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Open Issues[edit]


Items Severity Owner Bug #
Robust monitoring of payments cluster/pipeline High arthur/tomasz rt #405
Donation through paypal that don't use a paypal account have to click on a button to see the WMF thank you page Low tomasz Deferred
Time-outs when sending trxns to Payflow often lead to double-transactions medium arthur 26340
Rather than using _cache_=true in the URL for a resource we wish to cache on Payments, Squid should cache everything except POST requests. Deferred arthur/nimish
Connect audit framework to ipn retransmit Medium tomasz
Research why the ActiveMQ 5.4.1 webserver shows different data on reload Low arichards 25758
Post donation comment form Medium tomasz Deferred
Version landing pages in analytics Low tomasz
Buy verisign cert Low tomasz rt #406
Larger X button on cn banners Medium James 25952
Shared php sessions between payments boxes for improved load balancing Low tomasz Deferred
Version banners Very Low tomasz
Cleanup tripwire High tomasz


Items Severity Owner Bug #
What's with all the "Nones" in the landing page impression stats? Medium tomasz and ops
Allow Special:FundraiserStatistics to report in EST Low tomasz

Donation Interface[edit]

Items Severity Owner Bug #
Session handling on CC form wonky, particularly on cc validation errors Medium kaldari 25194 - Deferred
Browsers that dont accept cookies spin Medium Arthur 25287 - Deferred
Users need to be told cookies are required to use the CC form Low arthur 25622 - Deferred
Appropriate suggested donation amounts Low tomasz 25527
Geoip smart donation form (form awareness of the country the donor comes from) Wont Fix tomasz 25526
secure/non secure thank you page redirect Low tomasz 26421
Get downtime message into i18n file for translation Low tomasz - Deferred
Analyze and tweak fraud data + CAPTCHA/error handling Medium faulkner
Error message on credit card form when all forms not filled out is long, and email is listed twice Med tomasz Deferred


Items Severity Owner Bug #
Some contacts in CiviCRM have incorrect state/country (see Medium david strauss 24830
*CIVI* Spacing in auto TY email Medium tomasz