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Ravan/Iraq Wikipedia Project
To have sessions for teaching Wikipedia (How to edit & How to create a new article, ....etc) attached with an awareness campaign offline and online for increasing contribution and awareness about Arabic & Kurdish Wikipedia
targetArabic Wikipedia, Kurdish Wikipedia
strategic priorityIncrease participation
start dateApril 15
start year2015
end dateJuly 15
end year2015
budget (local currency)2660 USD
budget (USD)2660 USD
grant typeIndividual
non-profit statusNo
contact(s)• engineer_ravan(_AT_)
created on13:22, 16 March 2015 (UTC)


To get 25 people taught how to edit Wikipedia in 3 sessions (A series of 3 sessions) To increase the awareness of Editing Wikipedia in Local Languages (Kurdish, Arabic) and to pose the idea of fighting terrorism and racism with increasing free knowledge in our environment. The goal includes increasing number of active editors by following up with everyone after the session to make sure they don't have any obstacles to continue editing Wikipedia.



  • Three sessions ( One in a month) and as part of a series to teach how to edit Wikipedia and how to write a new article perfectly.
  • Online mentorship: I have the page and the website that I have a place for each user to enter his/her new article in order to track them and notice the mistakes and correct them. And I will use a special link in Wikipedia that allows me to track the edits and adds for a group of users.
  • An awareness campaign on both languages Arabic & Kurdish supported by an already existing website titles: Add to Humanity, Add to Wikipedia, and a FB page which has so far 8000 fans. (The campaign will be divided to 3 parts, each part before each session)
  • Introduce Wikipedia Education Program to three main universities in Erbil after completions or within the time of the project


Target readership[edit]

  • Professional people who can translate from English
  • University students (including post graduate)
  • People who are very interested in saving the local language and preserve it.
  • A special introduction will be given to girls as a participation in reduction of gender gap decreasing in the encyclopedia.

Fit with strategy[edit]

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Measures of success[edit]

  • Total 25 of participants for the 3 sessions with needed knowledge to edit and add to Wikipedia
  • 15 of female participants
  • 50% increase in contribution rate per participating user as compared to user's contribution rate outside the competition timeframe
  • 100 of articles created or improved (during the sessions) plus another 100 in the time of following up. (Following up time is the period between the sessions while I'm doing the online mentorship)
  • 15 of participants who are active editors (5 edits/month) X 6 months after an event.

Resources and risks[edit]


The Sessions and the campaign will be done by me only User:Ravan.

I will do the online mentorship and following up using below resources:


The Risks include that this is my first time doing such learning sessions. To minimize this risk: the fact that I'm editing Wikipedia since 2008 and discussed this project deeply with Siko in Tunisia in the first WikiArabia meeting, as well as with Tighe Flangan and tried to apply their own experiences on my first project.


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Project budget table[edit]

Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Cost per unit Total cost Currency Notes
1 Venue The place where to have the teaching session 1 3 400 1200 USD The total price is for 3 sessions, one per month, I tried a lot to get a free venue but still no one here especially academically is aware enough to know about Wikipedia and to help support such an event. The price is for a hall for 20 persons with projector and all required equipment for holding the sessions.
2 Promotional Materials Flyers (2 Sided) In Arabic & Kurdish Languages 1 2000 0.33 660 USD This is the most economical price I got from a printing center here for a two-sided flyer (Planning to distribute them on 3 times)
3 Food and Beverages Snacks during the sessions 1 60 - 70 10 600 - 700 USD I'm considering 20 people each session, that's why I put 60 - 70 persons for the all 3 sessions.I have calculated the 10$ each person as I expect the session to be 4 hours at least with two breaks, breaks include coffee, Tea and pastries, I have checked with 3 pastry shops in Erbil that was the average for pastries (Not fancy stuff like cheesecake and cakes, only small croissants and baked biscuits and mini sandwiches)
4 Prizes and Awards Small symbolic prizes related to Wikipedia 1 10 20 200 USD After Discussion will change the prize to certificates and something simple as a T-shirt but will increase the number of winners as 5 in the second session and 5 in the third session, 10 winners in total.

Total cost of project[edit]

2660 USD

Total amount requested[edit]

Total amount requested from the Project and Event Grants Program. 3000 $

Additional sources of revenue[edit]

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Non-financial requirements[edit]

I would require Wikimedia's marks for the logos used in the flyers and on the prizes.


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