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WM BE/Wiki Loves Belgian Art 2016
Organising Wiki Loves Art in Belgium in 2016. In cooperation with institutions, participants can visit museums and other cultural institutions to make photos of parts of the collections.
targetDutch Wikipedia, French Wikipedia, German Wikipedia, English Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons
strategic priorityIncrease participation
start date15 August
start year2015
end date15 August
end year2016
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grant typeOrganization
non-profit statusYes
contact(s)• Romaine• DerekvG
organization• Wikimedia Belgium
created on14:13, 26 February 2016 (UTC)


The goal of this project has not changed.

Wiki Loves Belgian Art 2016 is a photo project in which photographers and volunteers from Wikipedia visit museums, archives, galleries and libraries to take photos of pieces of art designated by the institutions.



Following activities have been undertaken
  • January-July 2015: preparations project: team, budget, grant proposal
  • August-September 2015: preparations project: website, flyers
Following activities are being executed
  • September 2015-March 2016: wiki workshops (introduction to the movement, editing wiki articles, illustrating wiki, (making) photographs and license issues)
  • September 2015-March 2016: contact in collaboration with our partners with cultural institutions and GLAM-organizations, set-up of regional meetings with GLAM-organizations to inform them about the project, visits to individual participating GLAM organisations to contract their participation work out the practicalities of their participation.

Following planned activities will have to be changed[edit]

  • April 2016: photo contest: participants visit museums and other organizations to take photos and upload these under a free license
  • May-July 2016: judging and prize ceremony
The meetings with with our partners and multiple GLAMS have revealed a serious gap between our initial expectations and practicalities on the terrain, especially about the intended agenda. This gives rise to this request for change.
PHOTO CONTEST : the participating GLAM's indicated that the summer period July and August would be a much better moment to accommodate the Wiki Loves Art participants.
Follow-up edit-a-thons and writing contest : together with our partners and the participating GLAM's we have included in the program follow-up edit-a-thons and illustrating and writing events to reuse the uploaded pictures from the contest as Wikipedia illustrations and to make sure the uploaded pictures are given the best possible meta-data and categorization tags
JUDGING AND PRIZE CEREMONY : the judging and prize ceremony will be delayed to the period october and november
  • July-August 2016: photo contest: participants visit museums and other organizations to take photos and upload these under a free license
  • September - October : followup illustration and editing events
  • October November 2016: judging and prize ceremony


Measures of success[edit]

Wiki Loves Belgian Art 2016 has the following aims:

  • up to 2 dozen cultural institutions participate by opening the doors for photographers.
  • 50-100 participating photographers who visit the institutions and upload their photos to Commons.
  • 50-100 article editors, which we will follow-up on in order to make them regular contributor
  • 1000-2500 photos send in about works of art and other educational materials.

Although it is not a measure of success, we expect that in the follow up the collaboration will continue, also after the contest, which provided a safe means for a first collaboration with Wikipedia/Wikimedia. After the contest one or more edit-a-thons are planned (in the side projects road shows) to write articles about the works of art, the artists, the GLAM organisations and their collections.

Change of project metrics
For this first edition of "Wiki Loves Belgian Art 2016" we were expecting only a limited number of participating GLAM's. Our partners FARO and PACKED have a number of GLAM's already interested.
Our main objectives are making this a useful learning experience for WMBE and its volunteers but also a first and valuable experience builder for the participating GLAM's which should result in establishing a sustainable relationship based on WMBE reliability as a partner and mutual understanding and confidence as a base for future repeats of the WLA contest.
  • up to 2 dozen cultural institutions will be given the opportunity to collaborate in the contest
  • we expect that a number bewteen 4-8 will effectively participate by opening the doors for photographers.
During the initial meetups with our partners and potential participating GLAM's we will meet with approximately 2 dozen Cultural institutions, although they are eager to participate, developing their interest into a participation will take longer then foreseen (essentially on their part), lining their organization up to participate in WLA, getting all the legal aspects covered might take more then a year; meaning they will effectively start the process now to participate in next years event. Together with our partners we've come to the conclusion that WLA will have been very successful if 8 of those 2 dozen will effectively participate passively or actively in the initial WLA contest.


This is part of the the risk A risk is the relatively closed attitude of Belgian cultural institutions, compared with other countries. Many cultural institutions have a lengthy process of approval (outside their own institution) to go through in order to participate in an Event like Wiki Loves Art


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NO CHANGES in the BUDGET will be requested

WMBE requests that the end date of the Wiki Loves Art 2016 project be extended to December 15th 2016. Project plans for WIKI LOVES ART 2017 will be prepared to follow-up on the outcomes of WLA 2016 and to accommodate GLAM's that indicated the lengthy and slow process of their institution.

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