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GLAM Wiki 2023/Program/Remixing Open Culture: Get Creative with Creative Commons

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Logo GLAM Wiki Conference 2023 ID: 2069 Remixing Open Culture: Get Creative with Creative Commons
Facilitators/Speakers: Jocelyn Miyara Time block: Afternoon Beginning: 16:00
Location: 110-111 Duration: 1 hr

Public domain works give us a wealth of content that we can reuse, remix, and create new art and content. WIth a supply of Public Domain art, some printed slogans, messages and words related to Open Access, and other crafting supplies we will help you to create your own Open Culture propaganda. During this workshop, we will talk about how to remix and properly credit public domain works, while also allowing you to use your own creativity to promote better sharing of GLAM collections. You may use some suggested messages or create your own. Some themes you might think about promoting in your propaganda include:

Open Culture…

  • enriches research, education and learning to solve the world’s biggest problems
  • enlivens arts, culture and creativity to help us live richer lives
  • promotes diversity, inclusivity and equity to sustain democratic and resilient societies
  • propels institutions into the digital world to ensure their continued relevance, mission alignment and service orientation

Together we’ll brainstorm some catch-phrases to promote Open Culture and then use our favorites to create your own mini - poster.

Participants will take away a unique piece of art that they created promoting Open Culture (or Open GLAM), and an understanding of how the works from the public domain can be reused and properly cited.

Experience level: Beginner
Keywords: Copyright & public domain, Creators & artists, Re-use & re-interpretation of digital heritage
Notes: #GLAMWiki232069