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Submission no. 36
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Panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities in digitisation

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Open Foundation West Africa

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45 min
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20 or more


The movement is gradually growing towards more emerging communities, most of which have very little digital resources hence the majority of content lie in its original hard state and can not be utilised in creating or improving knowledge on Wikipedia. In our quest to include the sum of all human knowledge we need to be reminded of the unprivileged and the current minority who are unable to share information the same way the majority does. These growing concerns have led to some digitisation projects and has produced results, however information and experiences are not adequately documented or honed for the use of future explorers of similar projects.

Come join us to discuss and share experiences on how to collectively curate this new space while discussing the opportunities and threats in these projects.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. Share and learn from other peoples experiences on digitisation.
  2. Establish a generic workflow for digitisation.
  3. Come up with documentation around opportunities and threats around digitisation.
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