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I JethroBT (WMF)

Hi, I'm Jethro! I maintain IdeaLab. What ideas do you have about Wikimedia Projects?

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Harej (WMF)

Associate Product Manager, Wikimedia Cloud Services. I want to hear about your ideas for improving Wikimedia's software and technology


Parveen Bhadoo

Hi, I'm Parveen Bhadoo! I am a Volunteer Editor of wikipedia, Just discovering Wikipedia for a change.


Abdullah Naveed

Hello my name is Abdullah. I am an amateur writer and editor. Been editing for Wikipedia for over 5 years now. Hope to contribute more to this community



I love contributing to open-source projects and to Wikipedia to help people acquire knowledge for free.

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I am a Volunteer Editor, Coordinator of the Hindi Branch of The Wikipedia Library and am actively involved Outreach targeted at decreasing the Gender Gap.

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I am a Volunteer Editor of wikipedia, I also contribute in Hindi language translations

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Jamie Tubers

I'm a long term wikimedian, both online and offline. Founder-member of the Wikimedia User Group Nigeria. I coordinate outreach activities in Nigeria. For Inspire Campaign, I am coordinating an Instagram contest, to improve awareness of Wikipedia in Nigeria.

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Eyitayo Alimi

I am a Software Engineer and a Wikimedian from Nigeria. I have over 7 years experience of voluntary building developer and tech communities from Google to Facebook, Wordpress and Wikimedia group in Nigeria. My major role includes striking partnership deals with incubators around town so we won't pay for meetup spaces and canvasing for gender balance within the tech space in Africa.

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Blossom Ozurumba

Designing, creating, writing, shooting, storytelling, like no one else. I volunteer to improve Igbo language content via Igbo Wikimedians User Group.

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Owula kpakpo

Hi, I'm Justice! I am a Digital Strategist, Photographer and a part time blogger. I volunteer for Wikimedia Ghana User Group as the social media lead.

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I'm a high school student in Vancouver and have been editing the English Wikipedia for over two years. I also edit Wikivoyage and the Commons. If you need assistance with anything, just leave a message on my talk page. Even if I don't know the answer, I can likely refer you to someone who does.

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th.wikipedia (Admin), Thai language sister projects (Admin), Wikimedia Commons. I have some skill about graphic design.

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I'm a 21 year old Wikimedia community builder at the University of Ilorin. Coding since 14, I am passionate about open knowledge and idea design. I do branding graphics, shirt printing, animation, social media management, web development. I make Wikimedia better because it first did the same to me.

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Hey folks! I'm a free software & free culture enthusiast. I'm advocating for free sharing of the knowledge in the DRCongo. I also promote Kiwix software to allow everybody to access the world knowledge. Don't hesitate to get in touch with me to talk about free sharing of knowledge, be it coding or not

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Hi everyone. I love the idea of helping people acquire knowledge for free. I would like Wikipedia to be as error free as possible and for everyone in the world to contribute even if it just one piece of information that they might know. I am based in South Africa. I have been actively contributing to Wikipedia for the last few years. Any questions please don't hesitate to leave them on my talk page

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Hi everyone. I'm interested in making the English Wikipedia as error-free as possible too so that the free knowledge that is shared would be the best quality. I'm a content developer based in Nigeria.

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Delhi Based Journalist,India. I have been a Wikipedian since 2007 and contribute to the English Wikipedia. And active contributor in Malayalam Wikipedia. Also contributing to Hindi and Urdu Wikipedia. Also Commons,Wikibooks, Wikiquote and Wiktionary.

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Le JyBy

Academic Computer Scientist with some research and implementation projects about collaborative production and validation of documents (e.g. pedagogical videos, but not only).



Hi, I'm Mounir from Tunisia! I am a wikimedian from Tunisia,I like the idea of helping people acquire knowledge for free .

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Hi everybody, I´m a bolivian wikimedian, we have so much to work in .

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Hi. I'm an activist for free sharing of knowledge and would love to see Wikipedia in the 36 official languages of my country: Bolivia. I love translation tools and am ready to help in translations from and to English and Spanish

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Hi, I'm an undergraduate from New Delhi, India. I manage 3 diverse and collaborative regional product-based technical communities and have a great motivation to put Wikipedia in use in the rural areas of India through widespread and large-scale educational initiatives.

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Hello! My name is AMIT SHUKLA , I am a bhopal college student and information technology . I have been editing Wikipedia English for a short space of time. I am still an apprentice and I seek to become better as time goes by. I am mostly interested in South African Biographies as I think they are not celebrated enough on the internet.

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Hi! I love Wikipedia. I tend to use it first when I have a question on my mind about some topic in history, medicine, maths, religion, the sciences, etc. I wish I had more time to work on Wikipedia.

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Uzoma Ozurumba

Hello! My name is Uzoma! I volunteer to edit and add content in Igbo Language platforms through Igbo Wikimedians User Group



Hi, I am Gopa Vasanth, I would love to here and share my Ideas to Wikimedia foundation, I mainly Contribute to Mediawiki projects and Mediawiki Extensions

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Hopewell Ayanda

Hello! My name is Hopewell Ayanda! I am South African, I love helping people when I have the means to do so, I also love I.T and Hip Hop music. I am enthusiastic for entrepreneurship

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Nnanna Kalu

Hi, I am Nnanna Kalu, I would love to share my Ideas with Wikimedia foundation, I mainly Contribute content in Igbo language.

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Hey, Bhuvana from India interested in bridging the needs of women developers in all Open Source communities and interested in exploring the tech stuff on Wiki