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Visual Image
Visual Image helps us to learn a new thing, inspires us to read more and our mind is mainly an image processor rather than a word processor.
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created on07:26, 6 February 2017 (UTC)

Project idea[edit]

What is the problem you're trying to solve?[edit]

Wikipedia is a great resource of information about thousands varieties. Here's no doubt that when people can not find their answers ,in these days they visit Wikipedia in order to find their answers. But sometimes, from my experience, i want more to know about things, i also looking for visual information. The answer we try to search here, learn more about something, as like we wanna experience some knowledge from more realistic sources. And we also expect to remember these knowledge. In psychological research, it's prove that visual images makes our learning process about something more efficient than word process of our memory. So the problem is , only writing words and photos can not efficient for our knowledge source as Wikipedia is our main priority to know about anything. Time is become more modern. So We also need to make our main knowledge source (Wikipedia) more modern. Again, Audio visual can help blind people as now-a-days they achieve the skill on using keyboard and so on.

What is your solution?[edit]

My solution is to give the space to attach not only photos but also other visual images like- Videos, Slideshows etc. and if possible also audio visuals .

I have a grand proposal, I mean some plans how to make this possible. Also need more advising. I am not going to make any amount to grant me. I want Volunteers and advisers and helpers to make this happen. I propose to anybody who can take this responsibility can fixed the amount with more less as much as possible with the report of strategy where need how much money to spend. I'm not a leader or treasurer character but a creative helper as much as possible to do something Evolutionary.

However, The first thing i get in my mind, this plan needs Evolutionary activities. Which I get options in my mind to solve the problem , i list them below gradually -

1. Making A team as both group and individually. Here Group means especially Creative Creators who makes the perfect Video and Audio for especially selected Topics. And Individually means Voluntary People who will help to make this possible more perfectly complete all the Topics created in Wikipedia.

2. Now Where we will get this people ?. Everyone knows that in this days how we get to reach to people rapidly . Social Network , as like Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress etc. And Newspaper, Magazine and Advertising can make people attracted to do this Unique and Useful work possible.

3. Need Advisors and judges as experts who will work for free or in low wages kind of voluntary to make this evolution turn into reality and help to give people more information and help Blind people To get the knowledge just like other physically ability accomplished people. Their main work will be judging the information especially in Videos as true.

4. Have to watermark every visuals who will help us to make it.

5. For my Passion of watching Pictures and Videos of creativity and worlds nature, i always search and peeping into traveling people's album for beautiful pictures. That is why i can say that in this world, here has a lot of people who can help us to get the information correctly. We just have to knock them and invite them to join us. I think many of them will agree to help us make this possible.

6. As i want to make this evolution as Simple and voluntarily mainly as well as widely as much as possible, I think We have to try to make this more possibly not a pressure for anyone but a fun-able task to make this creatively and i believe every creativity is much higher than just doing a job.

7.In Audio visual, every Voluntary people can not make the perfect audio obviously. Especially without Sound Background. So we need to make sound proof room or Traveling Vehicles to set selected places where selected and interested people will come and make this audios besides who can make audio visuals without Sound Background. They just have to read the information which are providing in Wikipedia.

And for more Plans, i obviously need more brainy heads.

Thank you. Hope you'll consider this Idea.

Who will you be doing outreach with?[edit]

Jahangirnagar University


The goal of this idea is to improving people's knowledge memory process and making the information more attractive to read them. People always attract with visual images. And Audio visuals also can help blind people to listen the Information to improve their knowledge as they can already learn or improve their skill to use their keyboard.

Get Involved[edit]

About the idea creator[edit]

I am a student of English Department, at Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. For my study, i frequently visit Wiki for information. Today is my first day to join here. I love writing, creativity is my Passion and Literature and Photography is my only thing. Thank you.



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