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Event:Wikimedians of Kerala/Monthly Meetup/October 2023

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LocationOnline event
Start and end time14:00, 14 October 2023 – 15:00, 14 October 2023
Timezone: +00:00
Number of participants11 participants

Wikimedians of Kerala/Monthly Meetup/October 2023

Organized by: Gnoeee

Start and end time

14:00, 14 October 2023 to 15:00, 14 October 2023
Timezone: +00:00


Online event

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Monthly Meetup October 2023[edit]

Wikimedians of Kerala is a group of Wikimedians which work on various wikimedia projects related to Malayalam and other languages in Kerala.

Annual Report 2022-23

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An online meeting of those working on Wikimedia and related Wikimedia initiatives is being held online this month 2nd Saturday under the Wikimedians of Kerala user group.


  • Date: 14th Oct 2023
  • Time: 7:30 – 8:30pm


  • Preliminary discussions for drafting the "By Laws" for Wikimedians of Kerala User Group
  • [Wikidata:Eleventh Birthday/India|Wikidata 11th birthday celebrations]] at Thrissur
  • TTT 2023 summary
  • Discussions for the Annual meetup for Wikimedians of Kerala

Meeting minutes[edit]

The minutes of the meeting can be accessed here: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/Kerala202310


  • Adithya K
  • Akhilan
  • Athul
  • Fuad
  • Irshad
  • Jinoy Tom
  • Manojk
  • Tony Antony
  • Vis M
  • Sunil
  • Yaseen