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Celtic Knot Conference 2020/Satellite events

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Celtic Knot
Wikimedia Language Conference
9-10 July 2020
online event

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Satellite events are sessions organized by participants and community members shortly before and after the conference, on topics related to languages and Wikimedia projects. You're welcome to organize one! Check the section "how to add an event" below.
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Before the conference - July 6th to 8th

Date Time (UTC) Title, speaker(s) & short description Language Links

Live editing Vicipéid
A very quick introduction to editing Vicipéid and Wikidata in Irish with Rebecca O'Neill and Claire Murray
English/Irish Replay on Youtube

Importer des données avec OpenRefine
Découvrons ensemble comment utiliser OpenRefine pour préparer, aligner et importer des données dans Wikidata! // Let's learn together how to use the tool OpenRefine to prepare, match and upload data into Wikidata! - Nicolas Vigneron
French Replay on Twitch Discussions

60 min

Starter kit for smaller wikis feedback session
The Small Wiki Toolkits initiative is about learning and sharing technical skills to support, maintain, and grow your wiki community. A part of this initiative is a starter kit which provides a list of resources, tools, and recommendations in technical areas such as templates, gadgets, and bots to help smaller wikis in getting started. Join us to learn about the current state of the Starter Kit and share your feedback on how it can be improved further! If there is more time, we will also brainstorm some ideas on building technical capacity in local wiki communities.
English Join via Google Meet


Language learners meetup
Are you currently learning a language? Come and join the meetup! Whether you are learning a foreign or local language, in a group or on your own, with apps or books... everyone is welcome! We will share a virtual drink while chatting about our favorite language learning methods, the weirdest things in our favorite languages, and our big or little struggles.
English + various languages Join on Jitsi

Working together with high impact resources: Terra X videos
Minority languages can benefit from sharing underlying content and repupose it. German channel ZDF is releasing a series of documentary clips which be easily resued, on climate change, science and history. In the talk we will discuss how this can be redeployed in multiple langauges, and how we can replicate this experience with other high quality content. Should we ask broadcaster to release more clips; ask authors for stories; crowdfund for animations? What are the best ways to build new content suitable for a large audience? What audiences should we be providing content for, eg creators, educators, language learners?
English Watch on Jit.si Matrix / Riot chat room

After the conference - July 11-12

Date Time (UTC) Title, speaker(s) & short description Language Links

Example session XXX
Example description XXX
X Participate on X Discussions

The satellite events are self-organized by participants and community members. Unforeseen issues and delays may occur - please be gentle and patient!

How to add an event


The satellite events from the Celtic Knot Conference are open to all participants and Wikimedia community members who would like to contribute to the event! We especially encourage people who are regularly organizing remote events (podcast, live-editing, editing challenge...) to plan a "Celtic Knot special" during the week of July 6th.

In a nutshell, here are the main rules for satellite events:

  • The session should take place during the week of the conference, but not overlap with the main program
  • The session should have a direct connection with the main topics of the conference: minority languages, Wikimedia projects, GLAM, education and community building
  • You should be able to organize and run the session by yourself or with others (platform to use, moderation, etc.) as the conference organizers won't have the capacity to help you
  • We encourage language diversity! The session doesn't have to be in English
  • Make sure that you enter your event in the program above so people are aware of it!

Types of events


The satellite events should be accessible online, so the other Celtic Knot participants have the chance to participate. We encourage language diversity: feel free to run the event in your own language! We're only asking you to provide a quick description in English, so other participants know what it is about and can get inspired.

The satellite events must have a direct connection with the main topics of the conference, including at least one of the following:

  • Minority languages / underserved languages / endangered languages
  • Languages on the Wikimedia projects
  • Wikidata & related tools
  • Cultural organizations & Wikimedia projects
  • Build and empower communities on the Wikimedia projects

Here are a few examples of sessions you could run: a live-editing session on Wikipedia in your language, a demo of useful tools to use on a small Wikimedia project, a discussion about how GLAM organizations can contribute to the Wikimedia projects, an editing challenge to improve the Wikidata labels in your language, a quiz with fun facts about Wikipedia and languages, a DJ set with music in various languages...

We especially encourage people who are regularly organizing remote events to plan a "Celtic Knot special" during the week of July 6th!

If your session doesn't comply with the previous guidelines, the event organizers may remove it from the satellite events schedule.

Plan your session


Important: satellite events are autonomously organized, which means that you should be able to prepare and run the session by yourself or with others (choose a platform to use, make tests beforehand, organize moderation, communicate about the session, etc.). The Celtic Knot main organizers will be very busy before the conference and will not have the capacity to support you. If you're new to running live sessions and remote events, we encourage you to get in touch with the other participants on Telegram, to ask for help or find some people who would like to join you.

Date and time: Your session should ideally take place during the week of the conference, from July 6th to 12th. Feel free to pick the time that works best for you, depending on your time zone. Participants will join from all around the world, not only Europe and USA time zones! However, please avoid times that overlap with the main conference program, and do not plan your session on June 9th or 10th. Exception: if you're in a time zone that allows it, you can run a session that happens in between the program parts (for example on July 10th at 01:00 UTC).

Communication: Once you decided on your topic, tools, date and time, don't forget to advertise your event to your local communities, on social networks, and of course on this page. Feel free to add "Celtic Knot special" to the title or to use the hashtag #CelticKnot2020.

Add your event in the calendar


Here are the practical steps to include it in the calendar:

  • Gather all the information that you need: date, time, title, short description (including a version in English), link to the platform where the event will take place, link to the discussion space if applicable.
  • Edit this page (we recommend using the Visual Editor)
  • Create a new line on one of the tables, being careful to keep the events ordered chronologically
  • Add your information using the following formats: "Monday, July 6th", "10:00 (UTC)"
  • Add the relevant links in the link column (as buttons or just as links)
  • If you're encountering a problem with the process or have more questions about the side events, please contact wikimediaireland(_AT_)gmail.com