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Deoband Community Wikimedia
Affiliate codeDCW
Country codeIN
Founding date31 Oṣù Agẹmọ 2021
Approval date16 Oṣù Ṣẹ̀rẹ́ 2022
Main officeNew Delhi, India
Official language(s)Èdè Gẹ̀ẹ́sì and Èdè Udu
Key people
Incorporation paperAffCom Resolution (2022)
Budget (Oṣù Òwéwe 2023 - Oṣù Èrèlé 2024)
ReportsReports Index
AffiliationsAffiliations Committee, Wikimedia
Mailing listwikimedia-dcw
WhatsAppPublic channel
MottoFree knowledge!

Deoband Community Wikimedia (abbreviated as DCW) is a recognized user-group affiliate of the Wikimedia Foundation. It takes its name from the Deoband Islamic seminary, and aims at improving Wikipedia and its sister projects with knowledge and information related to but not limited to global Muslim academia, scholarship, history and culture, at a global level, in any language.

Itumọ: Agbegbe Deoband Wikimedia Commons/41/yo Ti iṣeto ni ọjọ 31 Oṣu Keje, Ọdun 2021, DCW jẹ idanimọ nipasẹ Igbimọ Ibaṣepọ ni ọjọ 16 Oṣu Kini Deoband Yoruba Collaborative Project ati [[Special:MyLanguage/DCW-K Editathon|DCW-K Editathon] Ni Oṣu Kini ọdun 2024, DCW ṣe agbekalẹ ẹda akọkọ ti [[Special:MyLanguage/Wiki Loves Muslim Academia|Wiki Fẹran Ile ẹkọ ẹkọ Musulumi]

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Deoband Community Wikimedia was established on 31 July 2021, and recognised by the Affiliations Committee on 16 January 2022. It focusses on everything related to Muslim academia, history, culture, heritage and scholarship.

DCW does not limit itself to any specific language. It focuses on its theme that transcends all the languages and as such it tries to form collaborations with the language affiliates of Wikimedia Foundation and external organisations in order to disseminate knowledge related to its theme at a global level. The Deoband Yoruba Collaborative Project was formed on 25 June 2022 to promote the theme on Yoruba language Wikipedia.

DCW actively participates in movement governance and transformational leadership in global education. In September 2022, the DCW Conversation Hour was initiated as an open conversation hour. It was subsequently standardised in March 2023 and since then happens once in a month discussing issues that affect the global free knowledge movement.

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