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How chapters manage email (eg contact, membership, media enquiries). See also personal email addresses.

Notes and suggestions organized by type of address: OTRS-managed, IMAP/POP box (if IMAP, possibly shared by more individuals), redirect to another (variable, single/multiple, personal) address, mailing list.

country code Chapter WMF OTRS Own OTRS IMAP shared Job (redirects) Job (POP/IMAP) Personal (redirects) Personal (POP/IMAP) Mailing lists Notes
at Wikimedia Österreich wm-at bewerbungen, verein vorstand, mitglieder, wikimeet-at-l Hosting sponsored by Manuel Schneider
au Wikimedia Australia wm-au treasurer@, secretary@, publicofficer@, returningofficer@... committee, members Hosting by Linux Users Victoria. Using w:smartlist.
ch Wikimedia CH wm-ch info, ok, president, press, presse, wikipediaday ebill board, ca-committee, chapters-*, cultural-partners, executive, glam-north-america, members, mirrors, pvc-l, schatzderschweiz-*, tao_*, web, wikipedia-loerrach, wpd Hosting sponsored by Manuel Schneider
cz Wikimedia Czech Republic info(at) rada(at) (board only), press(at) WikimediaCZ-l(at) (all chapter's members)
dk Wikimedia Danmark for each board member Members: wikimediadk[at] Board: bestyrelse[at]
ee Wikimedia Eesti wm-ee at Google Group for members
fr Wikimédia France wm-fr at membership, treasurer, secretary, press, domains... (board members and others that need an official mail for discussion with partners) ca (means board), executive (short list of highly active members), management (staff), discussion (all members), members (important announcements and monthly newsletter) currently migrating to LDAP & sympa ML manager
hu Wikimédia Magyarország wm-hu at info, board, press, conference... and (formerly with domain; board members and others that need an official mail to discussion with partners) Google Groups for members and board, Sympa mailserver for press announcements
il Wikimedia Israel Hosting sponsored by Manuel Schneider
in Wikimedia India wm-in Google Group for members Hosting sponsored by Manuel Schneider
it Wikimedia Italia info, membership treasurer, secretary... both and for each person (board members, staff and others that need an official mail for discussion with partners) tech, board, association [members], news for members and supporters, press (full list) On our server, quite spammed (going to install SpamAssassin)
ke Wikimedia Kenya Hosting sponsored by Manuel Schneider
mk Wikimedia Macedonia wm-mk at vikipedija [at] (wikipedia administrators and editors)
pl Wikimedia Polska zarzad at See: [1] See: [2] (board members and others that need an official mail to discussion with partners) See: [3] See: [4] and [5] virtual server in company (E-mails), real server (, mailing lists [6])
uk Wikimedia UK wm-uk at Chair, secretary, treasurer, fundraising, legal, press, payments, tellers, ...
(board members, staff, contractors)
Available to board members, staff, contractors on request board, office Planning on migrating to self-hosted CRM system. Using Google Apps for staff accounts.
se Wikimedia Sverige info at board, election committee, revisors, press, payments, donations, member, ...
([former] board members, project managers, contractors)
using mail redirects Plan to migrate to civiCRM.
ru Wikimedia RU info at See here wikimediaru-l (open access to all trusted users) press at is a mail redirect for press inquiries.

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