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Wikimedia Foundation elections/Board elections/2007/FAQ/nl

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Boardverkiezingen 2007


Wat betekent per project? Betekent dat alleen bewerkingen op Wikipedia, enzovoort?[edit]

"Project" slaat op ieder officieel project van Wikimedia, zoals genoemd in de complete lijst van projecten van Wikimedia (Engels). Het heeft geen betrekking op projecten die gebruik maken van de software MediaWiki maar geen relatie hebben met de Wikimedia Foundation, en heeft ook geen betrekking op voorgestelde projecten die nog niet zijn goedgekeurd. Er bestaan officiële projecten die niet op de complete lijst met projecten staan; in geval van onregelmatigheden wordt er een uitspraak gedaan door de Verkiezingscommissie met assistentie van de Executive Director van de Foundation. Een volledig onofficieel kort antwoord kan zijn dat als een Steward er rechten kan instellen het een project van Wikimedia is, maar dat is volledig onofficieel.

Hoofdnaamruimte of alle naamruimten?[edit]

So, in order to vote in the Election, I must have at least 400 edits. Do edits to other namespaces than main also count?

Definitely yes. There is no restriction of type of namespace. You can include all other namespaces, user namespace, image namespace, template namespace, or talk namespace(s) ... if they are edits on a Wikimedia project.

Verplaatsen telt als "bewerking"?[edit]

According to Special:Usercontributions on my active project, I have 400 edits. All are in main namespace but one entry is a result of move. Some Wikipedians say my actual edits in main namespace should be counted 399 edits. Are they right? In other words, can I vote or not?

Yes, you will be able to vote; the blank edit caused by a page move still counts as an edit. Log entries for moves, however, do not count. The same thing should be said about protection.

Wordt er gestemd op Meta of is het in ieder project mogelijk om te stemmen?[edit]

The technical details of voting will be announced very soon. Thank you for your patience. 

Kan ik bewerkingen uit verschillende projecten combineren om tot het vereiste aantal te komen?[edit]

Unfortunately, no. Due to technical limitations, we cannot fairly allow users to combine edits between different Wikimedia wikis at this time for voting purposes.

Over kandidaatstelling[edit]

Wie kan zich kandidaat stellen voor de Board of Trustees?[edit]

You have to meet the candidate criteria, but unlike voters, your first edit must have been made at least one year before June 1st, 2007 to be able to run. You also have to be 18 years or older, and need to get the required number of endorsements from eligible voters until the designated date. See Election notice for further information.

Hoeveel gekozen plaatsen worden er ingevuld?[edit]

We are electing three replacements for current members of the Board of Trustees whose terms end in July 2007.

Voor welke termijn worden de nieuwe leden benoemd?[edit]

The Wikimedia bylaws say:
Persons elected by the community shall be appointed for a term of two years.
Thus elected people will serve for two years, till July 2009.

Hoe kan iemand zichzelf kandideren?[edit]

See Election candidates 2007/En.

Doen alle huidige Boardleden met in de verkiezing? Moeten ze dat?[edit]

No, on this occasion, only Erik Möller, Kat Walsh and Oscar van Dillen come to the end of their terms and their successors will be elected. No other members' terms end at this time. For the term of each member, see Wikimedia:Board of Trustees. At the conclusion of their term, each elected Board member will be required to stand for election or rotate off the Board. Also please note the three appointed members, Jimmy Wales, Michael Davis and Jan-Bart de Vreede, won't be elected by vote.

Over steunbetuigen[edit]

Wat is het vereiste aantal steunbetuigingen?[edit]

Daar is nog niet over besloten, maar het wordt een aantal tussen tien (10) en vijftien (15).

Hoe kan ik steun betuigen aan een kandidaat?[edit]

Please see Board elections/2007/Endorsements for details.

Ik heb een steunverklaring ontvangen op foundation-l. Kan ik die toevoegen aan de vereiste steunbetuigingen voor acceptatie?[edit]

No. Any endorsement submitted to any other place than the designated place, possibly Board elections/2007/Endorsements, is considered unofficial and not to be counted.

Over stemgerechtigden[edit]

Wie kunnen stemmen?[edit]

See Election notice for voters' qualification.

Ik heb het vereiste aantal bewerkingen op meerdere projecten. Kan ik op ieder project stemmen?[edit]

No, you can only vote once. If you fulfill voter qualifications in several projects, you will have to choose from which you want to vote.

Over stemmen[edit]

Is de stemming geheim? Kan ik achterhalen wie op wie stemt?[edit]

Yes, this is a secret ballot. Only the third party committee that the Election committee appoints to oversee vote counting can know who votes for whom.

Over Boardleden[edit]

Wordt een Boardlid betaald?[edit]

No. Being on the Board of Trustees is a purely voluntary position, and the bylaws prohibit board members from being compensated for serving as board members. However, expenses related to Board activities, such as travel, may be compensated. (For example, a board member who needs to attend a Board meeting in Florida may be reimbursed for airfare and hotel, but may not be paid simply for attending.)

Wat wordt er van Boardleden verwacht?[edit]

The Board of Trustees decides the general direction of the Wikimedia Foundation, including its strategy, relationships with third parties, and otherwise running, sustaining, and empowering the project. In order to make effective decisions, members are expected to attend approximately four in-person meetings per year, which usually last from one to three days. One of these will often be immediately before or after the annual Wikimania conference. Besides these in-person meetings, the board also has online meetings in IRC as needed.


Ik heb ideeën over deze verkiezing. Waar kan ik die kwijt?[edit]

For general comments, post on Talk:Elections for the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation, 2007/En. If you have a question, ask on Talk:Election FAQ 2007. If you have a comment on a specific page, that page's talk will be most appropriate in most cases.

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