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As part of the phased implementation for the new grants strategy the The Wikimedia Alliances Fund will officially open for applications in the early part of October 2021. We will provide more details as we move closer to the launch. Please feel free to reach out on the talk page or communityresources(_AT_) in the meantime to ask any specific questions.

Who we fund[edit]

The Wikimedia Alliances Fund supports mission-aligned organizations who are part of the Free Knowledge Ecosystem, work in regions that are underrepresented in our movement, and can partner with the Wikimedia Movement to amplify each other's work.

What we fund and funding programs[edit]

The Wikimedia Alliances Fund supports organizations that can contribute toward the mission or movement strategy of the Wikimedia Foundation, especially those that promote knowledge equity. We emphasize the need for underrepresented communities and historically marginalized communities in the movement to have access to resources they need to accomplish their goals. Projects from mission-aligned organizations and groups can focus on supporting editors, content, awareness, readership growth and – where applicable – are closely linked with the local Wikimedia community.

We have three general areas of support:

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Rapid Fund

Eligible to apply for participation in campaigns that are run by the Wikimedia community. This program is comparable to the previous Rapid Grants program.

Project-specific Fund

Proposal to fund a specific project within a mission aligned organization that directly impacts a Wikimedia community or project.
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General Support Fund

Flexible general operating support for organizations that develop a proposal which articulates how their core programmatic work aligns with the Wikimedia movement and how their work will integrate with the local Wikimedia community. General support will also be provided to aligned organisations who can evaluate and assess ongoing Wikimedia activities and provide thought leadership to increase the impact of the projects.

Eligibility Criteria[edit]

The following are basic criteria that must be met by all applicants in order for a proposal to be reviewed.

  • Applicant must follow the Universal Code of Conduct and Friendly Space Policies
  • Requests exceeding over 30-40% of the organizational budget cannot be provided.
  • Local Wikimedia community must be aware of the project and will be allowed to review and provide feedback to the project. This need can be supported by inviting feedback on your proposal from relevant Wikimedia affiliates, using on-wiki community notification spaces, and relevant community social media channels. Please contact the regional program officer if you need support on this outreach work.
  • Child and Youth Safety Policy must be in place for any activity that involves community under the age of XX
  • Applicant is within a country that can legally receive funding for the described activities and expenses based on laws on sending and receiving funds in the United States and their country.
  • Applications must be for future, planned work
  • Applicants must be in compliance with all requirements and in good standing for any current activities funded through the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • All applications must be compliant with the COVID-19 policy and risk matrix
  • Works and contributions must be able to be published under ethical open access agreements

Examples of what we fund[edit]

  • Sharing unique digital content (e.g. museum collections) with Wikimedia projects, e.g. Wikimedian in Residence at UNESCO
  • Using Wikimedia projects in education
  • Organizing campaigns and events to expand Wikipedia coverage of high-impact topics, address knowledge gaps, or translate content into other languages
  • Training and professional development to foster Wikimedia skills and open knowledge practices amongst librarians, educators, scientists, museum curators, subject matter experts, and other knowledge professionals, e.g. AfLIA Wikipedian in Residence for African Libraries
  • Digitization and dissemination of collections from underrepresented cultures, languages or fields of knowledge
  • Decolonization and collection restitution projects
  • Language documentation and revitalization
  • Sharing and integration of data that can help address knowledge gaps on Wikimedia projects
  • Resourcing for partners wanting to work with local communities on education programs or to integrate Wikimedia in teaching and learning
  • Advocacy projects that address access to knowledge, digital-age human rights, internet regulatory policy, and other issues impacting the open knowledge movement

How we fund[edit]

The Foundation Program Officers and the participatory committees work together to be strategic thought partners with applicants.The funding decisions are based on eligibility and committee deliberation. The principles that are foundational and underline the grants strategy are based directly on the Movement Strategy Principles:

  • Subsidiarity & Self Management
  • Equity & Empowerment
  • Collaboration & Cooperation
  • People Centeredness - listening and reflection
  • Efficient Data & Iterative Practices - promoting innovation and learning

Grants Application Cycle[edit]

  1. Regional Program Officer, proactive communication and outreach about grant programs
  2. Open call for grants - office hours and program officer support for proposal development
  3. Review of grant proposals - eligibility check, due diligence, community review, committee review and deliberation
  4. Decision

Timing of Decision Making Process and Average Award Amount[edit]

Project-specific Fund
  • 2 month processing time from application to decision
  • Average grant size varies on application proposal 10K - 300K USD
General Support Fund
  • 2 month processing time from application to decision
  • Average annual grant size varies on application proposal 10K - 300K USD

Please review our guidance for specific grant programs based on experience and feedback before you send in your application and feel free to reach out to a program officer in your region.

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