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Working with government for GLAM projects

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  1. ivana.guslarevic(_AT_)
  2. Suyash.tps(_AT_)
  3. sailesh.patnaik007(_AT_)
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  1. Republic of Serbia
  2. India
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  1. Wikimedia Serbia

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30 minutes


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(1) GLAM approaches to the cultural institutions can be various, but they always start with two possibilities: top-down or bottom-up approach. Wikimedia chapter or user group can reach the GLAM institutions searching for partnership and cooperation on standard GLAM models, but it is not always an easy way. There is a lot procedures to explain, beside the mission and goals of the Wikimedia movement. GLAM coordinators have to explain to the cultural gatekeepers why should they release materials for Wikipedia, and often cooperation depends on perception of individuals in GLAM institutions (how open they are). Wikimedia Serbia had this problem for years. Establishing GLAM cooperation was very slow, with poor results, until the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Serbia recognized GLAM program as a possibility to expand visibility of Serbian cultural institutions and heritage on the Internet, especially on Wikipedia. But the case of Serbia is just an example out of many around the world. How can a support from a Government change GLAM partnerships? what are some new possibilities such support encompasses? And how much does a top-down approach can change the perception of cultural workers? These are some of the topics that will be discussed in this panel, drawing from various examples from around the world, including Serbia, India, Brazil, Ukraine and others.

What will attendees take away from this?
  1. Learning about the approaches which can bring great results in GLAM
  2. Learning about how to flourish the bond created with the government cultural institutions
  3. Possibility to share and discuses similar stories from their local area
  4. Tips and Tricks to get involved with institutions.
  5. Basic Know How about the paperwork required to start the Project.
  6. How to envolve media to publicise your project.
  7. Participants will be able to describe the benefits of using content donated by Government institutions in improving Wikimedia projects.
  8. Participants will be able to understand how to use and track the usage content donated by institutions and report back to the partners about the collaboration.
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