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This page for now is meant to be used as a brainstorming platform for possible actions. As this is a wiki feel free to edit and add ideas.

Argumentation Strategy[edit]

  • Argument not only morally and ethically, but also economically and business-mindedly.
  • Counter "Copyright is Creativity" stance by giving examples from Wikimedia and CC related projects:
    • current copyright is in many cases prohibitive(ly expensive) and prevents crativity
    • free licenses (still copyrighted works) foster creativity, growth and innovation
  • Many people think that we are against copyright per sе. Underline what free means to us and the fact that free licenses are in most cases still copyright.
  • Perhaps use terms like Closed Copyright and Open Copyright to distinguish positions (i.e. Open Copyright is creativity).


Opinion Statements[edit]

The European Commission has opened a public consultation on Intellectual and Property Rights.
Deadline is 30.03.2013.
See the discussion page to share your opinion.

Information Material[edit]


Using our soft power for the promotion of our vision. The Wikimedia movement and its thriving community are an inexhaustable source of creative, inspiring ideas and projects. Initiatives likes Wikipedia Zero, Wikipedia Loves Libraries, Offline Wikipedia and the Small Languages Outreach Wikiproject are awesome and we should let the world know they exist. Furthermore Wikipedia sister-projects are quite often not well known among the general public. Popularising ourselves by what we do would help us gain invaluable soft power and would in turn help our projects to get more collaborators.

  • Organise meetings, festivals, Wikipedia days
  • Present our projects at relevant events (e.g. Wikipedia Zero at EU Development Aid discussion)
  • Since we run projects anyone can join create situations and happenings where bureaucrats really join
  • Run GLAM cooperations and organise edit-a-thons with EU institutions