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Find it on Wikipedia!!!
A morning radio show/broadcast that gives listeners clues on a particular subject of interest and they will subsequently conduct a quick search on Wikipedia to find answer to questions on that subject. Winners will be eligible for rewards and tokens ranging from Wikipedia Merchandise etc.
targetEnglish Wikipedia
start dateMay 1st
end dateJune 19th
budget (local currency)728,409 Naira
budget (USD)$2000
grant typeIndividual
non-profit statusNo
granteeUzoma Ozurumba
created on14:48, 25 January 2018 (UTC)

Review your report


Who are the people you want to introduce Wikipedia to?[edit]

Try to be as specific as possible about this group.

  • Listeners of a specific morning radio show (Who am I? What am I?) on Cool FM Radio 96.9FM Abuja, Nigeria.

In what languages do they search for information, online or otherwise?[edit]

  • English

In what ways does this group communicate with each other?[edit]

This can include services and apps in social media, mailing lists, physical spaces like conferences or lectures, or at specific institutions like at a library.

  • Radio Broadcast, Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook

What are some reasons this group would use Wikipedia? How would they benefit from it, or what would they find useful?[edit]

Think about what they would be interested in reading and learning about; does Wikipedia provide better access to information this group cares about?

  • They are young upwardly mobile individuals that are already the core audience of the morning radio show (Who am I? What am I?) on Cool FM Radio 96.9FM Abuja, Nigeria. They will readily welcome new segments on the show which will be the proposed Find it on Wikipedia!!!
  • They would use Wikipedia because they have to find the exact answer to the questions on Wikipedia, also the questions would be on interesting and enlightening topics like History, Music, Artists, Celebrities etc.

Project idea[edit]

What language Wikipedia projects will you promote to new readers?[edit]

  • English

How will you communicate with new readers? Will you be communicating with them online, in-person, or both?[edit]

  • Online

Describe your idea to engage new readers. How might it be implemented? What will you tell people about Wikipedia?[edit]

Think about the steps that might involved to make this idea happen, and what you might teach people about your experience or others' experiences using Wikipedia.

  • New readers would be engaged, especially listeners of the popular radio program through a game they are used to like “Who am I? What am I?” they have to read or scan through an article or topic in Wikipedia to find the answer to the presenters clue.
  • This can be implemented by paying for a segment on the radio program called "Who am I? What am I?" with a proposed weekly airtime of 20 minutes and an airing frequency of once each week. The segment will be captioned "Find it on Wikipedia!!"

How will you know if this project is successful? What are some outcomes that you can share after the project is completed?[edit]

If you’re not certain about how to respond to this question when starting your idea, you do not need to answer it right now. Campaign participants and Wikimedia Foundation staff can help you consider some options.

  • Increased Wikipedia page views which can be tracked using this tool.
  • Number of posts, answers received and engagements from the radio station's social media handles for this particular show.
  • Uploads of pictures on social media of the weekly winners with general information about them like:name, location,hobbies and how often they use Wikipedia.(They will sign a media release form that allows their images to be shared on social media)

Do you think you can implement this idea? What support do you need?[edit]

Do you need people with specific skills or resources to complete this idea? Are there any financial needs for this project? Do you need advising from Wikimedia Foundation staff?

  • I absolutely believe that I have the capacity to implement the segment tagged Find it on Wikipedia!!! I will be functioning as the Project Manager.
  • Finance for logistics, jingles and token for Winners.
  • Creative questions and contributions from Wikimedians
  • Funds to provide stipends for the presenter (already anchoring the program) and pay for segment airtime to the radio station

Get Involved[edit]

About the idea creator[edit]




  • Advisor I will provide advisory and relevant leadership direction to ensure that project aspirations are surpassed. Blossom Ozurumba (talk) 21:02, 14 March 2018 (UTC)
  • Designer I will also act as the graphic designer and assist with social media awareness campaign. Blossom Ozurumba (talk) 21:03, 14 March 2018 (UTC)


  • It's a very great idea which will help create more awareness of Wikipedia in Nigeria especially in Abuja and with the Radio Station being a well known, well listened to and popular station in Abuja. Tochiprecious (talk) 10:17, 14 March 2018 (UTC)
  • This is a truly relevant idea that will greatly resonate with Nigerians in the Northern part of the country. Blossom Ozurumba (talk) 21:00, 14 March 2018 (UTC)

Project plan[edit]


How I will carry out the project:

I would organize collaborate with a radio station in Abuja that has an audience reach spread across 6 States in the North Central Region of Nigeria to incorporate my project (Find it on Wikipedia) into one of their sought after radio programs with huge audience participation. The collaborative show will be aired bi-weekly for the project lifetime which has been estimated to last for about 2 months.

What we (creator, adviser and graphic designer) would spend our time doing:

  • 1. Creator: Work out logistics with the radio station
  • 2. Researchers: Search and develop questions and the clues for the listeners of the show to answer; the clues to the questions would only be found in Wikipedia.
  • 3. Supporters: Creating awareness of the project on social media
  • 4. Creator: Creating the project page in Meta and reporting updates of the project.
  • 5. Creator: Organize the tokens for winners
  • 6. Graphic Designer: Create the digital designs that will be used in creating awareness of the collaborative show on social media
  • 7. Adviser: She will provide advisory leadership direction to ensure that project aspirations are surpassed. She will also act as the graphic designer and assist with social media awareness campaign

Social media Platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter and Telegram via the social media accounts of the creator, radio station and all project participants

What I would have done at the end of the project:

  • 1. Increased the awareness of Wikipedia and its use
  • 2. Increased Wikipedia page views
  • 3. Increased number of readers and users
  • 4. Invite audience to become active and partiipating members of the Wikimedia User Group

Nigeria – Abuja Hub


How I will know the project is successful and that our goals have been met

  • Increased number of Wikipedia page views which can be tracked using this tool
  • Numbers of listeners and followers on social media that participated (that sends in their answers to the questions on the radio show)
  • Anticipated number of participants: Minimum of 50 participants (this will realistically exclude the sheer huge number of the listeners as participants will be deemed to be only people that would send their answers to the clues given after searching out the answer on Wikipedia)


Resources Available:

  • Project Manager: Uzoma Ozurumba
  • Adviser: Blossom Ozurumba
  • Support: Tochi Precious and Runcie Chidebe
  • Project Manager: Me (Ozurumba Uzoma)

The project manager/organizer would:

  • Sort out logistics with radio station and presenter
  • Report progress and updates of the project on Meta
  • Organize the tokens for winners
  • Be involved in developing questions and clues for each show for the project
  • Lead the social media awareness campaign

Resources needed:

  • Project funding

Funding Request expenses:

  • Segment airtime to the radio station (for 15 minutes biweekly)
  • $1,240.110
  • Stipend for presenter
  • $275.580
  • Graphic designs for awareness on social media
  • $104.365
  • Token for winners
  • $275.580
  • Logistics and Miscellaneous
  • $104.365
  • Total
  • $2,000.000