • Staff will prepare the User Agreement in a google docs
  • Staff will update the application progress box on the User Group page

If not approved, Chair prepares a Non-recognition resolution & sends to committee for confirmation and sign-off

  • The Chair of AffCom communicates the result to the applicants privately


Step 5: Confirmation

2 business days

  • New Affiliate is provided with a link to the User Agreement for signing
  • Legal approval date and AffCom Approval date will be posted to the Meta page
  • Staff will update the application progress box on the User Group page

Step 6: Staff update systems

7 business days

  • Date of Signed Agreement
  • Resolution posted to Meta
  • User Group code created
  • User Group name and logo added to meta page
  • User Group counts updated
  • Affiliates meta page updated
  • Congratulations message (date)
  • Contacts wiki mark-up for office wiki
  • Contacts added to office wiki page
  • Org & contacts added to the mapping
  • Affcom resolution section for UG page
  • Add month for the annual report is due to the User Group page
  • Add affiliate to Reports Page
  • Add affiliate to Report Monitoring Tracker
  • Add to Affcom Mass mailing page
  • Update Affiliates Map Add to State of the Communities
  • Message to AffCom Chair/Vice Chair
  • Update category on Meta
  • Update UG name on Official affiliate's names
  • Public Announcement of Recognition


  1. From the date of criteria being met the successful application would be tabled at the next Affcom monthly meeting, for resolution. While Affcom will endeavor to be efficient in response, on occasions where the agenda is full the resolution may be rolled over to the next Affcom meeting.