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Wiki-fy the Met, Met-ify the Wiki
Etherpad, w:User:Pharos/GLAMWiki

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Richard Knipel
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30 min
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Since the start of 2017, I've had the opportunity to pursue an experiment at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, serving as their first Wikimedian-in-Residence. Through varying kinds of projects, I've tried to explore how an encyclopedic museum can intersect with the free encyclopedia, and how open access to images and ideas can allow collaboration between expert and volunteer communities. The idea was to make The Met collection's online presence more visible by taking images of works from the Museum's website and integrating them more fully into Wikipedia and Wikimedia, two widely used platforms. The goal I set for myself was to "Wiki-fy The Met, and Met-ify the Wiki" to bring Wikipedia's collaborative spirit to the Museum, while also bringing The Met's scholarly expertise to Wikipedia.

We've uploaded 350,000+ images to Wikimedia Commons (with articles bearing these images viewed 13 million times a month), encouraged hundreds of new Wikipedia articles through in-person and online edit-a-thons (including Wikipedia Asian Month), and added statements to thousands of Wikidata items. And developed some new tools and techniques through Wikidata that can be used more broadly.

Looking forward, we are looking to continue community edit-a-thons and campaigns, import much more of the collection and particularly sculptures to Wikidata, use the depicts property on a large scale with internal data on what appears in our artworks, develop a better representation through Structured Data on Commons, and work to regularize the image upload process through our new public API.

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