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Community health initiative/Metrics kit/Research

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Research name Date begun Date published Qual. or Quant.? Topic Contact/Author Relevance
How much do Wikipedians value editing Wikipedia? 2017-12 2018-05 Qualitative Editor satisfaction Jana Gallus; Avinash Gannamaneni; Aaron Halfaker High
Growth and diversity of Technology team audiences 2017-11 2018-05 Qualitative Technical contributors satisfaction Jonathan Morgan High
Holder Administration in anderen Sprachversionen AdminCon 2018 N/A 2018-03 Quantitative Administrators User:Holder High
The Keilana Effect: Visualizing the closing coverage gaps with ORES N/A 2017-08 Quantitative Gender gap Aaron Halfaker; Emily Temple-Woods High
Wikimedia CH Community Survey 2016 2016-12 2017-02 Qualitative Community Survey Wikimedia CH High
New editor support strategies 2016-05 2016-10 Qualitative New Editors Jonathan Morgan; Joe Matazzoni; Pau Giner High
Becoming Wikidatians: evolution of participation in a collaborative structured knowledge base 2016-05 2016-10 Qualitative New Editors Alessandro Piscopo, et al. High
Impact of The Wikipedia Adventure on new editor retention 2014-11 2016-10 Qualitative New Editors Sneha Narayan, et al. Medium
Online Community Conduct Policies 2016-03 2016-06 Qualitative Conduct policies in other online communities Patrick Earley; Karen Brown Medium
Teahouse long term new editor retention 2015-11 2016-05 Qualitative Editor satisfaction Rebecca O’Neill High
Survey of user in Ireland 2015-09 2016-05 Both Editor retention Jonathan Morgan; Aaron Halfaker High
Wikimedia Nederlands survey (2015) N/A 2016-04 Qualitative Community Survey Wikimedia Nederland High
Wikimedia CH Community Survey 2015 2016-01 2016-02 Qualitative Community Survey Verena Linder High
Wikimedia Deutschland Editor Survey 2016 2015-06 2016-02 Qualitative Community Survey Wikimedia CH High
Monthly wikimedia editor activity dataset 2015-04 2015-08 Quantitative Editor activity Aaron Halfaker Medium
Active editor spike 2015 (July update) N/A 2015-07 Qualitative General - Community Health Haitham Shamma; María Cruz High
Community Health learning campaign 2015-07 2015-07 Quantitative Editor activity Aaron Halfaker Medium
VisualEditor's effect on newly registered editors (May 2015 study) 2015-06 2015-05 Quantitative New editors Aaron Halfaker Medium
Active editor spike 2015 2015-03 2015-04 Quantitative Editor activity Aaron Halfaker; Dario Taraborelli Medium
Global South User Survey 2014 2014-09 2015-02 Qualitative Community Survey Haitham Shammaa High
Talk Sentiment Analysis: Editor Retention and Editing Prediction 2014-10 2014-12 Qualitative Editor retention Sergio Martinez-Ortuno; Lars Roemheld; Deepak Menghani; Leila Zia Medium
The Role of Wikipedia Mentorship Programs in the Newcomer Experience 2014-07 2014-12 Qualitative New Users Gabriel Mugar with Chris Schilling and Aaron Halfaker Medium
Wikipedia Gender Inequality Index 2014-06 2014-12 Quantitative Gender Gap Piotr Konieczny Medium
Communicating on Wikipedia while female 2014-11 2014-11 Qualitative Gender gap Laura Hale High
Framing Support for Newcomers 2014-07 2014-10 Qualitative New Users Yla Tausczik; Jonathan Morgan Low
Asking anonymous editors to register 2014-03 2014-10 Qualitative New Users Aaron Halfaker Medium
Non-finite Processes in Human Social Phenomena 2012-10 2014-10 Qualitative Cooperation Simon DeDeo High
Women and Wikipedia 2014-01 2014-09 Qualitative Gender Gap Amanda Menking; Jonathan Morgan High
Women and Wikipedia: Contributions in a Collaborative Online Space 2012-03 2014-05 Quantitative Gendergap Melanie Kill Low
Wikimedia Community Visualization N/A 2013-12 Quantitative Editor activity Haitham Shammaa High
Newcomer survival models 2013-09 2013-09 Qualitative Editor retention/New editors Aaron Halfaker High
Onboarding new Wikipedians/OB6 2013-09 2013-09 Quantitative New Editors Aaron Halfaker Low
Exploring editing dynamics in different language Wikipedias – Towards a substantive grounded theory 2013-05 2013-08 Qualitative Social dynamics Pasko Bilic High
Getting to know the grassroots N/A 2013-07 Qualitative Community Survey Wikimedia Nederland High
VisualEditor's effect on newly registered editors/June 2013 study 2013-06 2013-07 Quantitative New Editors Aaron Halfaker Low
Gender micro-survey 2013-06 2013-07 Quantitative Gender Howie Fung Low
WikiProjects as virtual Teams 2013-01 2013-07 Quantitative Social dynamics Jonathan Morgan High
Notifications 2013-05 2013-05 Quantitative Impact of Technical Feature Aaron Halfaker Medium
Anonymity and conformity over the net 2012-01 2013-03 Quantitative Effects of anonymity Aaron Halfaker Medium
Post-registration editor survey 2012-11 2012-12 Quantitative Editor motivation Steven Walling Medium
Wikipedia Editors Survey 2012 2012-06 2012-11 Both Community Survey Tilman Bayer High
Wikipedia Editor Satisfaction Survey 2009-09 2012-10 Both Editor satisfaction Denis Barthel; Manuel Merz High
MoodBar/Email confirmation 2012-07 2012-08 Quantitative Communication Dario Taraborelli Low
Editor Lifecycles 2012-06 2012-07 Quantitative Editor retention Shilad Sen High
Master Thesis Cultural differences in motivations to contribute to Wikipedia 2012-05 2012-07 Quantitative Editor Motivation Sjarlot Stal; Nick Geurts Low
Editor milestones 2012-05 2012-07 Quantitative New Editors Shilad Sen; Aaron Halfaker Low
Shallow Entry: A problem-centric approach to new editor orientation 2012-04 2012-07 Quantitative Editor Motivation Maryana Pinchuk Medium
[1] 2012-04 2012-06 Quantitative Editor Motivation Aaron Halfaker High
Motivations to Contribute to Wikipedia 2012-03 2012-06 Unclear Editor Motivation Audrey Abeyta Low
Necromancy 2012-04 2012-05 Quantitative Editor Retention Steven Walling Medium
Wikipedia Editors Survey 2011 November 2011-04 2011-11 Quantitative Community Survey Barry Newstead High
Women and Wikimedia Survey 2011 2011-05 2011-10 Qualitative Gender gap Sarah Stierch High
Summer of research 2011 N/A 2011-08 Both mostly New editors, but also Editor retention Medium
Wikipedia Editors Survey 2011 April N/A 2011-04 Quantitative Community Survey Mani Pande High
Expert participation survey 2010-12 2011-02 Quantitative Expert participation Dario Taraborelli High
Hebrew Wikipedia satisfaction survey 2007 2007-07 Qualitative Community Survey Wikimedia HE High
100 Questions for Wikipedians 2005 2005-02 Qualitative Community Survey Aphaia Medium
Teahouse group dynamics 2017-05 Ongoing Quantitative Impact of harassment Yiqing Hua; Dario Taraborelli; Leila Zia; Lucas Dixon; Nithum Thain; Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil Medium
Detox 2017-01 Ongoing Quantitative New Editors Ellery Wulczyn High
Study of harassment and its impact 2016-05 Ongoing Qualitative Social dynamics Jonathan Morgan Medium
Good Faith Newcomer Prediction 2016-05 Ongoing Qualitative Social Dynamics Anna Filippova, et al. High
Understanding the Dynamics of Hackathons for Science 2016-04 Ongoing Qualitative Time commitment and workflow Kevin Schiroo Medium
Measuring editor time commitment and workflow 2016-01 Ongoing Quantitative Toxic language Ellery Wulczyn Medium
Beyond the Gender Gap: Understanding Women's Participation in Wikipedia 2015-10 Ongoing Qualitative Gender gap Danielle McDonald Corple Low
Online harassment resource guide 2015-07 Ongoing Qualitative harassment J. Nathan Matias, et al. Medium
Editor Behaviour Analysis & Graphs 2015-06 Ongoing Quantitative Editor statistics Jeph Paul High
Wikipedia Equality Sweden 2014-10 Ongoing Quantitative New Users Aaron Halfaker Low
HHVM newcomer engagement experiment 2014-08 Ongoing Qualitative Gendergap Björn Helgeson; Jonathan Morgan Medium
The sudden decline of Italian Wikipedia 2014-05 Ongoing Quantitative Editor Activity Decline Nemo with Aaron Halfaker Medium
Dynamics of Online Interactions and Behavior 2012-01 Ongoing Both Roles and Functions Ofer Arazy; Dario Taraborelli High
Wikipedian and Internet addiction 2010-09 Ongoing Both Social dynamics Dario Taraborelli Medium
Measuring editor labor hours 2016-04 N/A Qualitative Addiction? OppidumNissenae; Geoide; Alexmar983 Low
Roles and Functions within Online Production Communities 2015-08 N/A Quantitative Editor activity Aaron Halfaker Low