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Grants:IdeaLab/New normal: Strengthening remote learning through Wikimedia-based projects

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New normal: Strengthening remote learning through Wikimedia-based projects
It is an online promotion of Wikimedia-based projects with focus on different Philippine languages Wikipedia as an alternative source of learning resources amidst CoVid-19 pandemic.
targetEnglish Wikipedia, Bikol Sentral Wikipedia, Tagalog Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons
start dateJuly 1
end dateDecember 30
budget (local currency)PHP 93,000.00
budget (USD)USD 1,835.63
grant typeIndividual
non-profit statusNo
contact(s)• dangbrazal@gmail.com
created on04:52, 27 April 2020 (UTC)
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Project idea[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

What problem are you trying to solve by doing this project? This problem should be small enough that you expect it to be completely or mostly resolved by the end of this project. Remember to review the tutorial for tips on how to answer this question.

This online promotion will aim to give emphasis on the Wikimedia-based projects as a free resources for remote learning in the Philippines. Currently, the entire country is under the enhanced community quarantine. Educators are forced to convert the traditional way of teaching into a remote access learning. As a developing country, we are not prepared for this kind of teaching-learning environment. The main objective of this project is to equip teachers with free online teaching and learning resources through the use of Wikimedia-based projects. We will give emphasis on the use of the Philippine language Wikipedia such as Bikol Sentral, Cebuano and Tagalog Wikipedia. We will also give an overview of other useful Wikimedia projects such as Wikimedia Commons, Wikibooks, etc.

What is your solution?[edit]

For the problem you identified in the previous section, briefly describe your how you would like to address this problem. We recognize that there are many ways to solve a problem. We’d like to understand why you chose this particular solution, and why you think it is worth pursuing. Remember to review the tutorial for tips on how to answer this question.

I will be conducting a series of webinars to promote the use of English and Philippine Language Wikipedia. Through webinars we will be able to reach the different regions in the country. At the end of the webinars, we will invite the participants on a closed group via Facebook to provide further support on the utilization of the Wikimedia projects. Also, to encourage possible contributors and potential translators.

Project goals[edit]

What are your goals for this project? Your goals should describe the top two or three benefits that will come out of your project. These should be benefits to the Wikimedia projects or Wikimedia communities. They should not be benefits to you individually. Remember to review the tutorial for tips on how to answer this question.

The goals of this project are:

1. Promotion of the Wikimedia-based projects for remote access learning and;
2. Emphasis on the utilization of Philippine language Wikipedia
3. Creation of support group of Wikimedia project users.

Project plan[edit]


Activities for this project will involved:

1. Online invitations to public and private school teachers to attend webinars
2. A series of webinars for participants about Wikimedia-based projects and how to effectively incorporate it in remote access learning.
3. Continued support through online forums to answer their questions regarding the use of Wikipedia.

How will you invite participants?

I will invite teachers through the different online groups via the Facebook social media platform.

At the end of the project, I will build a support group for teachers who are willing to utilize the Wikimedia-based projects as part of their teaching resources.


We will monitor the impact of this project through:

1. The number of successful webinars conducted.
2. The number of teachers participated.
3. The number of successful forums.

Specific targets:

1. Number of webinars: 4
2. Number of participants: 80 (20 teachers each webinar)
3. Number of online support group: 1
4. Summary of the response and recommendations from the webinar survey: 1 compilation
5. Number of returned post-webinar evaluations: 75% of the participants per webinar
6. Online Wikimedia Involvement via photos uploaded in commons / edits in Wikimedia projects via Outreach Dashboard
7. Shared photos of the participants during and after the webinars


Human Resource:

1. Project organizer - Brazal.dang, Recruitment of teachers and creation of slide presentations
2. Resource Speakers - To be announced, I will invite an active teacher who uses Wikipedia as a tool in teaching. The other resource speaker is an experience Wikimedian who will be able to participate during the scheduled webinars.

Other resources:

1. PC rentals || 4 sessions || 1 organizer || 2 resource speaker = (amt) Php 1,500.00 x 3 (qty) = 4,500.00 x 4 session = 18,000.00 |
2. Data Connection || 4 sessions || 1 organizer || 2 resource speaker = (amt) Php 2,500.00 x 3 (qty) = 7,500.00 x 4 sessions = 30,000.00 |
3. Communication expenses || 3 persons || = Php 3,000.00 x 3 persons = Php 9,000.00
4. Food/drinks expenses || 4 sessions || 1 organizer || 2 resource speaker = (amt) Php 1,000.00 x 3 (qty) = 3,000.00 x 4 sessions = 12,000.00 |
5. Small prizes for participants || 4 sessions|| 4 persons || 4 TB external hard drives = (amt) Php 3,500 x 4 pcs = 14,000.00
6. Contingency expense = 10,000.00

Total: PHP 93,000.00 / USD 1835.63

Get Involved[edit]

About the idea creator[edit]

Currently I am one of the Philippine Local Coordinator for the Reading Wikipedia in the Classroom project under the Wikipedia Education Team. Also, I am a School Librarian from a public secondary school. I am a volunteer for Bikol and Tagalog Wikipedia and proponent of the improvement of the Bikol Sentral Wiktionary. I also teach Media and Information Literacy and Empowerment Technology to Senior High School Students.