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Community Wishlist Survey 2021/Translation/Visual Translation Override

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Visual Translation Override

  • Problem: Translation tool is only WYSIWYG, it should enable users to edit source at early phases as well, or at least enable a way to for an automated move of such article to their drafts
  • Who would benefit: Mostly Wikipedia Editors, those who are translating content to other Wikipedia Projects.
    • In these countries which use a way more customized templates, or have specific formatting requirements, that usually are not met by WYSIWYG translator.
    • Also, it would be beneficial to users who currently use workaround by working on source in drafts.
    • Project overall, as this automation will accelerate progress and improve engagement of such translators.
  • Proposed solution:

While browsing articles in English Wikipedia, we are encouraged to create translations to languages which don't have that article yet. (E.g. in case the article for our language is not present, the language is grayed out at the languages list).

While creating articles in a different language than English, the visual editor/translator (WYSIWYG) is run by default, (the popup: "This page does not exist in polski yet. Do you want to create it?").

Popup with just one big blue button, that takes users to WYSIWYG

Solution consists of a workflow and adding of a small link beneath the big blue button. User by clicking it gets the article created in own drafts DIRECTLY, with source edit flawlessly being opened.

Other possibility, just to add source code preview at visual translator stage. I bet there exists number of users who will prefer to be able to edit code, at the incredibly early stage of article.

Now, many users must use following workaround: start a newly translated article, then they move the article to their drafts, and then edit its source there. I think possibility to automate this behavior, introducing a small link for that under the blue button, taking user to user's drafts so they can already work on source in their drafts space, will benefit in engagement, and allow to grow drafts more. Thank you!