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Global GLAM open access survey

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Douglas McCarthy and Andrea Wallace
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30 min
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Since spring 2018 cultural heritage enthusiasts Douglas McCarthy and Andrea Wallace have been conducting a global survey of open access policies in the GLAM sector. At GLAMTLV2018, they'd like to share their latest findings and discuss how this growing resource can be leveraged by Wiki communities.

Covering policies on images, text and metadata, this research presents - for the first time - a broad, up-to-date picture of how GLAMs are adopting open access for their data and where challenges remain. The survey is a personal undertaking, led by two passionate culture geeks and OpenGLAM advocates, that harnesses knowledge and contributions from people around the world.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. Access to accurate and global OpenGLAM information
  2. Inspiration to contribute to the project and shape its development
  3. Deeper understanding of rights statements and copyright policies in the GLAM sector
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