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The Wikimedia movement has been intentionally decentralized since the beginning. While the foundation is responsible for day-to-day functioning of the website, chapters have played a crucial role in engagement at the local level. But the majority of editors are focused on editing, and don’t interact with the foundation or chapters. The board of trustees manages the foundation, and the community elects three members to the board of trustees. But most editors don’t take part in the board elections. In fact, most have never even heard about board elections. Despite such limited interaction, editors provide a good assessment of the foundation, and they do the same for volunteers.

7.1 Majority doesn’t participate in foundation or board activities[edit]

The survey shows that the majority of editors neither interacts with the foundation nor participates in elections. A full 77% of editors have not sought or received information from the foundation, and among those who have, 82% were satisfied with the quality of information received. Similarly, 87% of editors have never voted in the Wikimedia board of trustee elections. And of that 87%, a full 45% did not vote because they had never heard of the elections. In addition, 84% of editors are not interested in running for the Wikimedia board of trustee elections.

QD17a. Percent who did not vote in elections because of the listed reasons. (n=4,426)

7.2 Editors give top ratings to other volunteers and the foundation[edit]

When asked to rate themselves, other volunteers, chapters, and the foundation, editors gave highest overall ratings to Wikimedia volunteers and the foundation. Wikimedia chapters got the least favorable ratings (6.15), and editors personally didn’t rate their own performance very high. In addition, knowledge and involvement with chapters is low. 46% of respondents said that they didn’t know if there was a chapter in their country, and 82% of those who knew about the chapter in their country were not members of the chapter.

QD20. Ratings on a 0-10 scale. (n varies for each of these ratings

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