Celtic Knot Conference 2020/Knot together

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Celtic Knot
Wikimedia Language Conference
9-10 July 2020
online event

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Here are the different ways to connect to the conference participants!

Because the Celtic Knot Conference is taking place remotely, we need to find creative ways to connect with each other and replicate this feeling of a welcoming community that has been at the center of the previous Celtic Knot events. We want to be inclusive, international, multilingual, spontaneous and supportive!

First of all, make sure to be familiar with our Friendly Space Policy: it applies on all virtual conference spaces, including the ones mentioned above.


Registration for the event is not mandatory, but strongly recommended if you are willing to get information reminders from us, get in touch more easily with the other participants, and support the organizers.

Registration has two parts:

  • Fill in the Eventbrite form. This is private information disclosed only to the organizers, and this will allow us to get in touch with you
  • Sign up to the participants list. This is public information that other participants can see, and where you can also see who else is attending. This list is great to get in touch with other participants and learn more about their background and favorite topic(s)!

In the registration form, it will be suggested that you donate the amount of money of your choice to support the conference. This fee is not mandatory, and can support the organizations who brought this event to life (Wikimedia UK and Wikimedia Community Ireland).

Social channels[edit]

A great way to enjoy a remote conference is to be in touch with other event participants on social channels. This will allow you to ask questions, comment on the content of the sessions, share interesting facts, or just have fun. Here are a few channels where you can participate:

  • Participants group on Telegram: the main place for all discussions related to the conference. During the conference, expect this channel to be quite busy.
  • Announcements channel on Telegram: this channel is only for announcements from the organizers about the event. You can subscribe to it to be informed about any major updates related to the conference.
  • Social group on Telegram: feel free to use this channel for off-topic discussions (weather, food, cats...) or to continue discussions that would take too much space on the main discussion channel.
  • Other Telegram groups: depending on how busy the main channel is, we may create some other channels, for example some dedicated to specific topics. See also below: help desks.
  • Twitter and other social networks using hashtags: you can post about the conference and find other participants with the hashtag #CelticKnot2020.

Note that while being a mobile app, Telegram is also available as a desktop app and in your browser.

Advice from the organizers: if you don't want to be overwhelmed with Telegram notifications, feel free to mute the most busy channels, and hang out there when you have time.

Help desks[edit]

Help desks are an important feature of the conference, as we want participants to be able to work and develop on their projects and discover new tools. Help desks are spaces to ask questions and support each other on various topics: Wikidata, infoboxes, tools to improve a newly started Wikipedia, etc.

Help desks are primarily run by participants and community members. They are asynchronous (your questions may be answered a few hours later), open (everyone can join) and newcomers-friendly (don't be afraid of asking questions!).

Help desks are taking place on pads, starting on July 8th. If the chat format is not suitable for some discussions, participants are free to switch to other tools (for example, a quick discussion in a video call might be a better format for helping to solve a problem).

Wikidata help desk[edit]

Kickstart your Wikipedia[edit]

  • Access: Etherpad
  • Topic: Are you working on a small or newly started Wikipedia, and wondering about how to implement tools or create policies? Or have you been in that position in the past? This is the place for you to meet!
  • Main mentors: user:AKlapper (WMF), user:SSethi (WMF)

Contact the organizers[edit]

The Celtic Knot is built for you by several organizations. Here are the main members of the organization crew:

If you need to contact the organizing team, please write on the talk page of the event (public). You can also write an email at wikimediaireland(_AT_)gmail.com.