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Karma system
Implementation on MediaWiki a sub user page editable by all user excepted the user him self. This page have to part on part dedicated to good experience (thanks and so on), an other page for bad experience (complain, vandalisme, abuse of administrator tolls and so on)
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created on15:45, Saturday, June 4, 2016 (UTC)

Project idea[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

Harassment (90 % of related cases was on Wikipedia ) is linked to the reduction of participation in communities in general and probably in administrators groups in particular.

Harassment Survey 2015 Results Report :

"Of the 3,845 Wikimedia users who participated, 38% of the respondents could confidently recognise that they had been harassed, while 15% were unsure and 47% were confident that they had not been harassed. Similarly, 51% witnessed others being harassed, while 17% were unsure and 32% did not witness harassment. [...] The participation levels were unaffected for 23%-45% of the respondents, while it greatly decreased for 14% -30% of the respondents."

There is more that one way to practice it. It start with rude communication, style : just telling to a unknown user : "do this" or "don't do that" without greeting, explanation and acknowledgment, and it finish by personal attacks an reverts every where you are on the site. Harassment can be made by single person but also by a group of friends.

What is your solutions?[edit]

  • Include a smart fun and visible Karma system as we can found on ebay, couchsurfing, and many other Internet communities. The karma system could be visible on user page. The contain of the harassment system could be change only by other members of the community. The user page owner can start on talking page discussions with karma page modification authors to conclude a withdrawal information. When a limit of complaint is exceeded a vote of the community about the exclusion of the user is started. A similar system already exist on fr.wikipedia about admin status : after six complains against an administrator in a delay of six month, a new community vote is done about attribution of admin tools. A similar system could be implemented for regulars users with a community vote for banishment.
  • Implement a system to make visible a list of all user using same IP address. This system witch respect the terms of privacy, will make harder the use of Wikipedia:Sock puppetry and Single-purpose account account in the context of harassment but also in context of voting process. This system could also make possible detection if virtual off line group of friends editors using the same Internet connection.

Project goals[edit]

Creating shame about harassing attitudes and pride about kindly attitudes using a system that is smart, fun and easily visible for everyone.

Get involved[edit]



  • The best solution I’ve seen in this context. This will allow both administrators and other users to quickly get view of what to think about a given person. Wikimpan (talk) 23:59, 4 June 2016 (UTC)
  • The idea needs some work, but it can be done and it will work. There are although a few important missing points.
    The discussion must go in a single thread, it does not make sense to separate the threads. It also does not make sense to limit this to a single subpage. Other users must be given the ability up-vote (like) or down-vote (dislike) any post. Such up-voting and down-voting must have a cost, if not it will be to easy to game the system. A solution would be to let work on a project be converted to karma-capital, which can then be used as payment while up- and down-voting other users contributions on talk pages. Because there is a cost with the voting users will be careful on how they cast their votes. If a post get sufficient low karma it will be grayed out or set in smaller font. When getting low enough it will be hidden.
    There are several published paper about why and how to set up a working karma system, that also explain why such a system must have a cost for the users.[1]
    It is also important to note that a sentiment analysis can be used for an initial ranking of the talk page posts, thereby making the users more aware of their writing to avoid early hiding of their post. Sentiment analysis needs training data, but previous posts with voting data can be used as training data.
    Yes I'm pretty confident that this can work. [There is an old page I wrote somewhere about karma-systems on a wiki, I'll dig it up if there are interest in the topic.] — Jeblad 09:05, 6 June 2016 (UTC)
  • Support Support This seems to be the most promising idea. But what if Haters unite and abuse this to discredit someone? Messerjokke79 (talk) 14:35, 6 July 2016 (UTC)

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