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GLAM Wiki 2023/Program/Tags/Regional, global strategy & networking

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Logo GLAM Wiki Conference 2023 ID: 2369 “Sharing is caring, but who cares?” How can we tap into the collective knowledge & experience in the GLAM-Wiki movement
Facilitators/Speakers: Kamila Neuman Time block: Morning Beginning: 11:45
Location: 410 Duration: 30 min hr

We all belive sharing is important, but how do we prioritize it? During the workshop, I will invite participants to consider not only how we can effectively make use of the knowledge and experiences we've gathered, but also what causes us not to care about it as much as we would like.

The workshop's goal is to exchange our experiences, thoughts, gather ideas, and inspiration. What can we do as GLAM-Wiki individuals to tap into our knowledge, not just during major events like conferences or in-person meetings, but also to regularly seek the support that we can provide to one another. The workshop will consist of a brief presentation as an introduction to the topic. Then, we will divide into groups, and each group will discuss the barriers and proposed solutions, which will be collected as part of a summary and briefly discussed. These will also serve as a basis for the concluding discussion of the entire workshop.

Participants will have the opportunity for deeper reflection on whether and how we take care of sharing knowledge in the GLAM-Wiki area. I believe that the most crucial aspect of the workshop is giving voice to the participants so that they can:

  • Address their needs.
  • Identify barriers that impact our commitment to sharing.
  • Examine previous knowledge and experience-sharing solutions.
  • Share knowledge – where we gather knowledge how others handle similar challenges.
  • Seek solutions and inspiration on how to find time for sharing and how to do it effectively.
Experience level: No previous knowledge required
Keywords: Strengthening the capacity of GLAM-Wiki inside the movement, Regional, global strategy & networking, Partnership building (GLAM Wiki collaborations, etc.)
Notes: #GLAMWiki232369
Next session: Wikipedia as a tool for museums and digital culture

Logo GLAM Wiki Conference 2023 ID: 2258 Talk to the Wikimedia Foundation
Facilitators/Speakers: Yael Weissburg, Selena Deckelmann, Mike Peel, Silvia Eunice Gutiérrez De la Torre Time block: Afternoon Beginning: 13:30
Location: Auditorium Duration: 1 hr

Inspired by the successful ‘sip and chat’ session with trustees at WikiConference India, this is a conversation with Wikimedia Foundation staff and trustees.

Questions received in advance from the community are summarized below:

  • Will you expand the types of content we host and support? If so, what formats would you prioritize?
  • How do we make sure that content shared on our projects and Products created for them —not just on English Wikipedia—is as discoverable and useful as possible?
  • This community is diversifying and not everyone is focused on technical workflows. How is the Foundation supporting the interests of emerging GLAM Wiki organizers?
  • What would be a sustainable infrastructure for GLAM Wiki workflows? And is there a role for movement entities and partners to research or develop them?
  • How can the Wikimedia Foundation and communities work more and better together?
  • What can our projects and communities offer to respond to climate, political and financial crises threatening culture and heritage? What do we need in order to put this in place effectively and sustainably?
  • Institutional data will be the cornerstone of verified information in the AI-driven internet, and Wikimedia can leverage that. How can we facilitate this technically, programmatically, and with our communities?
Experience level: No previous knowledge is necessary
Keywords: Regional, global strategy & networking, Tech, platforms & tools
Notes: #GLAMWiki232258
Next session: GLAM around Latin America: case studies from big institutions

Logo GLAM Wiki Conference 2023 ID: 2111 Communication strategies for reframing Wikimedia as an infrastructure for open knowledge
Facilitators/Speakers: Rute Correia Time block: Afternoon Beginning: 13:30
Location: 411 Duration: 1 hr

Despite significant efforts towards the ideals of open science and culture, many researchers and practitioners struggle to understand how using Wikimedia platforms can benefit their work and institutions. In this session, we will explore how to reframe using Wikimedia as an infrastructure for open knowledge, focusing on research and scientific contexts.

Participants will come out of the session with a set of strategic guidelines and narratives that may help to spread open knowledge, particularly when working with partner institutions. While the focus of the presentation is on research, these should be easily tailored to different contexts.

Experience level: No previous knowledge is necessary
Keywords: Communication & outreach for heritage, Regional, global strategy & networking
Notes: #GLAMWiki232111

Logo GLAM Wiki Conference 2023 ID: 2296 Democratizing GLAM-Wiki partnerships in Brazil: the case of developing a tool to diagnose the legal and technological compatibility of Brazilian cultural institutions with Wikimedia
Facilitators/Speakers: Adriane Gomes Rodrigues Batata, Lucas Piantá, Sandra Soster Time block: Afternoon Beginning: 13h45
Location: Auditorium Duration: 1h

Socioeconomic inequality is still an obstacle for cultural institutions located far from the main economic centers in the South and Southeast regions of Brazil to access resources to digitize, curate and digitally disseminate their collections. While some institutions in Brazil have a high degree of digital capacity, others don't even have access to the internet.

Due to this disparity, the representation of Brazilian cultural heritage on Wikimedia is concentrated mainly in the richest regions that are well equipped in terms of technology and specialized personnel. It is no coincidence that 90% of the GLAM-Wiki partnerships established by Wiki Movimento Brasil (WMB) are located in the Southeast region of the country.

Within this context, the WMB has promoted initiatives to democratize digitization and the digital dissemination of digitized collections, such as campaigns and partnerships in under-represented regions and the Portable Museum, which reduces digitization costs. One initiative that aligns these actions with the implementation of the Movement's Strategy is the calibra program, which aims to train volunteers to plan and implement educational and GLAM-Wiki initiatives in Brazil.

To support participants in this effort, calibra has developed a tool designed to assess the legal and technological compatibility of Brazilian cultural institutions with Wikimedia. This tool will be used to establish expectations and strategies for using Wikimedia as a means of disseminating the institutions' collections, regardless of the resources available.

In this section, we will present a case study that looks at the development of the tool, which relied on the collaboration of professionals and volunteer Wikimedians experienced in GLAM-Wiki initiatives in Brazil.

Participants will learn how the complexity of the situation of Brazilian memory institutions led us to develop a tool that allows volunteers to help them set up a plan for their effective presence on Wikimedia platforms. We will address issues such as: the need to serve large and small institutions; setting expectations based on the institution’s reality; identifying potentials and challenges for establishing a partnership; collaboration between professionals and volunteers; and the importance of putting together a action plan to build the institution’s loyalty in the Wikimedia Movement.

Experience level: Beginner
Keywords: Capacity building & training, Partnership building (GLAM Wiki collaborations, etc.), Regional, global strategy & networking
Notes: #GLAMWiki232296

Logo GLAM Wiki Conference 2023 ID: 1878 A shared mission. UN and Wikimedians collaborating for free, accessible knowledge
Facilitators/Speakers: John Andersson, Wikimedia Sweden Time block: Afternoon Beginning: 14:45
Location: 401 Duration: 45 min

To a large degree, the Wikimedia movement shares mission with the United Nations and other intergovernmental organizations (IGOs). Like us, they collate information and knowledge and strive to make it freely available to a larger audience. Many, such as UNESCO and ILO, even host large internal archives. The Wikimedia movement has had a number of successful partnerships with IGOs over the years, but the work has most often been ad hoc and limited in scope. The partnerships have not created as many opportunities for underserved and underrepresented communities as would be ideal.

Partnering with IGOs has huge potential. The partnerships could provide large amounts of unique and valuable material from around the world, open up new networks, access to venues and conferences for local communities. They could also create new funding opportunities for local volunteers and Wikimedia organizations as many of them are interested in hiring Wikimedians in Residence (WiR).

The Content Partnerships Hub is an initiative to create a Thematic Hub, led by Wikimedia Sverige. Five different areas of work form the pillars of the Hub, and partnerships with IGOs is one of them. Over the years we have developed a large and valuable network within the IGO sector, including organizations such as UNESCO, WIPO, FAO, IEA, UNEP, EIB and more. In 2022–2023 we started formalizing these partnerships with the goal to lower the threshold for other Wikimedia affiliates to work and engage with the IGOs. One key area we are exploring is the potential for paid WiR positions at the different IGOs and how to ensure that this is an opportunity that is open and possible for Wikimedians from around the world. For this capacity building is needed to create opportunities for more people from the Movement to become WiRs.

During the session we will discuss the work done with IGOs, the most relevant material and opportunities for Wikimedians to focus on and how to engage in the partnerships in different ways.

The participants will gain understanding of the possibilities with IGO partnerships. Through the session they will be empowered to engage in the conversations and to support the development of the WiR training material and future network.

Experience level: Intermediate
Keywords: Capacity building & training, Partnership building (GLAM Wiki collaborations, etc.), Regional, global strategy & networking
Notes: #GLAMWiki231878

Logo GLAM Wiki Conference 2023 ID: 0045 A missing piece of the puzzle: Providing direct support for content partnerships through the Helpdesk at the Content Partnerships Hub – Developing the next step together!
Facilitators/Speakers: John Andersson Time block: Morning Beginning: 9:30
Location: 401 Duration: 1 hr

We propose a session focusing on developing the next steps of the Helpdesk of the Content Partnerships Hub – with a focus on how it can improve capacity building in the GLAMwiki space. It could potentially be organized as a Learning clinic.

The Helpdesk is a new type of support structure for the Wikimedia movement where Wikimedians can request support for projects where the goal is to work with partners to make content available on the Wikimedia platforms, so called content partnerships. The Helpdesk is one of the five pillars of the Content Partnerships Hub, an initiative to create a Thematic Hub, led by Wikimedia Sverige.

The support requests are reviewed by an international expert committee, who provides guidance on what requests to prioritize. A focus is to provide support to local communities in the underserved and underrepresented parts of the movement.

Currently support has been given by Wikimedia Sverige’s staff, but the intention is that the support through the Helpdesk will come from experts from around the Wikimedia movement. Staff and volunteers around the world will be able to join different working groups that will provide the requested hand-on help or knowledge transfer. The requests to the Helpdesk can help guide capacity building efforts and increase the long-term capacity of Wikimedians to work with content partnerships.

At the session we will discuss how affiliates and volunteers can engage with the Helpdesk, what the needs are, how it can support capacity building efforts and what we will develop next together.

Regarding what support you can request we will cover the following: how you can request support and what support can be given, what happens with your request when submitted and what you can expect.

Regarding how you can get involved we will cover the following: What the working groups are, what the benefits and opportunities are for you when joining the working group, how you can apply to them and what the expectations are.

The participants will have a clear understanding of the Helpdesk and its role and functions. They will be able to decide on their future participation and will feel empowered that they have been able to develop this concept further. They will also know how they can request help and support for their content partnerships efforts.

Experience level: Intermediate
Keywords: Capacity building & training, Partnership building (GLAM Wiki collaborations, etc.), Regional, global strategy & networking
Notes: #GLAMWiki230045