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2007 board elections

Here is the official platform of candidates for the Elections for the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation, 2007. The acceptance of candidates is now closed.

Quick view of candidates

Candidate presentations

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User Ausir
Real name Paweł Dembowski
Location Głogów, Poland
Age 24
User page(s) User:Ausir, w:pl:user:Ausir, w:en:user:Ausir, commons:user:Ausir
Wikimedia participant since February 2004
Projects in which I participate I'm mostly active at Polish Wikipedia, English Wikipedia and Commons, but I've done edits to other Polish and English projects and some to other language ones.
Languages in which I participate I'm fluent in Polish and English and know basics of Russian and German.
Link to user contribution pages pl.wikipedia, en.wikipedia, meta, commons
My candidate statement I have been contributing to Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects since February 2004 and have made more than 20 thousands of edits in (mostly) Polish and English Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. I'm an admin in all three, a Polish Wikipedia CheckUser, a Commons bureaucrat and a Wikimedia steward. I was one of the founding members of the Wikimedia Polska Association. Frankly, I have been less active in the Wikimedia projects in the last few months, but I'm looking forward to resuming my activities.

I currently study marketing and management at the Wrocław University of Economics and work as a freelance English-Polish translator (I've done for Microsoft and Adobe).

I want Wikipedia to still be open and free, which means that I support limiting the use of non-free content (e.g. fair use pictures) to a minimum. I also generally support Wikipedia's sister projects, but on the other hand I think that some of them were bad ideas from the start, so I don't think all of them deserve the same level of attention. I also strongly believe in multilingualism and in supporting local communities and involvement of more people from outside the US and Western Europe in Wikimedia affairs.

For questions, please post here Board elections/2007/Candidates/Ausir/questions


User Danny
Real name Danny Wool
At Wikimania 2006
Location St. Petersburg, Florida
Age 43
User page(s) English Wikipedia.
Wikimedia participant since late 2001/registered early 2002
Projects in which I participate Active on English Wikipedia and Wikisource, I have edited on many other projects (including starting Wikijunior), and in various other languages.
Languages in which I participate Fluent in English and Hebrew. The kind of French that one learned in high school in Ontario in the 1970s.
Link to user contribution pages English Wikipedia, English Wikisource, Commons, Hebrew Wikipedia, Hebrew Wikisource.
My candidate statement Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

In November 2006, the Board, office staff, and chapter representatives met in Frankfurt for three days to plan for the future of the Foundation.

Seven months later, what has been achieved? True, the staff has grown, but that makes the questions even more acute: Where is the fundraising strategy? Where is the technical road map? What is the plan for sustainability? International expansion and partnerships may be more exciting, but the role of a Board is to focus on the core issues, to protect the basic assets, and to ensure that the project remains vibrant and relevant. I hope to concentrate on that.

As a registered user on Wikipedia since early 2002, I helped to shape some of the basic guidelines. I have raised money for the Foundation, and opened doors for more money to come our way. I have also spent almost twenty months working in the Foundation office, and know the inner mechanisms intimately.

In my personal life, I have worked in various media for both the profit and non-profit sectors, and have even edited print encyclopedias professionally. I am proud to state that I am still an active editor on various projects.

For questions, please post here Board elections/2007/Candidates/Danny/questions


User DragonFire1024
Real name Jason Safoutin
Me after a haircut on June 20, 2007.
Location Buffalo, New York, United States
Age 26
User page(s) English Wikinews, English Wikipedia, English Commons.
Wikimedia participant since Wikinews: January 9, 2006; Wikipedia: January 21, 2006; Commons: January 14, 2006
Projects in which I participate Wikinews, Wikipedia, Commons.
Languages in which I participate English
Link to user contribution pages wikinews:en:special:contributions/DragonFire1024, w:en:special:contributions/DragonFire1024, commons:special:contributions/DragonFire1024.
My candidate statement I am heavily involved with en.Wikinews and also an Administrator. I have published nearly 450 articles on en.Wikinews since I joined in January of 2006. I have also written several interviews exclusive to Wikinews and have also been one of the developers for Wikinews Video 2.0 and Wikinews Weather (BETA). I created 2 promotional videos for wikinews and was the person to first organize and start Wikinews Weather (again after more than 2 1/2 years), to which is updated and maintained by me and another user. I hope to get many users on various Wikis involved in the broadcast and recording of Wikinews Video and Wikinews Weather.

My biggest Wiki-wide goal is an attempt for users on various project to work together on certain issues and ideas and to help in developing new ways in gathering information and more efficient ways of delivering that information to the world.

I believe all Wikimedia projects should get the same attention when decisions regarding policies/finance/etc are made and that those polices should conform to the needs and goals of each project whenever possible. I also believe that the community of each project should be more involved in Board decisions that would drastically change the operation of their project(s).

For questions, please post here Board elections/2007/Candidates/DragonFire1024/questions


User Eloquence
Real name Erik Möller
At Wikimania Boston 2006
Location Berlin, Germany
Age 28
User page(s) on Meta, on en.wp, on de.wp, on Commons, on en.wikinews
Wikimedia participant since December 2001
Projects in which I participate Wikipedia, Wikinews, Commons, Meta, Spoken Wikisource
Languages in which I participate English, German (occasionally)
Link to user contribution pages see above
My candidate statement I have served on the Board for 9 months as an elected member (see my 2006 platform). I have also acted as Executive Secretary of the Board during this time. The Board I joined has overseen some of the most significant changes in the history of the Foundation. As an organization, we have
  • defined our mission and vision clearly,
  • strengthened our commitment to free culture through a project-wide, consistent licensing policy,
  • expanded the Board with two community seats, giving the community a Board majority for the first time,
  • formed a distinguished Advisory Board, which has been consulted regularly
  • conducted the largest fundraiser in the history of Wikimedia,
  • ensured proper review of all WMF finances, including the release of the first audited financial statements,
  • substantially expanded our international staff, including the new position of Volunteer Coordinator to better work with our global community.

Progress on other fronts has been heating up (license compatibility, institutional partnerships such as the Encyclopedia of Life, search for a permanent Executive Director, plans for the next fundraiser, and so on). I hope I will be able to continue my work in these and other areas. :-) Please see "9 months of wiki madness" for a more personal view of my time on the Board so far and my hopes for the future. Thank you!

For questions, please post here Board elections/2007/Candidates/Eloquence/questions


User Frieda
Real name Frieda Brioschi
Frieda during last WMI yearly meeting
Location Rome, Italy
Age 30
User page(s) Frieda, w:it:Utente:Frieda
Wikimedia participant since 13 May 2003
Projects in which I participate I'm mostly active at it.wiki, it.wikt, it.source, but I've done edits to other italian projects, en.wiki, MetaWiki and FoundationWiki.
Languages in which I participate it, en, can read some es and pt
Link to user contribution pages w:it:Speciale:Contributi/Frieda, Special:Contributions/Frieda, s:it:Special:Contributions/Frieda, commons:Special:Contributions/Frieda
My candidate statement I have been involved in Wikipedia and other WMF projects since May 2003, being the first admin on it.wiki. In June 2005 I was one of the founders of Wikimedia Italia and the first president (still in the role). I'm bureaucrat on it.wiki, it.news, it.source and it.wikt. I'm a (not very active) member of the Special Projects Committee, an OTRS admin and press contact for it.wiki.

I've some basic points and ideas:

  • WM projects must remain free and open
  • we have to share knowledge
  • WMF is a world wide organization
  • our communities are both precious and different
  • as a chapter member I see every day which are WMF problems: for instance, internal and external communication, clearness on which is the purpose of chapters, relationship with communities, donations and donors follow-up...
  • according to my experience, sharing free knowledge requires that you have something to share, and it's not so obvious: the world is full of unknown knowledge. A first step is to recognize this knowledge and making it accessible.
  • I'm convinced that WMF should invest in promoting and allowing further improvement of its own projects other than Wikipedia, especially in creating and growing these projects in disadvantaged areas, for instance Africa.
  • WMF has got an enormous potential, still used only in part. Until and unless WMF doesn't have a well defined structure, and an organization chart that includes the Board, the Communities and the Chapters, it will be difficult to handle.
  • Chapters are essential to the Foundation and they have to be properly used and strongly supported.
For questions, please post here Board elections/2007/Candidates/Frieda/questions


User Kate
Real name River Tarnell
Location Oxford, UK
Age 23
User page(s) User:Kate, w:en:User:Kate
Wikimedia participant since 6th June, 2004
Projects in which I participate en.wikipedia, meta
Languages in which I participate en
Link to user contribution pages meta, en.wp
My candidate statement As a board member, I will return the Foundation to its core purpose: publishing a user-editable encyclopedia on the Internet. I will support relocating or shutting down non-Wikipedia projects. I will oppose any attempt by the Foundation to publish content in other forms, such as books. However, I believe publishing our content is important, so it can be available to a wider audience, including people without Internet access. I would actively seek to partner with other organisations who can achieve this goal.

I will reduce our overhead to a bare minimum, using as many of our assets as possible to support our Internet hosting concerns. I will explore additional funding sources besides user donations, such as grants, sponsorship and advertising.

I will improve our technical competence though a variety of means, such as hiring additional technical employees, and ensuring we have a clear idea of how we will expand to fill the demand for our content.

I have been a MediaWiki developer and Wikimedia system administrator since 2004, and I believe this gives me a unique insight into how our organisation works on a technical level, and what changes need to be made to ensure our continued success.

For questions, please post here Board elections/2007/Candidates/Kate/questions

User:Kim Bruning

User Kim Bruning
Real name Kim Bruning
Location Wijk en Aalburg, The Netherlands
Age 29
User page(s) English wikipedia, (central) (also many on other projects ... )
Wikimedia participant since first edit 2001, regular since ~2003
Projects in which I participate english wikipedia, also advising on some others at times.
Languages in which I participate English, Dutch, understand German , high school French and Latin.
Link to user contribution pages en
My candidate statement Hello, my name is Kim Bruning. I have been somewhat responsible for restoring and maintaining dispute resolution on enwiki. I now work mostly on process, and occasionally help with emergencies. I have also been coding and helping out on Omegawiki, starting this year.

For the foundation, the issues of day to day management, servers, and continuity are important. I think we all agree on that, so let's look at a different issue:

There are currently 700 wikis in over 250 languages across many projects. Communication between those wikis is practically none-existent, making it hard for people to learn from each other.


  • One wiki was banning admins from a different wiki
  • Several wikis don't use consensus
  • One wiki had a POV-violation in the site-notice
  • Many wikis have never heard of Assume Good Faith

We also need to think more about talking with other non-profit organizations. They may have already learned lessons that we are still struggling with.

So day to day management, and improvement of internal and external communication is what I'd like to work on these coming two years. If you want to help me achieve that, please vote for me, or contact me, or both!

For questions, please post here Board elections/2007/Candidates/Kim Bruning/questions


User Kingboyk
Real name Stephen Kennedy
Location Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Age 34
User page(s) Main: English Wikipedia. Others: Wikipedia in other languages, Meta, Commons, Mediawiki, Wiktionary.
Wikimedia participant since September 2005
Projects in which I participate Wikipedia En, and others. I am also an AutoWikiBrowser developer.
Languages in which I participate English, very basic French
Link to user contribution pages En
My candidate statement I want to see a stronger and more democratic Foundation, better guidance and assistance for volunteers, and a sharpened focus on our core goals. The Foundation needs to be stronger, in terms of its vision, its leadership of our volunteer community, its brand, and its accountability.

As a Board member, I will advocate a roadmap for our future development. I will also focus on expanding our reach outside Europe and North America, and improving collaboration and idea-sharing between wikis. We have much to learn from each other! I will respectfully promote my view that all board members should be elected.

I have been a Wikipedian for 2 years. I'm an administrator on the English Wikipedia, an AWB developer, and I have co-written several Featured Articles. I have experience at a similar level to this role, having been a member of the Student Union Council and the Finance Committee at Brunel University. I live on a small farm in England.

This is a condensed version of my personal statement. Per the election rules, I have prepared a private personal platform statement which I invite all voters to read. Thank you.

For questions, please post here Board elections/2007/Candidates/Kingboyk/questions

User:Michael Snow

User Michael Snow
Real name Michael Snow
Location Seattle, Washington, United States
Age 33
User page(s) English Wikipedia user page
Wikimedia participant since December 2003
Projects in which I participate Wikipedia, Meta (occasionally also Wikinews and Wikimedia Commons)
Languages in which I participate English (occasionally French and German, which I also speak)
Link to user contribution pages English Wikipedia, Meta (for my work elsewhere I have not necessarily registered accounts)
My candidate statement I respect what the Wikimedia Foundation has accomplished so far with limited resources and many forces pulling on it. I want to fill some of the gaps and make it a more functional organization. Finances are a constant issue, as Wikimedia must bring in more money and find new donation sources. Brand name value can help support operating funds, but this must be done carefully to preserve neutrality and also protect brands from outsiders trying to exploit them. Relationships with each project and its diverse participants need to be cultivated. The board must listen carefully to reflect the will of the community and not just the loudest voices.

Beyond working on Wikipedia articles, my Wikimedia experience has covered a variety of areas. For many, if you recognize my name it may be because I started The Wikipedia Signpost at the beginning of 2005. Although not intended as a universal news source for Wikimedia issues, it's perhaps as useful as any other source, and it has many readers from languages and projects other than just the English Wikipedia. My other Wikimedia involvement has included serving as chair of the Communications committee. As a lawyer, I have also given occasional advice to the Wikimedia Foundation, when its legal needs coincide with my ability to help. I believe that I understand the challenges and would bring a valuable perspective to the board.

For questions, please post here Board elections/2007/Candidates/Michael Snow/questions


User Mindspillage
Real name Kathleen Walsh
Location Herndon, Virginia, USA (a suburb of Washington, DC)
Age 24
User page(s) en.wikipedia, en.wikinews, meta, foundation
Wikimedia participant since June 2004
Projects in which I participate English Wikipedia, English Wikinews, Meta, limited participation on various other projects.
Languages in which I participate English, basic Spanish
Link to user contribution pages en.wikipedia, en.wikinews, meta
My candidate statement I found Wikipedia in 2004 and began quietly writing about classical music, wondering what kind of crazy person spent so much time on it. A year later I was on OTRS, a press contact, and a founding member of the Communications Committee; I was then appointed to the Board in December 2006.

I'm currently in law school, where I staff a law and economics journal. I am an intern for a nonprofit online legal education project, and a classical musician.

While on the board I worked with issues including licensing policy, free content and free culture advocacy, public relations, and strategic decisions such as branding and partnership; I hope to see some of these issues through beyond the short term I've already served.

My interest is for the Board to act with a long-term view of its mission in mind, and not to take actions which might compromise WMF's future. To do this we must have a clear picture of what our values are and what our mission is, and we must maintain our commitment to being a free resource so the content does not need WMF to survive. Beyond this, I see us pursuing partnerships with like-minded organizations to carry our mission beyond the scope of what Wikimedia can do.

For questions, please post here Board elections/2007/Candidates/Mindspillage/questions


User Oscar
Real name Oscar van Dillen
Location Rotterdam, Netherlands
Age 49
User page(s) User:Oscar, foundation:User:Oscar, commons:User:Oscar, nl:User:Oscar, de:User:Oscar, en:User:Oscar, es:User:Oscarami, fr:User:Oscar, it:User:Oscar, tr:User:Oscar, zh:User:Oscar, and more; also pages on dutch language wikibooks, wikinews among others.
Wikimedia participant since february 2004
Projects in which I participate basically many but nlwikipedia and metawiki have most of my edits.
Languages in which I participate i am fluent in dutch, english, german and french, and speak more languages more or less, yet my main contributions are in the dutch-language projects and metawiki.
Link to user contribution pages some direct links from my main projects: nlwikipedia edits, nlwikipedia logs, metawiki edits, metawiki logs, nlwikimediawiki edits, nlwikimediawiki logs, but also enwikipedia edits, commonswiki edits...
My candidate statement i am a professional composer and teacher at the rotterdam conservatory, in my professional career i have been an interim manager for years as well. having been appointed as an elected community-member to the expanded board of trustees in december 2006, i had the honor to serve a 6 month term since (see further explanation). having grown up from the projects, i became a sysop at nlwiki in may 2004, on meta in april 2005, and have been a steward since june 2005; i was founding and first president of wikimedia nederland, a member of the now dormant special projects committee, and currently chair of the audit committee. i have tried my best to still keep in touch with as many of basic things as possible going on in the projects, not an easy job for a busy board member.

in the frankfurt board retreat of 2006 (see my report) i compared wikimedia to a giant with feet of clay, this has been my main worry and concern: to consolidate the organisation of volunteers (like i myself am) with a core of newly hired skilled people, which supports our further growth into the future and remain an independent organization. since this is only partly accomplished, i would like to further contribute to the next steps, which will enhance our growth and outreach, our quality and stability, our independence and responsibility.

i believe we are in fact a new 21st century generation of "encyclopedists", collecting more than knowledge alone: edito ergo sum (quotation).

For questions, please post here Board elections/2007/Candidates/Oscar/questions


User UninvitedCompany
Real name Steve Dunlop
Location Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Age 41
User page(s) meta, en, commons
Wikimedia participant since March 27, 2003
Projects in which I participate Wikipedia, Meta, with minor involvement at commons and Wikibooks
Languages in which I participate English
Link to user contribution pages en, meta
My candidate statement I've been involved for over four years, now, and have held a variety of volunteer posts with ENWP and with the Foundation. I was probably best known for my OTRS work up until my recent election to the ENWP arbitration committee. I work as a software development manager and as a semiprofessional musician in addition to my volunteer work.

In essence, the purpose of my candidacy is to bring a higher degree of professionalism to the Board of Trustees and the daily operations of the Foundation. The Foundation needs to attract large donors to maintain solvency without resorting to advertising. To attract large donors, the leadership of the Foundation from the Board on down must be professional and responsible, and must be able to reconcile the unique values of the constituent projects with the expectations of the donor community. This will involve bylaws changes to assure donors that future boards will be well qualified. It will also require that we make the Executive Director position an attractive one to the top-flight talent we want. That will mean more delegation and will require a board that is comfortable leading rather than doing. As a member of the Board of Trustees, my work would be directed almost exclusively towards making these changes.

For questions, please post here Board elections/2007/Candidates/UninvitedCompany/questions


User WarX
Real name Artur Jan Fijałkowski
Me in 2006 during Days of Mikołów, decorated with flowers by my friend
Location Mikołów, Poland
Age 23
User page(s) w:pl:user:WarX, commons:user:WarX, pl:chapter:user:WarX
Wikimedia participant since 17 jan 2005
Projects in which I participate pl.wiki, commons
Languages in which I participate pl, en
Link to user contribution pages pl.wiki, commons
My candidate statement I have been a Wikimedia contributor for nearly 2.5 years. Since then I have made thousands of edits and deletions both on commons and pl.wiki. Now my direct contributions in projects are low, but I'm working on getting photo-passes on different events for making photos for Wikimedia (eg. the Metalmania festival) which consumes lots of time. In December 2006 I was elected for Board Member of Wikimedia Polska Association. I am the author of the Wikimedia Community Logo, used as the logo of Planet Wikimedia . My goal in the Board would be to make it more aware of the situation in post-communist countries, being not as rich as the western countries which dominate in the current Board.
For questions, please post here Board elections/2007/Candidates/WarX/questions


User Yann
Real name Yann Forget
Me in a rickshaw, Ahmedabad, India, January 2007
Location Annemasse, France
Age 42
User page(s) fr.wiki, en.wiki, Commons, en.wikisource, fr.wikisource
Wikimedia participant since 24 December 2002
Projects in which I participate Wikipedia (fr, en, hi, gu), Commons, Wikisource (fr, en, sa, hi), Wiktionary (fr, hi, gu)
Languages in which I participate fr, en (3), hi (2), gu (1)
Link to user contribution pages fr.wiki, commons, Wikisource
My candidate statement I have been involved in Wikimedia projects since December 2002 (4.5 years), mainly on Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Commons and Wikisource. I am one of the early contributors of Wikisource, from when it was still called Project Sourceberg. I am admin on about a dozen Wikimedia projects and steward since June 2005. I proposed the creation of Wikimédia France in November 2003, of which I was secretary in 2004-2005.

I am a computer professional specialized in free software since 1998. Before that I worked for 10 years with NGOs on humanitarian, social and cultural projects. I would like to bring my experience of non-profit organizations and free culture movement to the service of Wikimedia Foundation. I would like the Foundation to be an influential organization, to bring free knowledge far and wide. My main input would be working on financial independence.

For questions, please post here Board elections/2007/Candidates/Yann/questions


User ^demon
Real name Michael "Chad" Horohoe
Location Richmond, Virginia, United States of America
Age 19
User page(s) On the English Wikipedia
Wikimedia participant since 23 February 2005 (but had been contributing as an anonymous user for some time before that, probably early 2004)
Projects in which I participate English Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons for transwiki work.
Languages in which I participate English, elementary-level French
Link to user contribution pages On the English Wikipedia
My candidate statement Wikipedia is an absolutely phenomenal thing. The Wikimedia Foundation exists to support both Wikipedia and its many sister projects by providing both financial and infrastructural support. It stands to reason that we need people on the Board who understand what we're really here for--providing as much freely-licensed content to as many people as possible in their own native language. The Board of Directors should have, nay, needs to have people who are as closely aligned with this guiding principle as possible. As a board member, I would strive to play towards my individual strengths of management, technical know-how, and my ability to communicate with others. However, none of us must ever be too proud to not stop and ask for help; be it from outside help, developers, local administrators, and even the normal day-to-day contributors--both registered and anonymous. I believe many times those involved "higher-up" in the running of the Foundation can, at times, lose sight of that core policy I highlighted. This is something I promise to never do.

I believe that the Foundation is currently making a major mistake on what has recently to me become a very major issue. The WMF has long held a policy of "No Open Proxies" allowed for editing. The feeling has often been that quite a large amount of vandalism is coming from such proxies. The ability has long existed for us to be able to soft-block those proxies (in that registered users can edit, but anonymous ones cannot). For quite some time, Tor was soft-blocked. However, earlier this year, unilateral action was taken to hard block all of these proxies, preventing even valuable users from being able to contribute. When Board members were contacted, they did nothing. Rather, Jimbo encouraged discussion, which got nowhere due to a set mindset that is impossible to break. In the meantime, other users were mowed down for this same issue. Are we to allow the projects to lose highly valuable and valued contributors simply because the Foundation will not act? If I am elected, I would like to have the issue visited at a Foundation-level. While we may not see the results I would prefer, I would like to see the Foundation at least exert effort to see if this policy does in fact need revising, rather than the lack of action by anyone.

For questions, please post here Board elections/2007/Candidates/^demon/questions

Rules for candidates

Only Election Committee members may edit this section. If you are not an Election Committee member, please submit your proposed edits or comments on the talk page. Thanks.

Candidates for election to the Wikimedia Board of Trustees should present themselves on this page before 23:59 June 23, 2007 (UTC). Three trustees will be elected to a term ending in June 2009.

To be eligible as a candidate, you must have more than 400 edits on at least one Wikimedia project, the edits must all be made with the same account, and the first edit must have been made at least one year prior to 00:00, 1 June 2007 (UTC). Candidates must also be at least 18 years of age and must disclose their real identity. For legal reasons, it is not possible to hold a Board position anonymously or under a pseudonym. Candidates should be aware of the obligations of a Board position (see also FAQ). Also, please be aware that Board membership is not a paid position by definition in Wikimedia bylaws.

In addition to fulfilling the above requirements, candidate must also be endorsed by the required number of voters at Board elections/2007/Endorsements.

For confirmation of their candidacies, candidates must activate their wiki email on meta. Candidates whose candidacy, i.e. identity cannot be confirmed will be disqualified.

It is not possible to hold a Board position anonymously, so please stand only if you are willing to make your real identity known. Candidates will be required to identify themselves fully to Board Election Steering Committee or another designated individual, unless they have already done so for the previous Board election. You will be contacted and given further details. Candidates who have been confirmed by one of the Election committee members or their designees will have their names emphasized by bold font.

As for candidate presentation, the regulations are as follows:

  • Each should be 1,200 characters in length at maximum in its original language.
  • The Election Committee will try to ensure that the first 1,200 of characters of that presentation are translated to as many languages as possible.
  • Candidates may write a personal platform as an additional presentation in their private capacities. The link to that platform can be included to their official presentation.
  • Candidates may request their translations as individuals. For getting translation aids you may use Babylon noticeboard or other communication channels; See also Translation for your further information.

Please copy the template and fill in the following information. To avoid giving preference to one candidate over another, please list your nomination alphabetically by username, according to the w:Unicode Collation Algorithm.

Candidate presentation guideline will be helpful to make your presentation comfortably accepted to the global audience. On the other hand, it is an essay representing the views of some members of the election committee, thus not a part of official Election Committee notices and documents. To candidates, please note there is no assurance of translation, since all will depend on volunteers. The Election Committee will do their best to motivate Wikimedia volunteers to be engaged in translations.

Finally, please list your name and all the language(s) in which you submit your statement in the Quick view of candidates.


=== [[User:User name]] ===

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