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Title of the submission
In the foot steps of Bodil Biørn in Armenia and Norway

Author(s) of the submission

Astrid Carlsen (Wikimedia Norge) David Saroyan (Wikimedia Armenia)

E-mail address

astrid(_AT_), saroyandavid(_AT_)

Country of origin

Norway and Armenia

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Wikimedia Norge, Wikimedia Armenia

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Length of session

30 min

Ideal number of attendees


Involved institutions and affiliates: Wikimedia Norge, The National Archive in Oslo, Arts Council of Norway, Wikimedia Armenia and The Armenian Genocide Museum-institute.

Wikimedia Norge and Wikimedia Armenia have been working together since 2016. As a part of our cross-chapter collaboration, we have had two editing contests. During one of them Wikimedia Norge discovered that The National Archive in Oslo has a collection of Bodil Biørn photos of Armenia.

Bodil Biørn

Bodil Biørn (1871–1960) was a nurse and midwife who proselytized in Armenia from 1907 till 1935 and witnessed the mass killings of Armenians in The Ottoman Empire during World War I. The photos of Biørn are valuable and important documentations of Armenia and Armenian history as they depict the life, culture, and customs of Armenian people of the Ottoman Empire. The photo collection is by The Arts Council in Norway assessed as having significant national and international interest and they have funded the project. In order to have these photos available for everyone Wikimedia Norge and Wikimedia Armenia initiated the Bodil Biørn-project. The project launched in January 2018 and will be finished by August 2018.

Project steps we would like to present during our talk are:

  1. How Wikimedia Norge launched the collaboration with The National Archive which was committed to digitize 200 photos taken by Bodil Biørn.
  2. How Wikimedia Norge and The National Archive in Oslo applied for funding from The Arts Council in Norway and how Wikimedia Armenia and The Armenian Genocide Museum-institute endorsed the initiative.
  3. How were the photo descriptions transcribed into Norwegian and English by an expert hired by Wikimedia Norge.
  4. How the photos and metadata were uploaded to Wikimedia Commons and how the joined project with Wikimedia Armenia and Armenian Wikimedia Community helped to translate the descriptions into Armenian.
  5. How we used media channels for outreach and spreading the word about GLAM projects.
  6. What follow up project was proposed to reapply for the funding and expand the scope of the project.
  7. How Wikimedia Armenia organized an exhibition with the Biørn photos to make the public know about the project and its importance as a historical documentation.
What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. How to successfully organize a cross-chapter GLAM collaboration.
  2. How to manage a multi institutional GLAM partnership.
  3. How to follow up the GLAM partnership on wiki together with the wiki community.

Slides or further information

Slides will be provided later

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