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Namespace monitor
Provide a framework for namespaces data and usage monitoring .
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Youni Verciti
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created on12:00, 30 August 2016 (UTC)

Project idea[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

MediaWiki projects use a lot of namespaces to contain specific pages.

Providing synthetic informations about namespaces properties and content based on data, will help for decisions and planificated actions to maintain and improve each namespace and the global project.

What is your solution?[edit]

Collecting periodically sets of data for namespaces with a python Pwb bot, storing them in a Lua module table ; returning statitics about namespaces and pages basic properties via modules and/or templates.


This IdeaLab idea is the widest purpose of the local french Wikiversity project v:fr:Projet:Laboratoire/Espaces de noms.

It could help for achieve continued growth in readership, by bringing tools for more consistent long document edition, focused on quality content.

Namespace's content tables views, filtrated and/or sorted data sets ; increase contributors abilities to manage with complex or wide collection of pages ; based on sub-pages, path and redirection reporting.

It could help to stabilize the infrastructure, by displaying near from users, namespace project's repartition and abilities.

As a supervision tool "Namespace monitor" main goal is to stabilize local project infrastructure by helping in defining and improving namespaces efficiency.

It could encourage innovation, by creating a task force focused on technical information reporting oriented to users.

Designing a framework to collect data by Python PWB, storing them in a Lua/Scribunto module table,
developping Lua/Scribunto librairies to print basic views of data sets.

Idea's principles[edit]

Namespace monitor is borned in french Wikiversity laboratory and continue growing as an experience named, Espaces de noms [1].

Collect data via Python PWB[edit]

The Python Pywikibot part is running and maintained within Youni Verciti Bot via fr-wikiversity-ns labs tool.

A specific script for each namespace collect data about namespace's content and store them into Lua tables via a particular module.

For example: The fac.py script, writes Ns Faculté module.

Lua/Scribunto modules[edit]

The Lua/Scribunto modules are divided in:

  • a data module for each namespace [[v:fr:Module:Ns Label]].

In addition to the tables module, each namespace use a functions module:

  • a functions module [[v:fr:Module:Label vues]].

Shared functions are stored in libraries modules:

  1. v:fr:Module:Namespace Library common functions for basic analyse of namespaces content,
  2. v:fr:Module:Sortable lib projected library to return tables.
Framework representation fr-wikiversity-ns on wmflabs.org - Step 2


Each Namespace is weekly processed ; it means that the data table is weekly update. The previous Wikiversité namespaces are currently processed (please replace Label by the local namespace's label in th module name above):

  1. Faculté ; (e.g. v:fr:Module:Ns Faculté ; v:fr:Module:Faculté vues)
  2. Département
  3. Aide
  4. Wikiversité
  5. Projet
  6. Recherche
  7. Transwiki

The project is currently consolidating a second step, before initiating a next one by namespace Category analysing, see the plan for future development.

Idea's results[edit]

The Namespace monitor idea is the main scope of a local Wikiversité project, to see concreate results wich could potentially interest any WikiMedia project, have a look on the set of Lua functions into the Help namespace experience. We didn't need to develop specifics functions to monitor the Help namespace ; other namespaces did. So that, the functions inside could be useful for any MediaWiki namespace.

  • Wide scope functions: prop(), stat_sub(), pages(), group(), redir()

Other functions in the Namespaces experience will have global project interest only (usefull for all the linguistics sub-projetcs) and a third part could have local linguistic project interest only (restricted scope).

However if the "Namespace monitor" is the widest idea about Namespaces experience the priority idea is to improve Wikiversité namespaces efficiency.

The page below is a child idea, to communicate in french language about the idea's impacts on Wikiversité.

We plan to use beta.wikiversity.org and Wikiversité:Ambassade to share outcomes of this experiences with others Wikiversity projects.

Get Involved[edit]

Everyone is welcome every kind of skills are needed ; there are so many things to do with this idea.

About the idea creator[edit]

Please, see my local profile on Grants:IdeaLab/Youni Verciti or the global user:Youni Verciti page.



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