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Submission no. 60
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Re-defining Cultural Program

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Giselle Bordoy (WMAR)
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Wikimedia Argentina

Type of session
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30 min

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Talking about GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) to refer to the cultural programs in the Wikimedia movement is inclusive? Really, the cultural spaces of the world can be included in museums, galleries, archives and libraries or is knowledge and culture built in other cultural spaces? Does GLAM really represent the reality of Global South or should we break with the nomenclature in our contexts? During 2017, Wikimedia Argentina ask itself some of these questions and began to re-design the GLAM Program to a new one: Culture and Open Knowledge. The main reason: build a more open and suitable cultural program according to the needs and reality of our context. How? Identifying what culture means in each local context, reaching out new partnerships, organizing new cultural projects and build long term relationships. Results: New cultural partnerships outside GLAM institutions to design cultural projects adapted to our local context.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. Identify new meanings of culture and new opportunities to carry out cultural programs.
  2. Design and organize cultural programs according to their local contexts.
  3. Build long term and win-win relationships with new cultural partners.
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