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English Wikipedia Functionaries User Group

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This page will serve as coordination for the English Wikipedia Functionaries User Group.


The English Wikipedia Functionaries User Group will serve to facilitate the involvement of English Wikipedia Functionaries in Wikimedia governance. The group has the following specific goals:

  • Further and promote the English Wikipedia functionaries' role in:
    • advising the English Wikipedia Arbitration Committee;
    • addressing sockpuppetry and abuse, undisclosed paid editing, misinformation and disinformation response, and other trust and safety issues, both on the English Wikipedia and in collaboration with global stakeholders; and
    • in furtherance of those goals, promoting the pipeline of editors who will fill functionary roles in the future;
  • Improve collaboration with the Stewards and the Checkusers/Oversighters on other projects;
  • Ensure English Wikipedia Functionaries participation at Wikimedia events and conferences;
  • Develop tools relevant to functionaries in collaboration with other stakeholders; and
  • Encourage general involvement at the movement level.

Events / Activities[edit]

  • Meetup and strategic discussion in Toronto — November 10, 2023, at WikiConference North America
Planned events
  • Functionary salons, December 2023
  • CheckUser training for new CheckUsers and a refresher for existing CheckUsers (December 30, 2023)


General membership in the group is open to anyone interested in topics included in the user group mandate. Voting membership will be restricted to functionaries on the English Wikipedia. Observer membership is open to current Stewards, Checkusers on other projects, and Oversighters on other projects. Voting members and observer members will be eligible to join the mailing list once we are approved by the Affiliations Committee.

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