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Wikidocumentaries – A Maker Space for Citizen Historians

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Susannaanas, Nikerabbit

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Open Knowledge Finland, Wikimedia Finland

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60 minutes (it is possible to adapt to a shorter time, but it may be confusing)

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Wikidocumentaries is a wiki that gathers cultural heritage content for the users to work with. It displays images or maps from a certain place as well as it's Wikipedia article, newspaper articles related to the topic or a timeline built from the events related to the place. The topics are pulled from Wikidata and illustrated with the content. But this is only where the fun starts. It will be possible to geolocate images, identify people or places, add dates and names. Or, the users will be able to make timelines with images and record audio over the sequence.

All content found or contributed in the Wikidocumentaries wiki will be added to Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons or Wikidata and other open projects with open licensing.

The project builds upon a MediaWiki with a Wikibase installed. It will be part of a future landscape of federated Wikibase instances, where individual Wikibase wikis are connected to Wikidata and each other through items and properties.

The project is in it's initial stages with funding to set up the first features. By the time of the GLAM-Wiki conference Wikidocumentaries will read images from memory institutions and allows the users to browse them based on the topics that Wikidocumentaries knows about.

Wikidocumentaries works this year with Ajapaik, the photo geolocating and rephotography app, and collaborates with Wikimedia Finland in connecting Ajapaik and Wikimedia Commons together.

What will attendees take away from this session?
  1. The users are invited to familiarize and test the environment and
  2. Try adding their own topics, as well as
  3. Discuss the opportunities to contribute to the project or
  4. Consider adopting the project in their own environments
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Please bring your computers!

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