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The Wikimedia colours consist of three different colour palettes: The Core palette, The Legacy palette and The Creative palette. We have defined our colours with specific values so you can easily implement them in your design.

The Core Palette

The Core palette consists of black and white and three shades of black: Black 25, Black 50 and Black 75. Black and White are our main colours that work well with colours in The Legacy palette and The Creative palette. The Wikimedia Foundation logo is black or white. This approach makes it flexible and easy to use in different situations.

Hex codes
Color White Black Black 75 Black 50 Black 25
Hex code FFFFFF 000000 404040 7F7F7F BFBFBF

The Legacy Palette

The Legacy palette consists of the three colours closely associated with the Wikimedia movement: green, blue, and red. They can be used as background colours, title or headline colours and in branded apparel. The colours also come in versions optimised for accessibility, with AAA approved contrast for combination with white.

Hex codes
Color Green Blue Red Green AAA Blue AAA Red AAA
Hex code 396 0063BF 900 246342 0C57A8 970302

The Creative Palette

The Creative palette consists of 11 colours derived from those frequently used by community groups around the world, as well as the much loved Wikipedia20 birthday colours. It's also a palette developed to complement the Legacy and Core palette, providing greater versatility in situations where many colours are needed. The red, blue and green here are slightly different from the Legacy palette as they are adjusted for AA approval.

The Creative palette includes both strong colours and lighter shades. The lighter shades can be useful when there is a need for a more subtle expression, for example as a background colour in a presentation or on a pamphlet. The lighter colours are not suitable for use in logo development because they are not recognisable enough as part of our palette.

Strong colours

Hex codes
Color Red Pink Orange Yellow Purple Dark green
Hex code 970302 E679A6 EE8019 F0BC00 5748B5 305D70
Color Blue Bright Blue Bright Yellow Green Bright Green -
Hex code 0E65C0 049DFF E9E7C4 308557 71D1B3 -

Light colours

Hex codes
Color Red Pink Orange Yellow Purple Dark green
Color Blue Bright Blue Bright Yellow Green Bright Green -
Hex code C3D8EF C0E6FF F9F9F0 CBE0D5 DBF3EC -

ਵਿਕਾਸਕਾਰਾਂ ਵਾਸਤੇ

Template, module and gadget developers may find the CSS stylesheet of all the items above.

Colour usage


To ensure your message is easy to read, using gray or coloured text on coloured blocks is not recommended. For best results, use black for most of the colours, as we did when we introduced the colours earlier on this page. You will see that only red, blue, green, dark green and purple from the creative palette work  well with white text. The colours in the lighter palette are best paired with black text. This is really important to make it easy for as many people as possible to read the text easily.

Colour don’ts

For accessibility reasons, it is recommended to avoid combining the strong and light colors in the Creative palette on text, as the contrast is not sufficient.