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Welcome to the note-taking pad of one of the Celtic Knot Conference 2020 sessions! This space is dedicated to collaborative note-taking, comments and questions to the speaker(s). You can edit this document directly, and use the chat feature in the bottom-side corner.

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Feel free to add questions here, while or after watching the session. Please add your (user)name in bracket after the question. The host of the session will pick a few questions to ask them during the livestream. The speaker or other participants will answer on this pad (asynchronously: the answer may come in a few hours or days).

Who outside wikipedia uses Wikidata? (Antiqueight)

  • Google data panels on the right-hand side of search results are Wikidata based, iirc
    • Ooh! Thank you.
  • Plenty of institutions, external tools, companies... for example, national libraries like BNF and GND started aligning their data with Wikidata and providing Wikidata Q-IDs as identifiers for their content
  • Ok Google/Siri/Alexa, almost all vocal assistants (including an opensource one, Mycroft)
  • BBC, UK Parliament data team, OpenStreetMap, Lufthansa, DBLP
  • Sunlight Foundation was scraping article infobox information before wikidata

So, if you need to include a number which will change over time, adding the property [on Wikipedia] means that wikidata updates will ensure the number is kept current without people having to specifically edit the page? (Antiqueight)

(I assumed that you were talking about including data from Wikidata in a Wikipedia article) Yes, absolutely, and that's why including Wikidata's data is so powerful, especially for small communities: data will be stored only in one place (on Wikidata) and automatically updated on the Wikipedia pages that reuse it. (Léa)

🖊️🔗 Collaborative note-taking[edit]

Feel free to take notes about the session here, add some useful links, etc.
Slides: File:Wikidata and how you can use it to support minority languages - Celtic Knot 2020 - Mohammed Sadat Abdulai (WMDE).pdf

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