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Israeli Outdoor Art in Wikidata: Applicable and Re-Usable Data

Israeli Outdoor Art in Wikidata: Applicable and Re-Usable Data


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The Israel Museum, Jerusalem

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30 minutes
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Art holds a central role in society and culture; it is a part of what makes humanity humane. The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, established in 1965, is one of the largest museums in the world with 24 curatorial departments and many curatorial service departments, and with art holdings from around the world, spanning from prehistory to the contemporary art world. The Information Center for Israeli Art is the largest collection of primary resources documenting the history of the Israeli art. Over 13,000 artists' files are housed in the Center in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. As part of the WIKI GLAM IMJ events, the Information Center for Israeli Art, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, has been active in multiple photography competitions - "Wikipedia Loves Monuments" [1]- yearly since 2012 - and "Wikipedia Loves Public Art" in 2014 [2]. These international photography Wikipedia competitions focused on artworks found in the public domain. The competition invites the public to make outdoor art a part of their lives; by picking up a camera and documenting artworks from the database of public artworks included in the competition. The list, which exists in both Hebrew and English, is based on the Information Center research. It is our hope that these lists will serve as the basis for a more complete list as more information and image continue to be added. The goal of the project is to take high quality, public domain photographs of outdoor artwork and to upload them to Wiki Commons and Wikipedia. Additionally, the competition embodies the consolidation of a list of public artworks in Israel that can be used for conservation and preservation.

With the help of Wikidata, we hope to parse the data so that it can be better managed and the information can be harnessed for secondary uses within maps and applications. Examples of such uses can be already found in Crotos and Histropedia. Additionally, the resulting data would allow for smart queries using SPARQL endpoints that would support mapping, with the goal of creating fluid applications for the public and tourists. This project has been completed with the help of Maarten Dammers.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. Lessons from a successful joint project between a cultural heritage institution and Wikidata
  2. Coordinating disparate databases into one resource for uniformity
  3. Photos resulting from "Wiki Loves" competitions reused in applications that enable better public access to cultural heritage collections
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