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The Chapters in development page is intended to serve as a portal/launch page for those Wikimedia chapters that have either:

  1. Been recently approved by the WMF Board;
  2. Recently completed registration in their respective country, and/or
  3. Are small in (active) size

More "mature" chapters are also welcome to participate, as their experience is greatly appreciated. This is a result of the dicussions held during the BarCamp session on Small Chapters at the Wikimedia Conference 2012, held in Berlin.

Local Chapters[edit]

please feel free to add your chapter


  • Wikimedia Sweden did a query on se.wikipedia to ask what WM Sweden should do if it had 100 thousand kronor (about 10 thousand euros). This is a great way to get ideas for projects. Target your local wiki, your members, or even your personal circles.
  • Look for a geographically nearby or a culturally similar "big sister" chapter for support and cooperation. Offer to help or to expand their projects into your chapter.
  • Remember the connections and resources of your active members: building on them is easier than starting from scratch.
please feel free to add your ideas on this


  • One thing in common with all chapters present in the Small Chapters BarCamp session was lack of active members. Do not let lack of money hold your ideas and projects down: WMF grants do exist.
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This section will be used to sketch some guidelines & process that would make the inter-chapter cooperation more fruitful & effective.


Chapters in Development is a platform for cooperation among the small, new & developing chapters approved by the Wikimedia Foundation. This is not a group but a forum where the participant chapters can share their experiences, ask for help in any problem, help each other in overcoming those problems & eventually grow together.

Who can join[edit]

This is a free to join platform. There is no set criteria to determine who can join the forum. Instead, it is left to the chapters to decide & any chapter that wish to join the platform are welcome.