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Grants:Programs/Wikimedia Alliances Fund/Wikipedia Educational Development Outreach in Mongolia/Midpoint Report

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Midterm Learning Report

Report Status: Accepted

Due date: 2023-07-15T00:00:00Z

Funding program: Wikimedia Alliances Fund

Report type: Midterm

Application Final Learning Report

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General information


This form is for organizations receiving Wikimedia Community Funds (General Support) or Wikimedia Alliances Funds to report on their mid-term learning and results. See the Wikimedia Alliances Fund application if you want to review the initial proposal.

  • Name of Organization: Progress Gateway NGO
  • Title of Proposal: Wikipedia Educational Development Outreach in Mongolia
  • Amount awarded: 22500 USD, 59112540 MNT
  • Amount spent: 45619671 MNT

Part 1 Understanding your work


1. Briefly describe how your strategies and activities proposed were implemented and if any changes to what was proposed are worth highlighting?

Our distribution of offline Wikipedia DVDs were very successful between March and June that we distributed to 14 public schools 1980 DVDs. And during September we will distribute another 820 DVDs to other 6 public schools. Currently in process of distributing 240 DVDs to 12 public libraries. 60 DVDs will be distributed to our summer program students.

Our experimental English classes at schools were well accepted by students and more importantly we learned different learning impacts and factors from it. Thus for our further textbook development we collected important real life data and materials.

Both students and teachers were much interested of using Wikipedia in any possible ways that our offline Wikipedia solution was very much appreciated by them.

Our Wikipedia editing classes for schools were a bit much load for them so we shifted that to second half of the year. During July 17 through August 5th our project is organizing summer Wikipedia and English learning program for 44 students all 11th grade graduates from 15 public schools. And they will contribute 200-300 Wikipedia articles while improving their English. Three US Peace Corps volunteers will teach our summer program. Due to budget limiting we are delivering our DVDs to 20 schools.

2. Were there any strategies or approaches that you feel are being effective in achieving your goals?

Our key strategy of to increase online Wikipedia usage through offline Wikipedia distribution is working very well according to this chart: https://stats.wikimedia.org/#/mn.wikipedia.org/reading/total-page-views/normal%7Cbar%7C2-year%7C~total%7Cmonthly

The viewership is much better than last year.

The Wikipedia accessed unique devices number also much increased compare to last year: https://stats.wikimedia.org/#/mn.wikipedia.org/reading/unique-devices/normal%7Cline%7C2-year%7C(access-site)~mobile-site*desktop-site%7Cmonthly

3. What challenges or obstacles have you encountered so far?

We have to cover as much as geographical locations and schools according to our offline Wikipedia distribution so coordinating our operations at different schools against city traffic and different school schedules presented certain big challenges and we managed to overcome that.

4. Please describe how different communities are participating and being informed about your work.

Our DVDs were distributed to various lower income area schools in Bayanzurkh and Chingeltei districts in the city and to one public school 520 miles away in rural area. These area communities have very low internet access rate which our DVD educational materials are providing much needed resource.

5. Please share reflections on how your efforts are helping to engage participants and/or build content, particularly for underrepresented groups.

Our provided DVDs were much needed educational material for low income area students that offered more learning opportunities and different ways to learn their required contents.

We were searching summer program teaching volunteers and managed to find three US Peace Corps volunteers who are currently teaching English at local public schools which all 3 of them are US citizens and they are very interested to teach English together with Wikipedia editing classes to our selected 44 students from 15 public schools. If certain training space and conditions provided it is clear that many students and teachers are very much interested to involve this combined way of English learning with Wikipedia editing.

And our local Wikipedia's recent New pages trend and Registered new users trend are showing very promising trends compare to last year:



And the Page view statistics shown in Answer 2 is showing certain clear improvement of local Wikipedia usage.

6. In your application, you outlined your learning priorities. What have you learned so far about these areas during this period?

1. The open knowledge resource is being used in limited range in our local communities. There are some few local organizations created good open source contents and those are not well reported. Among the students only minority few advanced students tend to use international high quality open source learning resources and majority is not well reported about those knowledge resources.

2. Wikipedia usage with local educational communities is still very insufficient level especially at city outskirts of lower income area schools. We are still in researching process to reach clear conclusion on this issue.

7. What are the next steps and opportunities you’ll be focusing on for the second half of your work?

In our second half of the year we will focus on following operations: 1. To achieve our targeted Wikipedia contents creation through educational activities at 20 schools. 2. To release our English textbook with Wikipedia elements and distribute that to 20 public schools. 3. Find more fresh ways to bring closer current school operations to Wikipedia environment. 4. To conclude our research and present the findings to the communities.

Part 2: Metrics


8a. Open and additional metrics data.

Open Metrics
Open Metrics Description Target Results Comments Methodology
N/A N/A N/A 1980 To distribute 1980 Wikipedia DVDs to 14 public schools is achieved (additional 820 DVDs to another 6 schools will be completed in September) 240 DVDs distribution to 12 public libraries. Due to budget limitation we are distributing DVDs to 20 schools instead of 30 schools as of the initial budget version. Cooperating with the supplier and cooperating with schools was important.
N/A N/A N/A N/A To teach experimental English classes at public schools to 11th and 12th graders and study their learning tendencies is achieved. Near city center schools were highly organized and much more serious about learning while some of city outskirt schools were not well organized. Organizing very careful scheduling between the schools was most important thing for this operation.
N/A N/A N/A N/A Teaching Wikipedia editing classes at public schools was moved to second half of the year. Because second half of school year which is Spring time for high school students is very work loaded period of exams so we needed to move it for second half of year which is Summer and Autumn period where work load for students is much lighter so we will achieve more better results. To achieve better results we did strategic maneuvering.
N/A N/A N/A N/A To study students learning reflections and tendencies for textbook development is achieved. We organized our experimental English classes at public schools for 11th and 12th graders and collected research data. After distributing our Wikipedia DVDs to schools we setup our class schedules at different schools and attended in those classes to gather our data.
Additional Metrics
Additional Metrics Description Target Results Comments Methodology
Number of editors that continue to participate/retained after activities N/A N/A N/A Our key operation on Wikipedia editing will be during the second half of the year. N/A
Number of organizers that continue to participate/retained after activities N/A N/A N/A At our target schools teachers will use our distributed DVDs and and guides for their English teaching activities for the short to mid term. At our target schools teachers are very much interested to use our materials for their class teaching improvement. Especially at 23rd school we are organizing our Summer school and we are planning to organize another summer class next summer. Cooperating with schools and setting up our operation more flexible for schools operation is key to operational smoothness.
Number of strategic partnerships that contribute to longer term growth, diversity and sustainability N/A N/A N/A Our Summer School activity was one main strategic partnership that we distributed our DVDs and guides to 23rd school during 2017 and now this year they are very enthusiastic about our Summer School organizing offer and we are organizing our Wikipedia and English learning activity there during July 17th through August 5th. 23rd school is one of main foreign language concentrated known school in the city so organizing our Summer school there is very important for attracting other educational organizations attention to our project activities. We chose English learning fresh approach to schools which this met their further development interest.
Feedback from participants on effective strategies for attracting and retaining contributors N/A N/A N/A Offering fresh learning approach to school teaching activities that involve Wikipedia was important factor that attracting students and teachers to our operation. The school teachers have very tight schedule so educational cooperation from outside needed to be highly flexible to schools operation. Explaining our project goals to schools and offering fresh approach is key to initiate cooperation.
Diversity of participants brought in by grantees N/A N/A N/A Including different area schools to Wikipedia involved learning approach was created certain participation diversity. The city center schools have very up tight operation while city outskirts schools have kind of loosened operation. Focusing our operations to these diverse different schools need a lot of flexible approach to schools and their cooperating interests. Flexible operation and a lot of explaining needed.
Number of people reached through social media publications N/A N/A N/A Through facebook and youtube channels to distribute our project news and activities reflections. Local and international viewers checked our released news and videos from these links:



Uploading contents
Number of activities developed N/A N/A N/A Our core activities were: DVD distribution, experimental English classes at public schools, conducting research on English classes and summer training. Pre planning and diversified approaches helped to generate additional activity.
Number of volunteer hours N/A N/A 25 During our Spring activities the volunteers worked closely with school management and helped to distribute our materials to schools and to organize classes. Tight cooperations and tight scheduling

8b. Additional core metrics data.

Core Metrics Summary
Core metrics Description Target Results Comments Methodology
Number of participants The project will add 450 new articles to local Wikipedia Mongolia, 30 articles to Wikivoyage English, and 500 files into Wikimedia Commons. 400 44 During our Summer training program 44 students will contribute 200-300 Wikipedia articles during July 17th through August 5th. And during Autumn period additional schools will contribute other articles that 30 students per schools from 19 schools. Through organized training events
Number of editors From planned each editing events we plan to recruit 400 editors. 400 According to this figure current newly registered users are much higher than previous year:


Just like figures shown in the answer to Question 2 our DVDs distribution. encouraged more new registered users.

Offline Wikipedia DVDs encouraged new registered users.
Number of organizers 9 9 We are planning to organize our Wikipedia trainings at 19 public schools during Autumn and 23rd school is cooperating with us for our summer training program activity. Cooperating with related parties.
Number of new content contributions per Wikimedia project
Wikimedia Project Description Target Results Comments Methodology
Wikipedia new articles will be added into local Wikipedia 450 20 With schools our Summer training and Autumn classes will add majority of planned articles.

From Orgio89, MN5, Undrambatitgel accounts our project staffs added 20 articles to mn.wikipedia.org. (including 4 articles added without account login)

Articles adding
Wikivoyage Wikivoyage 30 N/A With schools our Summer training and Autumn classes will add planned articles. Articles adding
Wikimedia Commons new files upload 500 40 From Orgio89, MN5 accounts our project staffs added 40 files uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. Some of files are attached to articles. File uploading

9. Are you having any difficulties collecting data to measure your results?

We currently did not face any difficulties to collect our data.

10. Are you collaborating and sharing learning with Wikimedia affiliates or community members?


10a. Please describe how you have already shared them and if you would like to do more sharing, and if so how?

Through our social channels we are sharing our initial project results and outcomes. In second half of year our key outcomes will come out so we will share those with more wider communities.

Our facebook page: facebook.com/devshliin.garts

Our youtube channel: youtube.com/@devshliingarts9502

11. Documentation of your work process, story, and impact.

  • Below there is a section to upload files, videos, sound files, images (photos and infographics, e.g. communications materials, blog posts, compelling quotes, social media posts, etc.). This can be anything that would be useful to understand and show your learning and results to date (e.g., training material, dashboards, presentations, communications material, training material, etc).
  • Below is an additional field to type in link URLs.


Part 3: Financial reporting and compliance


12. Please state the total amount spent in your local currency.


13. Local currency type


14. Please report the funds received and spending in the currency of your fund.

  • Upload Documents, Templates, and Files.
  • Provide links to your financial reporting documents.

15. Based on your implementation and learning to date, do you have any plans to make changes to the budget spending?


15a. Please provide an explanation on how you hope to adjust this.


16. We’d love to hear any thoughts you have on how the experience of being a grantee has been so far.

We very appreciate Wikimedia grant support that enabled us to contribute much needed timely educational improvement for our local schools and for our local Wikipedia development.