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1Lib1Ref - how do we reach a million citations?

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Kerry Raymond (User:Kerry Raymond)

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30 mins

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Everyone involved with libraries


1Lib1Ref is Wikipedia program aimed at librarians with the tag line "Imagine a World where Every Librarian Added One More Reference to Wikipedia".

Commencing in 2015, 1Lib1Ref has added about 15,000 citations to Wikipedia. But let's aim higher. Let's add 1 million!

Wow, great idea, let's do it!

Umm, but how are we going to do it?

In both 2017 and 2018, the State Library of Queensland added over 1000 citations to Wikipedia as part of 1Llib1Ref. Was there a "secret ingredient" involved? Can it be replicated in other libraries? Is this the way to one million citations?

The talk will take a new look at 1Lib1Ref in terms of its aims, its design and its implementation with the intention of coming up with new approaches that benefit both libraries and Wikipedia. One size won't fit all, but hopefully everyone will find some idea(s) that might be useful. Topics to be discussed:

  • what do libraries and librarians want
  • institutional support
  • getting the message out to librarians
  • the nature of librarians
  • what kind of edits do we want to do?
  • the choice of editor tool
  • using edit-a-thons vs edit at the desk
  • tasks and lucky dips
  • the pros and cons of CitationHunt and how might we extend it
  • setting targets
  • having competitions
  • tools to make it easier to run a large 1Lib1Ref program
  • can 1Lib1Ref be extended in some way to the rest of GLAM?

The overarching message will be that with more planning and preparation, better outcomes can be achieved and those outcomes should be ones that benefit both libraries, librarians and Wikipedia. The hope is that we can run organised programs within willing libraries as well as organised programs for lone librarians wanting to participate.

One million citations?! Let's make it happen.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. New ideas for the design and implementation of a 1Lib1Ref program
Slides or further information

There will be a PowerPoint presentation (CC-BY licensed).

Special requests
If selected, this presentation could be followed by GLAMTLV2018/Submissions/1Lib1Ref: share your experience

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