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Community Wishlist Survey 2021/Wikidata/Display reference in edit summary when a reference is added

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Display reference in edit summary when a reference is added

  • Problem: The edit summary for this diff does display that a reference was added, but not which reference it is. References can be unreliable, spam links etc. so having them be easy to monitor is desirable.
  • Who would benefit: People who patrol Wikidata items for problematic edits, since the content of the diff is immediately displayed.
  • Proposed solution: Add the content of the reference to the edit summary; in this case it would be "Added reference (imported from:English Wikipedia) to claim: mountain range (P4552): Andes (Q5456)"
  • More comments: I hope that this isn't too late, it's a repost of two similar requests in the preceding years. This feature would be useful as well if it displayed in crosswiki watchlists. There may be length issues when the reference is long.
  • Phabricator tickets: