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Learning patterns/Creating new articles

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Creating new articles
problemCreating a new biographical article is very intimidating for new editors.
solutionWalk a new editor one-on-one through the given steps at an event.
created on15 April, 2014

What problem does this solve?[edit]

New editors are intimidated by creating new articles, but there is a general way to walk them through that seems to be very successful.

What is the solution?[edit]

  • Have the new editor create a user name.
  • Have the editor pick an article from a given worklist and read the sources about the subject.
  • Show them how to type the first sentence of the article: '''Jane Doe''' (yyyy-yyyy) was an accomplished underwater basket weaver.
  • Have them write the next sentence, summarizing why the subject was/is important.
  • Then, show them that a biography is organized chronologically and let them write a few sentences paraphrased from the source.
  • Check on the new editor regularly, answer their questions, and encourage them!
  • After they have written the first section, teach them how to use references using the cite toolbar and how to add links.
  • After they have written the entire text, show them how to add a references section and categories. (You can show them how to install HotCat if you want, people find it very easy to use.)

General considerations[edit]

  • Don't get into policy really at all - you should have an article for them that is inherently notable and has reliable sources. If they ask, answer, but they do not need to get bogged down in policy.

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