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GLAM Wiki 2023/Program/“Sharing is caring, but who cares?” How can we tap into the collective knowledge & experience in the GLAM-Wiki movement

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Logo GLAM Wiki Conference 2023 ID: 2369 “Sharing is caring, but who cares?” How can we tap into the collective knowledge & experience in the GLAM-Wiki movement
Facilitators/Speakers: Kamila Neuman Time block: Morning Beginning: 11:45
Location: 410 Duration: 30 min hr

We all belive sharing is important, but how do we prioritize it? During the workshop, I will invite participants to consider not only how we can effectively make use of the knowledge and experiences we've gathered, but also what causes us not to care about it as much as we would like.

The workshop's goal is to exchange our experiences, thoughts, gather ideas, and inspiration. What can we do as GLAM-Wiki individuals to tap into our knowledge, not just during major events like conferences or in-person meetings, but also to regularly seek the support that we can provide to one another. The workshop will consist of a brief presentation as an introduction to the topic. Then, we will divide into groups, and each group will discuss the barriers and proposed solutions, which will be collected as part of a summary and briefly discussed. These will also serve as a basis for the concluding discussion of the entire workshop.

Participants will have the opportunity for deeper reflection on whether and how we take care of sharing knowledge in the GLAM-Wiki area. I believe that the most crucial aspect of the workshop is giving voice to the participants so that they can:

  • Address their needs.
  • Identify barriers that impact our commitment to sharing.
  • Examine previous knowledge and experience-sharing solutions.
  • Share knowledge – where we gather knowledge how others handle similar challenges.
  • Seek solutions and inspiration on how to find time for sharing and how to do it effectively.
Experience level: No previous knowledge required
Keywords: Strengthening the capacity of GLAM-Wiki inside the movement, Regional, global strategy & networking, Partnership building (GLAM Wiki collaborations, etc.)
Notes: #GLAMWiki232369
Next session: Wikipedia as a tool for museums and digital culture