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This is a proposal for a new Wikimedia sister project.
Global Economic Map
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ReasonThough users are welcome to working on this, It's not a proposal of an entirely new Wikimedia project.--GZWDer (talk) 06:37, 8 February 2017 (UTC)[reply]
Technical requirements


New hopepage: Econ Factbook

The Global Economic Map is a collection of standardized data sets of economic statistics. The format is designed to be concise and readable to laypersons. Every country, region and city in the world will have their own article. The format is a collection of tables presenting economic statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Census, World Bank, International Labor Organization, U.S. Census, CIA Factbook, IMF, SEC filings, OpenSpending and other professional sources.

List of country articles: en:User:Mcnabber091/sandbox/Country articles

Lists of regional articles: en:User:Mcnabber091/sandbox/Regional lists

Lists of city articles: en:User:Mcnabber091/sandbox/City lists

Wikidata task force[edit]

Wikidata task force: d:Wikidata:Global Economic Map task force

Proposed properties: d:Wikidata:Property proposal/Term

  1. Wikidata already has a page on each country, administrative division and larger companies and financial institutions.
  2. The Global Economic Map project will work with Wikidata to define the additional items and properties needed to incorporate the Global Economic data into Wikidata in a form which is machine readable.
  3. Once the Wikidata development team have completed the development of the datatypes required for this project (notably the URL datatype and the Number with Dimension datatype - both due to be completed by September 2013)mw:Roadmap#Wikidata deployment then the properties can be created and the Global Economic Map project will work with Wikidata to create bots to automatically import data from various databases into the various pages in Wikidata. Each datum will be a separate statement on wikidata with a source (where it came from, when it was downloaded) and appropriate qualifiers (industry sector, time period it refers to, location). Where automation is not practical the data will be imported by hand into Wikidata, including the source and date info.
  4. Wikidata will make this data, like all the data on Wikidata, available, through their public API, in various standard formats, so it can be reused by others.
  5. As part of Wikidata stage 3 (due autumn 2013) the Wikidata developers will work on creating queries and data visualisations using the data in Wikidata. The Economic World map team will create a mini standalone site where the economic data can be queried and displayed in various ways.
  6. The Global Economic Map team will work with the Wikidata stage 3 developers and one of the wikipedias (probably not the English Wikipedia - their articles are pretty stable so they don't want too much experimentation) to create data visualisations using the data on Wikidata and add this to national and regional wikipedia pages. Once these are stable they can be adapted to other nations and regions on that wikipedia. These can then be be used as a model by other wikipedias.

Academic support[edit]

"This project provides a valuable one-stop source of freely-available data for a large number of countries as well as for regions and cities. These data should be of use to researchers, teachers, and students. So far, the project appears to be well-managed and the diversity of the list of contributors is impressive."

- Paul Storer, Professor of Economics at the Western Washington University

"This project would be useful additional resource as it would bring together data that people could also find themselves by an appropriate search, therefore saving some time."

- Panu Poutvaara, Professor of Economics at the University of Munich and Head of the Department of International Institutional Comparisons at the Ifo Institute for Economic Research

Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) collaboration potential[edit]

The Global Economic Map will use the global network of the Open Knowledge Foundation to retrieve and organize comparable economics statistics and translate in different languages. The Global Economic map will utilize OKF tools to present and visualize data in information dashboards to give access to raw data in an open format for researchers, journalists and citizens.

Wikimedia support[edit]

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