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Timeline for MediaWiki and Javanese script[edit]

See #Proposal update below
Timeline Date
Javanese Wikipedia and the UniversalLanguageSelector extension of MediaWiki ready to be used. July
Finished materials for the competition August
Preparing schools to teach and organize the students who will participate September
The culmination event: competition to utilize MediaWiki to read and write Javanese script October

Monthly updates[edit]

Please prepare a brief project update each month, in a format of your choice, to share progress and learnings with the community along the way. Submit the link below as you complete each update.


During April, or two months since I submit this proposal and it was selected under provisional condition, I've started doing public campaign about the future ability of Wikimedia websites to be used to write Javanese script. This was done mainly through two venues: Facebook groups and Live events.

April 6th was my initial launch of this project through taking it to the streets. During a car free day event on the next Sunday morning, I demonstrated the Javanese input method that I developed (Narayam), and got interviewed by several news outlets. The Wednesday afterward, I embarked on my first demo in front of students of a high school.


  • 8th of May was the start day of this project
  • The first month was a preparation month toward getting out of provisional status
  • This month's work was mainly on developing the code for the Javanese transliteration

During this month, a non-profit organization called JCI (Junior Chamber International) also heard about what I was doing (mainly through April's media publications) and contacted me to be awarded as one of Indonesia's Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP 2013) nominee on the work of initiating 'Wikipedia Aksara Jawa'. On the 18th of May I was awarded the TOYP Indonesia 2013 on Cultural Achievement, and it was also submitted to be competed on the global JCI The Outstanding Young Person of the World, which will be held in November in Brazil


Due to the unforeseen circumstances surrounding my family and especially the extra workload that I had to do since this month on, the original thought of getting some kind of roadshow to several institutions had to be revised and rethought. As a replacement, one idea that kept surfaced during talks with several people was to get some kind of writing competition.


  • Early July, the grant was finally received after several things delayed it.
  • Working toward two things: creating banners and contacting schools to join the competition.
  • (due to personal business, won't be available since July 10th to July 20th)

Proposal update[edit]

We will be holding a computer-based writing competition, where the participants will be students from up to 20 schools, and they will be required to be familiar with the new Javanese script input method.

At the end of July, I've contacted with an agency that holds events for schools like this. The talk is still ongoing, and I expected they will help in the promotional efforts.


  • (August 6-20 I will be attending Wikimania Hong Kong and to mainland China)