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CIS-A2K requests page
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Please read before you post

The CIS-A2K Request page was set up in 2013, as a way to provide general support to Wikimedia affiliates, communities and individuals for activities related to Indian language Wikimedia projects This includes support towards organising community events and initiatives, enabling participation, providing internet access, and fostering outreach and communications, and other such related areas of work. The A2K program considers the requests for support only from Wikimedians and recommends or approves such permission according to certain criteria for eligibility. A2K encourages community members to request support towards their work on various Wikimedia projects, via this request page and has accordingly revised its policies and guidelines in keeping with the nature of requests received. The following is an updated set of guidelines to be applicable from the APG 2022-23 onwards:

  • Relevance: All requests should be placed in the proper section as described below.
  • Community discussion: In many cases, to process the request, community discussion and consensus is a must. So, please consult your community on the respective village pump/mailing list etc. Even in remaining cases where community consensus is not a must, you are encouraged to first discuss the request within your community (on your respective Indic Wikimedia project) and discuss it before placing a request here. You need to wait at least 7 days after starting a village pump/mailing list discussion to get a community response. Please share a link to such a discussion.
  • Assume good faith: We will try to respond as soon as possible. sometimes there might be delays. Based on the difficulty of requested support, there might be delays as well. Please assume good faith.

Nature of Support
At present, there are two kinds of support offered as part of the general support under CIS-A2K:

  • Internet support: This is provided in the form of internet data packs to enable Wikimedians to contribute across various projects.
  • IT Allowance: This is provided to purchase required IT accessories and gadgets like computer accessories, voice recorders, mics etc. which would aid in further enhancing their contribution to the free and open knowledge content across Wikimedia platforms.
  • Community Events and Projects support: This is provided for specific projects, such as events or activities related to Wikimedia platforms ( for example, logistics and travel for edit-a-thons etc.)
  • Project specific IT Allowance: The Wikimedian’s user groups or the communities may apply for this support to procure devices like scanner, camera, tablet, laptop etc. needed to facilitate their work on various projects.
Non-financial Support
  • Intellectual Support: This is support towards planning, coordination and sharing best practices for any work undertaken on Wikimedia projects.
  • Merchandise Support: This is related to sharing A2K merchandise or swag/promotional materials as part of Wikimedia events and projects.
  • Technical Support: This is related to addressing technical queries and troubleshooting various Wikimedia projects.

The guidelines and criteria are different for each kind of support mentioned in this policy. The following are some of the policies and guidelines that community members need to follow at the time of submission of a request or proposal for financial support.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ):