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3-5 November 2018 | Tel Aviv, Israel







Organization & Q&A

Visiting Tel Aviv Information






  • If you are attending GLAM TLV 2018 and require a visa, Wikimedia Israel or the Wikimedia Foundation can provide you with a letter to support your visa application.
  • If you require a supporting letter, please contact
  • We recommend starting all visa application processes as soon as possible and allowing sufficient time prior to your departure.

No visa required[edit]

Holders of passports of the following 96 countries do not require a visa for Israel for a maximum stay of 3 months for tourism:


Icons-flag-cf.png Central African Republic
Icons-flag-ls.png Lesotho
Icons-flag-mw.png Malawi
Icons-flag-mu.png Mauritius
Icons-flag-za.png South Africa
Icons-flag-sz.png Swaziland


Icons-flag-hk.png Hong Kong
Icons-flag-jp.png Japan
Icons-flag-kr.png Korea (Republic of)
Icons-flag-mo.png Macao
Icons-flag-mn.png Mongolia
Icons-flag-ph.png Philippines

North America & the Caribbean[edit]

Icons-flag-bs.png Bahamas
Icons-flag-bz.png Belize
Icons-flag-bb.png Barbados
Icons-flag-ca.png Canada
Icons-flag-do.png Dominican Republic
Icons-flag-gd.png Grenada
Icons-flag-ht.png Haiti
Icons-flag-jm.png Jamaica
Icons-flag-mx.png Mexico
Icons-flag-lc.png Saint Lucia
Icons-flag-vc.png St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Icons-flag-kn.png St. Kitts & Nevis
Icons-flag-tt.png Trinidad and Tobago
Icons-flag-us.png United States

Central & South America[edit]

Icons-flag-ar.png Argentina
Icons-flag-bo.png Bolivia
Icons-flag-br.png Brazil
Icons-flag-cl.png Chile
Icons-flag-co.png Colombia
Icons-flag-cr.png Costa Rica
Icons-flag-ec.png Ecuador
Icons-flag-sv.png El Salvador
Icons-flag-pa.png Panama
Icons-flag-py.png Paraguay
Icons-flag-pe.png Peru
Icons-flag-gt.png Guatemala
Icons-flag-hn.png Honduras
Icons-flag-sr.png Suriname
Icons-flag-uy.png Uruguay


Icons-flag-eu.png - All member states of the European Union
Icons-flag-al.png Albania
Icons-flag-ad.png Andorra
Icons-flag-by.png Belarus
Icons-flag-hr.png Croatia
Icons-flag-ee.png Estonia
Icons-flag-ge.png Georgia
Icons-flag-de.png Germany
Icons-flag-gi.png Gibraltar
Icons-flag-is.png Iceland
Icons-flag-lv.png Latvia
Icons-flag-li.png Liechtenstein
Icons-flag-lt.png Lithuania
Icons-flag-mk.png Macedonia (F.Y.R.)
Icons-flag-mt.png Malta
Icons-flag-mc.png Monaco
Icons-flag-me.png Montenegro
Icons-flag-no.png Norway
Icons-flag-ru.png Russia
Icons-flag-sm.png San Marino
Icons-flag-rs.png Serbia
Icons-flag-sk.png Slovakia
Icons-flag-ch.png Switzerland
Icons-flag-ua.png Ukraine


Icons-flag-au.png Australia
Icons-flag-fj.png Fiji
Icons-flag-fm.png Micronesia
Icons-flag-nr.png Nauru
Icons-flag-nz.png New Zealand
Icons-flag-nu.png Niue
Countries shaded in blue have visa-free access to Israel.

Visa required[edit]

Citizens of the following countries are required to get a visa in one of Israel's consulates around the world. Visa issuing costs US$ 21 / € 15 / ₪ 80


Icons-flag-dz.png Algeria[1]
Icons-flag-ao.png Angola
Icons-flag-bj.png Benin
Icons-flag-bw.png Botswana
Icons-flag-bf.png Burkina Faso
Icons-flag-bi.png Burundi
Icons-flag-cm.png Cameroon
Icons-flag-cv.png Cape Verde
Icons-flag-td.png Chad
Icons-flag-km.png Comoros
Icons-flag-cg.png Rep. of Congo
Icons-flag-cd.png Dem. Rep. of Congo
Icons-flag-ci.png Côte d'Ivoire
Icons-flag-dj.png Djibouti
Icons-flag-eg.png Egypt[2]
Icons-flag-gq.png Equatorial Guinea
Icons-flag-er.png Eritrea
Icons-flag-et.png Ethiopia
Icons-flag-ga.png Gabon
Icons-flag-gm.png The Gambia
Icons-flag-gh.png Ghana
Icons-flag-gn.png Guinea
Icons-flag-gw.png Guinea-Bissau
Icons-flag-ke.png Kenya
Icons-flag-lr.png Liberia
Icons-flag-ly.png Libya[1]
Icons-flag-mg.png Madagascar
Icons-flag-ml.png Mali
Icons-flag-mr.png Mauritania
Icons-flag-ma.png Morocco
Icons-flag-mz.png Mozambique
Icons-flag-na.png Namibia
Icons-flag-ne.png Niger
Icons-flag-ng.png Nigeria
Icons-flag-rw.png Rwanda
Icons-flag-st.png São Tomé and Príncipe
Icons-flag-sn.png Senegal
Icons-flag-sl.png Sierra Leone
Icons-flag-so.png Somalia[1]
Icons-flag-sd.png Sudan[1]
Icons-flag-tz.png Tanzania
Icons-flag-tg.png Togo
Icons-flag-tn.png Tunisia
Icons-flag-ug.png Uganda
Icons-flag-zm.png Zambia
Icons-flag-zw.png Zimbabwe


Icons-flag-af.png Afghanistan[1]
Icons-flag-am.png Armenia
Icons-flag-az.png Azerbaijan
Icons-flag-bg.png Bahrain
Icons-flag-bd.png Bangladesh[1]
Icons-flag-bt.png Bhutan
Icons-flag-mm.png Burma (Myanmar)
Icons-flag-bn.png Brunei
Icons-flag-kh.png Cambodia
Icons-flag-cn.png China (People's Rep. of)
Icons-flag-tw.png Rep. of China (Taiwan)
Icons-flag-in.png India
Icons-flag-id.png Indonesia
Icons-flag-ir.png Iran[1]
Icons-flag-iq.png Iraq[1]
Icons-flag-jo.png Jordan
Icons-flag-kz.png Kazakhstan
Icons-flag-kp.png Korea, North[1]
Icons-flag-kw.png Kuwait
Icons-flag-kg.png Kyrgyzstan
Icons-flag-la.png Laos
Icons-flag-lb.png Lebanon[1]
Icons-flag-my.png Malaysia[3]
Icons-flag-mv.png Maldives
Icons-flag-np.png Nepal
Icons-flag-om.png Oman
Icons-flag-pk.png Pakistan[1]
Icons-flag-sy.png Syria[1]
Icons-flag-tj.png Tajikistan
Icons-flag-qa.png Qatar
Icons-flag-sa.png Saudi Arabia[1]
Icons-flag-sc.png Seychelles
Icons-flag-sg.png Singapore
Icons-flag-lk.png Sri Lanka
Icons-flag-th.png Thailand
Icons-flag-tl.png Timor-Leste
Icons-flag-tm.png Turkmenistan
Icons-flag-uz.png Uzbekistan
Icons-flag-vn.png Vietnam
Icons-flag-ae.png United Arab Emirates
Icons-flag-ye.png Yemen[1]


Icons-flag-ag.png Antigua and Barbuda
Icons-flag-cu.png Cuba
Icons-flag-dm.png Dominica

South America[edit]

Icons-flag-gy.png Guyana
Icons-flag-ve.png Venezuela


Icons-flag-ba.png Bosnia & Herzegovina
Icons-flag-md.png Moldova
Icons-flag-tr.png Turkey


Icons-flag-mh.png Marshall Islands
Icons-flag-pw.png Palau
Icons-flag-pg.png Papua New Guinea
Icons-flag-ws.png Samoa
Icons-flag-sb.png Solomon Islands
Icons-flag-to.png Tonga
Tuvalu flag 300.png Tuvalu
Icons-flag-vu.png Vanuatu

Visas for Middle Eastern Countries (other than Egypt and Jordan)[edit]

The greatest difficulties are presented by visitors from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen and Afghanistan.

There are some other countries that technically do not allow their citizens to visit Israel, but don't mind much if they do, as long as they keep low profile while in Israel (e.g. Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Indonesia, Pakistan, Gulf states). International conferences are held in Israel quite often, occasionally with attendees from the aforementioned countries.

In all cases the organizing teams did their best to extend help, and this time won't be an exception.

A request for a visa may be filed through someone in Israel, in a third nearby country (for example - in Thailand or Hong Kong), or by mail through another country (through the US for example). Once the visa is obtained, entrance and exit from Israel is allowed. It should take about three weeks to process the visa application and costs about $21. As mentioned passports are not stamped in order to avoid causing problems to the guest when he gets back home.

We believe that given enough time in advance, we can assist in arranging visas for most if not all major participants who wish to attend the conference, and suggest that registration begin six months in advance.

A visa is also not required for Egyptians for stays of up to 14 days if entering through Taba, Egypt. 

Visa required[edit]

Citizens of the following countries require a confirmation from Jerusalem before a visa is issued:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Eritrea, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, UAE and Yemen. 

Transit visa[edit]

Important note: If your flight is not direct, please make sure you have a valid transit visa - if required - for the country in which you land on your way to Tel Aviv. This is relevant mainly for nationals of some African countries who will have a connection flight at a European airport. More information is available here.


  1. a b c d e f g h i j k l m n Visa arrangements should start long time in advance. Organizers will provide assistance if required.
  2. A visa is also not required for Egyptians for stays of up to 14 days if entering through Taba, Egypt.
  3. Restrictions on visiting Israel incorporated in the local Malaysian law are irrelevant to the process of visa application. If visa is granted by the Israeli authorities, visiting Israel is possible, though might be considered a violation of the Malaysian local law.