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Purpose of the report[edit]

This form is for organizations receiving Annual Plan Grants to report on their results to date. For progress reports, the time period for this report will the first 6 months of each grant (e.g. 1 January - 30 June of the current year). For impact reports, the time period for this report will be the full 12 months of this grant, including the period already reported on in the progress report (e.g. 1 January - 31 December of the current year). This form includes four sections, addressing global metrics, program stories, financial information, and compliance. Please contact APG/FDC staff if you have questions about this form, or concerns submitting it by the deadline. After submitting the form, organizations will also meet with APG staff to discuss their progress.


Program 1
Metric Achieved outcome Explanation
1. # of active editors involved 102 program details
2. # of new editors N/A program details
3. # of individuals involved 133 program details
4. # of new images/media added to Wikimedia articles/pages N/A program details
5. # of articles added or improved on Wikimedia projects N/A program details
6. Absolute value of bytes added to or deleted from Wikimedia projects N/A program details

Program 2
Education and Knowledge
Metric Achieved outcome Explanation
1. # of active editors involved 240 program details
2. # of new editors 1.450 program details
3. # of individuals involved 2.100 program details
4. # of new images/media added to Wikimedia articles/pages 1.100 program details
5. # of articles added or improved on Wikimedia projects 2.600 program details
6. Absolute value of bytes added to or deleted from Wikimedia projects N/A program details

Program 3
Core Projects
Metric Achieved outcome Explanation
1. # of active editors involved 546 program details
2. # of new editors 446 program details
3. # of individuals involved 885 program details
4. # of new images/media added to Wikimedia articles/pages 590 program details
5. # of articles added or improved on Wikimedia projects 3.800 program details
6. Absolute value of bytes added to or deleted from Wikimedia projects N/A program details

Program 4
Specific Projects
Metric Achieved outcome Explanation
1. # of active editors involved 308 program details
2. # of new editors 208 program details
3. # of individuals involved 705 program details
4. # of new images/media added to Wikimedia articles/pages 3.350 program details
5. # of articles added or improved on Wikimedia projects 4.050 program details
6. Absolute value of bytes added to or deleted from Wikimedia projects N/A program details

Program 5
Metric Achieved outcome Explanation
1. # of active editors involved 36 program details
2. # of new editors N/A program details
3. # of individuals involved 1.019 program details
4. # of new images/media added to Wikimedia articles/pages N/A program details
5. # of articles added or improved on Wikimedia projects N/A program details
6. Absolute value of bytes added to or deleted from Wikimedia projects N/A program details

Program 6
Wikimedia Hackathon Barcelona 2018
Metric Achieved outcome Explanation
1. # of active editors involved 191 program details
2. # of new editors 18 program details
3. # of individuals involved 515 program details
4. # of new images/media added to Wikimedia articles/pages 85 program details
5. # of articles added or improved on Wikimedia projects 9.354 program details
6. Absolute value of bytes added to or deleted from Wikimedia projects N/A program details

Metric Achieved outcome Explanation
1. # of active editors involved 1.423 program details
2. # of new editors 2.122 program details
3. # of individuals involved 5.357 program details
4. # of new images/media added to Wikimedia articles/pages 5.125 program details
5. # of articles added or improved on Wikimedia projects 19.852 program details
6. Absolute value of bytes added to or deleted from Wikimedia projects N/A program details

Grantee-defined metrics

  1. Members engagement:
    1. In our strategic plan 2014-2018 we have a quality metric that we are documenting since 2014: Involving 50% of Amical members in at least one activity every year. In 2017. Result: Done
    2. In order to keep being a representative organization for the Catalan community of Wikimedians, we also look forward to maintain or event increase the percentage (more than 40%) of highly active Catalan Wikipedia users bearing Amical membership, to keep a strong link between the Association and the community of editors. Result: Done
  1. % of Repetition: In our point of view, repetition of program, projects, editathons, workshops or events is a measure of success. If a high percentage of our projects are repetitive, it means our parnters are happy with us and our projects are successful through the years. By the way, we don't want to reach 100% of repepetition, because we also leave the door open to innovation and new partners, and also to failure every once in a while. A 50%-60% would be a desired goal for us. Example: If we do an eduwiki activity during 6 semesters with same teacher, it means that the activity is working, it is a succes and taking advantage of its own learning curves, needing progressively less efforts done by Amical each semester.
    1. Result: Done

Telling your program stories - all programs[edit]

Please tell the story of each of your programs included in your proposal. This is your chance to tell your story by using any additional metrics(beyond global metrics) that are relevant to your context, beyond the global metrics above. You should be reporting against the targets you set at the beginning of the year throughout the year. We have provided a template here below for you to report against your targets, but you are welcome to include this information in another way. Also, if you decided not to do a program that was included in your proposal or added a program not in the proposal, please explain this change. More resources for storytelling are at the end of this form. Here are some ways to tell your story.

  • We encourage you to share your successes and failures and what you are learning. Please also share why are these successes, failures, or learnings are important in your context. Reference learning patterns or other documentation.
  • Make clear connections between your offline activities and online results, as applicable. For example, explain how your education program activities is leading to quality content on Wikipedia.
  • We encourage you to tell your story in different ways by using videos, sound files, images (photos and infographics, e.g.), compelling quotes, and by linking directly to work you produce. You may highlight outcomes, learning, or metrics this way.
  • We encourage you to continue using dashboards, progress bars, and scorecards that you have used to illustrate your progress in the past, and to report consistently over time.
  • You are welcome to use the table below to report on any metrics or measures relevant to your program. These may or may not include the global metrics you put in the overview section above. You can also share your progress in another way if you do not find a table like this useful.

Program 1: Community[edit]

Community program against its targets
Target Last year (if applicable) Progress (at end of Q4) Projected (end of year) Comments
Goal 1: Organizing first ever international event, fully organised by volunteers (explained further in this report)
100% Hackathon 2018
Goal 2: Organising Viquitrobada 2018, Catalan Wikimedians AGM 2017 edition
November 2018 We celebrated our AGM 2018 edition. Is not Amical's AGM but community's AGM.
Goal 3: 4 internal formative seminars to empower our members 2017 APG impact report
50% ✅ We found crucial to renew the knowledge of those members that give seminars, workshops and conferences. It was a new, quite successful activity among our members that improved their skills and self-confidence inside Amical.
Goal 4: Microgrants N/A
N/A We have documentation and have offered few microgrants throught the year. Even if it seems that is a model not much used by our community, we are committed to provide this option to keep engaging them.
Goal 5: Volunteer driven & follow up. Writing challenges. Monthly Reports
100% Monthly ReportsWe've been following all volunteer proposals so far (e.g: Pescar (explained further in this report)).

Program 1 evaluation
Successes (so far) Challenges (so far) Learnings (so far)
  • Running a hackathon without corporate sponsorship and full run and organised by volunteers is a milestone in Amical's and WMF movement history.
  • 1 on 1 informal follow-up meetings are key to keep up in the good mood among community representatives. There is a connection between the Wiki and the organisation. It is crucial to learn about the contributor community and join their skills and interests up with real life projects. The people who edit are also the ones who decide which projects they begin, which strategy they use, etc.
  • The community is the key, and it is at the heart of our organisation. More than 50% of the most active users are Amical members after the Strategic Plan 2014-2018. An amount that has been stable through the years.
  • We have set up and consolidated a core of editors in Valencia and this means we are making Amical into the offline embodiment of the online community.
  • We are united not by geographical area but rather by language publishing.
  • We have managed to get a group of women editors in Wikipedia and Wikiquote with a lot of potential and they have started to reverse the gender gap.
  • An increase of members and activity has not been linked with an increase of the expenses, but the opposite during the 5 years of the Strategic Plan. The volunteering spirit of Amical has become more uncommited lately, but still it has reflected a huge difference in the economical outcome of the organisation.
  • Skip the volunteer "burnout effect" after a global event. After the 5 years of the Strategic Plan, we still find a "comfort area" online, but not absolute commitment in the streets.
  • Implement our learnings in our long-term projects.
  • Keep the "tech momentum" in our volunteers' community and partners.
  • We have learned that we have the challenge of strengthening community care for newcomers and young people. We are missing out on talent opportunities; we have some first-rate Wikipedians whose discourse and activity would make them key pieces for the movement.
  • More volunteers are needed for internal assessment and more knowledge transfer through running more internal training schemes.
  • We have been able to map the joining and visibility of many female users thanks to the possibility of adding the option to the profile. 
  • The general political instability in Catalonia (where we have the greatest importance) has impacted many levels but it has been shown that we have resilience as an association with respect to the events which are taking place.  
  • When it comes to readers, we have been not able to significantly increase the views of the Catalan Wikimedia projects (with an extremely low 3% in Spain, and below 0.5% in Andorra and France). The Strategic Plan has not been able to address this problem.
  • Volunteers got a whole new set of organising skills.
  • WMHACK was kind of a stress test for Amical community. We passed it, but there are loads of things that we need to work on to keep improving ourselves as a community and as an affiliate.
  • The volunteers who take on the bulk of the tasks make up less than 10% which means long-term viability is untenable due to the burnout effect.
  • We are losing the diversity of young editors in Wikipedia (<25 y.o), in sister projects and above all at Amical. We are in a sensible situation of no generational handover.
  • There are some counties which have few volunteers: Central Catalonia has intermittent and scattered participation, and we have a minimal footprint in the Balearic Islands, Andorra and Northern Catalonia.
  • There are no academic studies which accurately indicate the number of women editors (it is assumed to be 10%) or their participation or their engagement in the Catalan Wikipedia, which doesn't allow to address specific causes of the gender bias.
  • Our community needs to deal better with the balance between a self-congratulatory discourse and the learnings from other volunteer-driven communities of the Catalan speaking countries, as well as from other initiatives of the Wikimedia movement.
  • Most members know little about how the Wikimedia Foundation works and nor do they show any significant interest in it.

Program 2: Education[edit]

Community program against its targets
Target Last year (if applicable) Progress (at end of Q4) Projected (end of year) Comments
Goal 1: Linking our WMHACK project with the educational sector. N/A
Goal 2: Improving our documentation for better spreading eduwiki projects (renewing portal, creating a how to video). Educational Page
❌ The increase of the demand in university wikiprojects during the autumn semester and the management for official agreements determined the efforts set in this goal.
Goal 3: Increasing our presence in secondary high schools. 2017 Impact report
This year there has been a significant increase of participation regarding the secondary high schools and non-university educational levels. Even without reaching the entire objective, we keep laying solid foundations to keep working in this direction.

Education program evaluation
Successes (so far) Challenges (so far) Learnings (so far)
  • Number of high quality long term projects after the period, that have focused in the creation or expansion of reasonable amount of articles without compromising the quality.
  • Self-sustainable teachers running their own eduwiki projects after the 5 years of the Strategic Plan.
  • Projects started in 2016 and 2017 have continued with a high success in the following years, which means a fast stabilisation and flexibility for the educational sector.
  • Better approaches with Flow discussions and intermediate seminars during the wikiproject provides better results and more self-confidence and reliability of the students and the professors, leading to a single integration platform onwiki.
  • Inclusion of the diversity of the Wikimedia projects in the clasrooms, adapted and fitted to the area of knowledge, has increased multiparticipation in the same projects and high quality integrated content among the content. Wikidata, Commons, and Wikisource have been benefited from this "multi-wiki" seminars with very low struggle in the students and professors.
  • The approaches taken in the Wikimedia Hackathon with different university collectives have provided a new official agreement with UAB and the beginning of Amical as a fully recognised partner inside the innovation digital context.
  • Better dealing with onwiki bottlenecks at the end of semester. A small community can be semi collapsed when hundreds of new editors finish their onwiki assignments at a time.
  • Better connecting with highschools and secondary schools. So far we only connect with the "tech team" or the "innovation team".
  • Better training of professors and teachers to reinforce self-sustainable projects and integration between Wikimedia projects and own platforms (Moodle, Absalon, intranet, etc.).
  • The geographical and temporal distribution of volunteers to provide tech suport to the professors, and to separate wiki skills from the appropiate knowledge of the field. Rols and responsabilities inside the project must keep separated.
  • Once the Strategic Plan is finished, we are reaching the mature part of our project (in universities). Still a long way for other educational levels.
  • In secondary schools, we need to "offer" pre-formated proposals to run at their courses. They are not that familiar with the "freedom of choice" of wiki style.
  • Interface and more visual content need to be provided to compensate lack of human support in some cases.
  • Scheduling and distribution of the volunteer task during the time frame of the project to not accumulate the workload and be able to revise it for the following year.

Program 3: Core Projects[edit]

Core projects program against its targets
Target Last year (if applicable) Progress (at end of Q2) Projected (end of year) Comments
Goal 1: Increase community participation and motivation. 2017 Impact Report
Still challenging. The results have been positive when it comes to onwiki participation in contests and wikiprojects, and also for our partners (libraries, museums and other organisations). But most of Amical's community has adopted a passive role if we take the whole year engagement as a reference.
Goal 2: Increase the amount of free licensed cultural content N/A
✅ Scheduling more diverse projects have helped us to upload a new range of multimedia content for the Wikimedia projects, especially relating to geographical, gender, and cultural diversity. We agreed with different institutions the release of their content under CC-BY-SA licenses.

Core projects program evaluation

Successes Challenges Learnings
  • Ateneu Barcelonès and its Library improve their artistic collection as a powerful historical catalan heritage wikipedia corpus thorough WP: 20 editors improve more than 250 articles
  • Catalonia librarians are still working in editatons, workshops and writing challenges. 1lib1Ref WP has been the most successful project of the library challenge with more than 350 active editors and 2500 improved articles. Must focus on valencian bibliowikis participants in this period.
  • The Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) Incorporates a volunteer Wikipedian in Residence who analyzes the information available about the center, tracks activities and exhibits, and trains its personnel on open knowledge. One of the key project on GLAM segment.
  • Photography contest for the best picture of a falla monument and fallera activity were coorganized by Museu Valencià d'Etnologia, Wiki Loves Falles is also part of the contest Wiki Loves Folk.
  • Geographical catalan proverb Wikiquote was focused on creating quotes about geographic proverbs on the different branches of geography: rivers, mountains & towns. 430 sentecnes were added by 10 editors.
  • The central projects have achieved a mature level and stability not just in this 2019, but during the whole period of the Strategic Plan 2014-2018.
  • The current system for contests have attracted more editors and engage the participation of partners -even though in some aspects (mainly code) starts to get outdated.
  • Cultural institutions in Catalonia are our best partners but also is necesseary to improve its engagement on Wikimedia projects and foster open access policies within the managers of cultural institutions.
  • Several contests and wiki projects got a big difference at the level of participation, depending on the topic covered and implication of partnership.
  • Political uncertainity in Catalonia played a difficult role to keep relationships up with some institutions, which were literally "stopped" during several months (mainly due to financial restrictions and by direct orders from superiors).
  • After 5 years of Strategic Plan, central efforts with great results have been achieved for the release of content for Wikipedia, Wikidata and Commons, but with very little outcomes for the sister projects.
  • At the end of the Strategic Plan 2014-2018, many of our GLAM partners have a self-sufficient activity and they assume its Wikimedia events as a part of their current agenda. It's our committment to gain confidence and experience with them.
  • We are persuaded about the viability of long-term strategic planning with GLAM affiliates that seems to work better than short-term activities.
  • Experience on Wikipedian in Residence model is not trendy anymore for wikimedians, but GLAMs keep looking a figure who evaluate and  revitalize wikipedia programs.
  • The partners appreciate the potential of sister projects when they can see the results, but they are not prone to develop activities on them at the beginning.

Program 4: Specific Projects[edit]

Targeta Last year (if applicable) Progress (at end of Q4) End of year (projected or actual) Comments
Kitsch culture writing challenge N/A
40% This challenge, the goal of which was expanding the content about this topic during seven days, had four participants, who together created and edited 21 articles.
999 biographies of women N/A
100% ✅ The goal of this challenge was adding and editing biographies about 999 women for a month, ending the night before Women's Day. There were 25 participants and the list of biographies was fulfilled.
Colonialism writing challenge N/A
50%? (see comments) The goal of this challenge was editing content about colonialism during 10 days. There were 6 participants who edited 27 articles out of a list of 53 articles. However, no numeric metrics were gathered about how much content was added exactly, hence the question marks next to the percentage.
PESCAR wikiproject (2nd edition) 2017 project
41% compared to last year's number of bytes modified This year, the project, which was centered around the Mediterranean area, had 23 participants who made over 3,000 edits in almost 300 different articles.
18 centenaries challenge (Wikiquote) N/A
72% of articles in the list (including "extra articles") The goal of this challenge was to create and improve pages about 18 people who celebrated their centenary (or bi-centenary). There were three participants, excluding the jury formed by two local sysops.
National Museum of Rio de Janeiro Wikiproject N/A
66% of articles in the list This was an "emergency wikiproject" organized after the fires in the National Museum. Eight people participated editing 16 articles. Even though we didn't meet the goal, it can still be considered a (mild) success, since it was created without any kind of previous organization.
5th Night of the Language in the Digital World Last year's event
100%? (see comments) ✅ This year's topics were related to Pompeu Fabra, and there were edits in 11 different languages (including Catalan, Spanish and English), and participants edited from four different places simultaneously, as well as remotely. The same partners of last year's event helped this time too. Specific content metrics were not gathered, but the participation (184 people, including remote participants) was a success compared to last year.
Asian Month Last year's project page
88% (compared to 2017 number of articles) ✅ This is a global event, but Amical supported it by organizing and promoting it in the local Catalan-speaking community. This year, 16 users participated in 165 articles
Saint Lucy Night Wikiproject N/A
20% of articles in the list The goal of this project was creating biographies about contemporary Catalan writers. There were seven participants who edited 44 articles in different languages (Catalan, Spanish and French)
"Gran Quinzena Anual de la Qualitat" Last year's event
5% (compared to 2017 results) Compared to last year's event, QQ18 can't be considered a success. There were over 20,000 revisions in 2017, while this year's edition didn't get to 2,000.
Successes Challenges Learnings
  • We managed to organize at least a writing challenge every month (the list above was a summary of the most relevant ones). This helps with community engagement and filling specific content gaps. Dozens of smaller edit-a-thons and wikiprojects were organized during the year, many of them led by community volunteers. You can check our monthly reports for details.
  • We completed the 999 women list of The Dinner Party feminist artwork and got quite good press coverage and support from non-wiki women/feminist-activists communities.
  • Volunteers self-organising writing challenges (comic contest, 999 challenge, etc.).
  • The "5th Night of the Language in the Digital World" was a success, not only because the number of participants was one of the highest we had in events organized by us this year, but also because it's the fifth year we organize this event with the same partners.
  • After the Strategy Plan, we have been able to implement with a model of reference the use of Wikidata and WikiCommons in our contests, activities and projects with partners. Catalan Wikipedia is now a model of reference for infoboxes.
  • Sister projects are still one of our priorities, although this year we couldncould organize only one project for them (mainly because of the Hackathon). And even in this project, we didn't manage to attract new users, as the only participants were already regulars on ca.wikiquote.
  • Content biases such as the gender gap are still a reality in Wikipedia, even with the projects organized to reduce them (999 women, Asian Month, etc.).
  • Too many writing contests got a big difference at the level of participation, depending on the topic covered.
  • Translation efforts to another languages have stopped significantly. The Catalan Culture challenge didn't work this year, due to the increase of the "offer" of several international translation writing challenges available nowadays. Nonetheless, along the whole Strategic Plan the last 5 years, we have managed to increase significantly the presence of articles of this field in other languages.
  • Long projects get stale after a while. This can be seen in PESCAR (second year, and less than a half of last year's participation) and in the "Quinzena de la Qualitat", which is a very important project for ca.wikipedia that has been organized with success yearly since 2005 but failed this year. We need to come up with new different projects that cover the same aspects as the old ones.
  • We have seen that projects related to current events (National Museum) or an important day (999 women, Night of the Language) generally have a higher level of participation.
  • Using social media to greet volunteers and sharing newly created content about the writing challenge works quite well and empowers the community. We have seen that direct engagement with the community and partnerships attracts similar new targets.
  • After the Strategy Plan, we have realised that setting a very ambitious quantitative goals hasn't been fruitful to reach them, but at the same time they have pushed the community to not stop the creation and have a long time reference -that need to be reescalated.

Program 5: Outreach[edit]

Outreach program against its targets
Target Last year (if applicable) Progress (at end of Q4) End of year (proyected or actual) Comments
Goal 1: Reactivating our own blog. [1]
Advances have been made, but We will reach 100% by 2019.
Goal 2: Reaching new diverse communities in Catalan areas.
Scheduling more diverse projects is helping us to reach new audiences. We had successes, but things can be improved.

Program 5 evaluation
Successes (so far) Challenges (so far) Learnings (so far)
  • We've been invited to conferences and events not only to talk about Wikipedia, but also to debate about ontologies, epistemology and reliability. Little by little Amical has become a key agent in our civil and cultural life. We are reaching to explain ourselves as part of a free knowledge movement.
  • Our partners are wikimedians and behave as our PA in their professional conferences. They "volunteer" to "sell" Wikimedia in their professional areas, better than we do.
  • Clear increase of our Academic publishing. Catalan Wikimedians and partners have increased the number of research papers related with our work during last months.
  • After the Strategic Plan, Amical has shifted from a pro-Wikipedia discourse towards a movement for open knowledge and free access to digital Catalan culture and language.
  • Still improving our blog.
  • Key members of our community got burned by the whole Wiki 2030 strategy thing. New people are trying to resume the way, but most members don't care that much when follow up e-mails or notifications are send.
  • Be able to properly communicate the differences between the concept Wikipedia, WMF, Amical Wikimedia and sister projects.
  • Decentralize a bit more the communication of Wikipedia milestones and give more voice to Amical members/wikipedians, sister projects and internal mechanisms.
  • After 5 years of Strategic Plan, we have set apart the merchandising. We need to challenge ourselves to relocate its use as a complement, not a central point of our contests or revenues.
  • We need to develop new communicative systems further than social media. Videos, multimedia comms, and MOOCs are getting higher importance and we need to adapt to them, always considering to keep the language.
  • We have learnt how to face different politic descredit campaings related with the political situation.
  • Different channels of communication with our members have decentralised the cohesion so they need to be reconsidered, but at the same time have provided more effectiveness for in-situ or emergencies.

Program 6: Wikimedia Hackathon Barcelona 2018[edit]

Target Last year (if applicable) Progress (at end of Q4) End of year (projected or actual) Comments
Goal 1: Increase the number of tech events There was only one event during Perl & Friends annual meeting (organised as warm-up event for Hackathon as well).
✅ We had one event during Barcelona Python meetup and some other specialized ones as Wikimedia Pre-Hackathon events.
Goal 2: Creating an stable community of developers in Catalan Areas No technical community meeting previous year
We had one specific prehacktahon event for community members. Technical organization and community engagement was improved, but further engagement after Hackathon might have been beneficial and it was not done in the end.
Successes Challenges Learnings
  • Exploration of further projects ahead with the research/academic team we got engaged.
  • Translate the experience to other groups with which explore further final degree, master or PhD projects.
  • Still engage a wider local developer community into actively use and hack with Wikimedia technologies, data and resources.
  • Empower existing Wikipedia users into assuming a more technical stance in their contributions by demistifying technical contribution by itself and by sharing practices with other local peers.
  • There is little knowledge about the technical potential of Wikimedia tools and even about available APIs. It was a huge discovery for many that attended our spin-off workshop and events that there was such a side.
  • Specially for a non-advanced Wikipedian (or event MediaWikian) profile, it is still too difficult where to start with when deciding to engage into a Wikimedia project. There is also a huge diversity of platforms and tools that, despite being potentially an opportunity, it might lead to confusion to newcomers. There is a huge need for improvement in technical documentation and also in facilitation and mentoring for entering into the Wikimedia technical world.
  • Despite hosting such an important world-wide movement event, not so many local Wiki(p/m)edians got interested as it may have been expected into having a better knowledge of the technical side of Wikimedia (we must say they got actively involved in the logistics of the event and, thanks to them, it became a success, though). On the other hand, new profiles became engaged and even joined Amical association from a technical/academic background.

Revenues received during this twelve-month period[edit]

Please use the exchange rate in your APG proposal.

Table 2 Please report all spending in the currency of your grant unless US$ is requested.

  • Please also include any in-kind contributions or resources that you have received in this revenues table. This might include donated office space, services, prizes, food, etc. If you are to provide a monetary equivalent (e.g. $500 for food from Organization X for service Y), please include it in this table. Otherwise, please highlight the contribution, as well as the name of the partner, in the notes section.
Revenue source Currency Anticipated Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Cumulative Anticipated ($US)* Cumulative ($US)* Explanation of variances from plan
Membership fees + donation EUR 2.600,00 € 0,00 € 3.029,50€ 3.029,50 € 2.917,30 $ 3.399,22 $
Partnerships EUR 3.000,00 € 5.000,00 € 5.625,00 € 5.625,00 € 3.511,06 $ 6.300,37 $
Conferences and workshops EUR 3.000,00 € 275,00 € 849,00 € 849,00 € 3.511,06 $ 961,793 $
APG EUR 62.400,00 € 36.400,00€ 62.400,00 € 62.400,00 € 73.024,43 $ 73.024,43 $
Own reserves EUR 1.000,00 € - 0,00 € 0,00 € 1.132,85 $ 0,00 $
In-kind donations EUR 3.000,000 € n.d. n.d n.d. 3.398,56 $ n.d. For the final accounting purposes, we don't reflect this value as we don't have estimations.
TOTAL EUR 75.000,00 € 45.675,00 € 71.903,50 € 71.903,50 € 85.173,23 $ 80.536,60 $

* Provide estimates in US Dollars

Spending during this twelve-month period[edit]

Please use the exchange rate in your APG proposal.

Table 3 Please report all spending in the currency of your grant unless US$ is requested.

(The "budgeted" amount is the total planned for the year as submitted in your proposal form or your revised plan, and the "cumulative" column refers to the total spent to date this year. The "percentage spent to date" is the ratio of the cumulative amount spent over the budgeted amount.)
Expense Currency Budgeted Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Cumulative Budgeted ($US)* Cumulative ($US)* Percentage spent to date Explanation of variances from plan
Program 1: Community EUR 6.000,00 € 884,88 € 5.359,28€ 5.359,28€ 7.030,17 $ 6.072,43 88,82 %
Program 2: Education EUR 4.000,00 € 568,20 € 1.240,40 € 1.240,40 € 4.688,48 $ 1.389,65 $ 31,01 %
Program 3: Culture EUR 4.000,00 € 370,51 € 832,07 € 832,07 € 4.688,48 $ 932,19 $ 20,80 %
Program 4: Special projects EUR 4.000,00 € 869,13 € 2.090,30 € 2.090,30 € 4.688,48 $ 2.341,76 $ 52,26 %
Program 5: Outreach & Comms EUR 2.000,00 € 1.461,96 € 1.696,09 € 1.696,09 € 2.344,24 $ 1.922,23 $ 84,80%
Program 6: Wikimedia Hackathon EUR 0,00 € - 0,00 - 0,00 0,00 € 0,00 $ 0,00 $ 0% Activities interrelated with the Wikimedia Hackathon 2018, plus extra expenditure assumed by Amical. Check the Financial Report (July 2018)
Operations (excludes staff and programs) EUR 7.000,00 € 1.611,00 € 4.655,40 € 4.655,40 € 8.196,74 $ 4.655,40 $ 66,51 %
Staff (excludes programs and operations) EUR 48.000,00 € 16.310,06 € 43.246,23 € 43.246,23 € 56.154,28 $ 48.999,01 $ 90,10 %
TOTALS EUR 75.000,00 € 22.075,74 € 59.119,77 € 59.119,77 € 85.137,98 $ 66.231,79 $ 78,83 %

* Provide estimates in US Dollars


Is your organization compliant with the terms outlined in the grant agreement?[edit]

As required in the grant agreement, please report any deviations from your grant proposal here. Note that, among other things, any changes must be consistent with our WMF mission, must be for charitable purposes as defined in the grant agreement, and must otherwise comply with the grant agreement.

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Are you in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations as outlined in the grant agreement? Please answer "Yes" or "No".

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Are you in compliance with provisions of the United States Internal Revenue Code (“Code”), and with relevant tax laws and regulations restricting the use of the Grant funds as outlined in the grant agreement? Please answer "Yes" or "No".

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