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Grants:Programs/Wikimedia Alliances Fund/Wikipedia Educational Development Outreach in Mongolia

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Wikipedia Educational Development Outreach in Mongolia
Our project main objective is to expand local Wikipedia usage through enhancing its educational values and to involve more wider communities into this effort.
start date2023-01-01T00:00:00Z2023-01-01
end date2023-12-31T00:00:00Z2023-12-31
budget (local currency)118225080 MNT
budget (USD)35165 USD
amount recommended (USD)22500
grant typeMission-aligned organization
organization typeNon profit organisation
funding regionESEAP
decision fiscal year2022-23
funding program roundRound 1
applicant(s)• Orgio89
organization (if applicable)• Progress Gateway NGO
Midpoint Learning Report 
Final Learning Report

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Applicant information


A. Organization type

Mission-aligned organization

B. Organization name

Progress Gateway NGO

E. Do you have an account on a Wikimedia project?


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G. Have you received grants from the Wikimedia Foundation before?

Applied previously and did receive a grant

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1a. Fiscal organization name.


2. Are you legally registered?


3. What type of organization are you?

Non profit organisation

4. What is your organization or group's mission and how does it align with the Wikimedia movement?

Our mission is to support open knowledge and public education for the social progress. And the Wikipedia as open source knowledge resource well aligns with our mission and operational environment.

5. If you would like, please share any websites or social media accounts that your group or organization has. (optional)



Grant proposal


6. Please state the title of your proposal.

Wikipedia Educational Development Outreach in Mongolia

9. Where will this proposal be implemented?


10. Indicate if it is a local, international, or regional proposal and if it involves several countries?


10a. If you have answered international, please write the country names and any other information that is useful for understanding your proposal.

10b. Are there any specific sub-regions or areas where your proposal will be implemented?


11. What is the challenge or problem you are addressing and why is this important?

The Wikipedia usage in Mongolia is faster growing educational trend in Mongolia. However due to certain local challenges the Wikipedia Mongolia is still under used and small in size compare to other neighboring countries in closer situation.
1. As for knowledge access equity challenge only 40% of local families have permanent internet access https://crc.gov.mn/articles/2022-ony-ehnij-hagas-zhilijn-ndsen-z-lelt-d/mn and around 65% of population have mobile data access. And the data access is expensive for learning processes. To increase the Wikipedia usage we will distribute offline form of Wikipedia on DVD that easily copied and passed around. From our previous WMF funded project https://meta.m.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Project/Orgio89/Offline_Wikipedia_outreach_in_Mongolia/Final the key result is thanks to our Wikipedia DVD and Editing user guide distribution the local Wikipedia articles increased by 31% to 21 000 mn.wikipedia.org and the new user registration highly increased from 2017 through 2019 https://stats.wikimedia.org/#/mn.wikipedia.org/contributing/new-registered-users/normal%7Cbar%7C2014-10-16~2022-09-23%7C~total%7Cmonthly And the new articles creation phase is very well increased from 2017 to 2021 https://stats.wikimedia.org/#/mn.wikipedia.org/contributing/new-pages/normal%7Cbar%7C2015-06-02~2022-09-23%7C~total%7Cmonthly . Hence to further improve and expand local Wikipedia we are planning to distribute Wikipedia DVD with offline database that also includes various online freely distributed educational materials and free books and plus will distribute Editing user guides to 30 public schools. This our approach is proven effective solution for our situation according to the presented Wikimedia charts.
2. The local educational community already recognized Wikipedia as potential open knowledge source and the policy makers have general positive approach to Wikipedia. But why Mongolia’s Wikipedia is in such small state for the past 20 years is caused by passive approach of government and special interest groups indirectly limiting of open knowledge and free press. According to Reporters Without Borders Mongolia is ranked at 90th place in 2022 (rsf.org/en/region/asia-pacific). Compare to other regional countries that has closer situations our Wikipedia size is 8-15 times smaller. Our solution for this situation is to increase Wikipedia educational values that we are planning to develop English textbook that involves Wikipedia editing processes and distribute it to educational community. Because currently in Mongolia for high school and college level of education English study is top 1st or 2nd priority. And we are using this current trend for Wikipedia value expansion purpose.
3. The educational resource availability is not sufficient in most areas hence our team will cooperate with educational communities and make our Wikipedia DVD, User guide, English textbook as another important resource for their curriculum improvement and expansion.

12. What is the main objective of your proposal? Please state why you think partnering with Wikimedia Movement helps to achieve this objective?

Our project main objective is to expand local Wikipedia usage through enhancing its educational values and to involve more wider communities into this effort.

13. Describe your main strategies to achieve this objective?

According to our operation these strategies are planned to use:
1. To increase more offline Wikipedia usage which this automatically drives online Wikipedia usage and even expands local Wikipedia size. (As Wikimedia statistics clearly shows this local trend) (Because 60% of local families are offline)
2. To encourage and involve more educational organizations into Wikipedia development effort hence to increase public awareness of open knowledge source.
3. Develop constantly diversified operational model that closely reflect current social and educational trend factors.
4. Propagate Wikipedia open knowledge effects and values to wider social communities.
5. Encourage and trigger social parties innovative approach for usage and development of Wikipedia. Transforming local necessities into fresher innovative solution.
6. Search and use other international counterparts solutions and approaches for local solutions.
7. Keep flexible operational ways to adapt and guide coming technical challenges.
8. Encourage experienced editors to educate fresh learners and to establish bridge between editing and educational community.
9. Develop knowledge exchange channel among editors and potential contributors through other online channels.

10. Closely cooperate with local supportive organizations that guide their resources into local Wikipedia development. 11. Encourage community initiatives to involve and trigger potential future organizations and social groups for better usage of Wikipedia and its development. 12. Associate free online educational resource to offline environment through under utilized ways that would create more benefits for offline communities.

14. Are you running any in-person events or activities?


15. Please state if your proposal aims to work to bridge any of the identified content knowledge gaps?

Content Gender gap, Geography, Socioeconomic Status

16. Please state if your proposal includes any of these areas or thematic focus.

Education, Advocacy

17. Will your work focus on involving participants from any underrepresented communities? Select all categories that apply.

Geographic , Socioeconomic status, Digital Access

18. Please tell us more about your target participants.

We will distribute our updated version of Wikipedia DVDs to 30 public schools. (total 4580 DVDs and 150 DVDs per school and 80pcs will be used as spares) And will teach Wikipedia technical elements involved English classes to selected 10 school students of 11th and 12th graders. Which those English exercises and class process observations and learnings will later be copied into our English textbook. We will distribute 42,000 pieces of Wikipedia editing User guides to the same 30 public schools (1400 pcs per school) that will cooperate with their English teachers that they can use these User guides to further expand their teachings methods and enrich their learning exercise environment. And we will organize special Wikipedia editing classes at each school and will show real time Wikipedia editing process to students.

During these activities our staffs and volunteers will research these processes and will collect the research data and will use these research outcomes into our English textbook development.

The project team will develop guidance sheet for educators that describes or suggests how our distributed educational materials can be fresh solution for effective teaching.

In Mongolia annually there are special teachers competition events organized through Educational institutions and many of the teachers compete in those events with their newer effective teaching methods solutions. And our distributed materials will be another enriching teaching tool for teachers to create fresh teaching solutions which our guidance sheet will guide them of how they can use these materials for their possible teaching innovations.

Our team will cooperate with teachers and local Educational research institutes that organize online open discussions on how our distributed materials can develop their teaching processes thus will create knowledge exchange networking environment.

During our Wikipedia editing classes there are newer local Wikipedia articles will be created by students and will help for local wiki expansion. We will distribute printed out English articles from Simple English Wikipedia and students will translate those and possibly some of them will find free public wifi and will create newer Wikipedia articles themselves. If they could not access the internet we will collect those translations and will convert those into new Wikipedia articles.

19. Do you have plans to work with other Wikimedia communities, groups or affiliates in your country, or in other countries, to implement this proposal?


19a. If yes, please tell us about these connections online and offline and how you have let Wikimedia communities know about this proposal.

For Wikipedia DVD development we will cooperate with the Kiwix team and will use their database and will use additional other freely distributed online educational materials as more complex educational toolset DVD. For school teaching operations in some cases we will use certain individual editors as a volunteer worker.

19b. If no, please tell us the reasons why it has not been possible to make these connections.


20. Will you be working with other external non-Wikimedian partners to implement this proposal?


20a. If yes, please describe these partnerships.

We will partner with public schools primarily but we will partner with any educational organization affiliated public and private organizations to create more flexible and smoother operation. They can provide us extra resource, extra idea development and extra performance space.

20a. If yes, indicate sharing of resources from these partners (in kind support, grants, donations, payments).

For Editing classes we will use school provided classrooms and computers. And our partner organizations will support with additional training space and computers and projector.

21. Please tell us how your organization is structured.

As a society serving nongovernmental organization we got organized as flexibly structured entity in compact size. Our organization consists with three fulltime staffs that one head of operation and head of research and two project staffs. And one part time educational adviser. Depending on project type these staffs work full time and part time. The team members all work as multitask handling and multi role players.

Our staffs:

  • Bat-Orgil Choijilsuren is the director of the organization and work as project director. And he has managed the first Wikiedpia project in Mongolia that funded by the WMF during 2017.
  • Handjav Terbish PhD in educational study worked as important project staff as transforming Wikipedia elements into local English learning processes. She works as our part time staff.
  • Dolgorsuren Baasandorj PhD in educational study has been worked as our main consultant that guided and calibrated most of our operations. She mostly involve in our operation as educational advisor.
  • Tuul Amarsaikhan project technical staff involved in many areas of project duties including research and technical works.

And there will be 5 volunteers will assist our operation that those will be selected from the Mongolian national university of education which is a teacher’s university.

22. Do you have the team that is needed to implement this proposal?

- Bat-Orgil Choijilsuren has being contributing to Wikipedia since 2007. And he has managed the first Wikiedpia project in Mongolia that funded by the WMF in 2017. He will work as head of project.
  • Handjav Terbish PhD in educational study worked as important project staff as transforming Wikipedia elements into local English learning processes. She will work as project staff.
  • Dolgorsuren Baasandorj PhD in educational study has been worked as our main consultant that guided and calibrated most of our operations. She will work operational advisor.
  • Tuul Amarsaikhan project technical staff involved in many areas of project duties. She will work as project staff.

And there will be 5 volunteers will assist our operation that those will be selected from the Mongolian national university of education which is a teacher’s university. The volunteers will assist on technical duties and research duties for our text book development.

23. Please state if your organization or group has a Strategic Plan that can help us further understand your proposal. You can also upload it here.  


Learning, Sharing, and Evaluation


24. What do you hope to learn from this proposal?

By spreading more of open knowledge resource into our society and improving local Wikipedia development we will learn following key knowledges:
  • How would open knowledge resource improves current Mongolia’s educational communities and wider public
  • There are many unknown factors that limit spreading of online and offline knowledge so by our project we will determine those and use that knowledge for our future effective calibrated operation
  • By directing more operation into local Wikimedia user educational community we will determine more technical, social, networking barriers and solutions and we will report those in our report
  • With our project there will more clear local Wikipedia development map will be created and will be shared by local and international communities

Core Metrics


25. Enter a description of the metric and a number in the target field. If the metric does not apply to you, enter N/A for not applicable.

Core Metrics Summary
Core metrics Description Target
Number of participants The project will add 450 new articles to local Wikipedia Mongolia, 30 articles to Wikivoyage English, and 500 files into Wikimedia Commons. 400
Number of editors From planned each editing events we plan to recruit 400 editors. 400
Number of organizers 9
Number of new content contributions per Wikimedia project
Wikimedia Project Description Target
Wikipedia new articles will be added into local Wikipedia 450
Wikivoyage Wikivoyage 30
Wikimedia Commons new files upload 500

25a. If for some reason your proposal will not measure these core metrics please provide an explanation. (optional)


26. What other information will you be collecting to learn about the impact of your work? (optional)

As our operational format we will collect local Wikipedia impacting educational research data that will be included in our project report. And these research outcomes will be used for our English text book development.

27. What tools would you use to measure each metric selected?

Manual counting and direct reporting by staffs and editors.

28. How do you hope to share these results so that others can learn from them?

Create a video of our experience, Make a short presentation of the experience, Create a training workshop to show others what we learned, Share results on social media, Share results with our communities, Participate in one on one peer sharing session with other grantees, Develop learning material for other users, Share it on Meta-Wiki

Financial Proposal


29. What is the amount you are requesting from WMF? Please provide this amount in your local currency.

118225080 MNT

30. What is this amount in US Currency (to the best of your knowledge)?

35165 USD

31. & 32. Please provide a budget for the amount of funding requested.

Offline Wikipedia DVD media and printed materials are our key items to impact our target groups that accounts 72% of the budget. And project staffs salary cost accounts 27% of the budget. (3 staffs salary includes English textbook development cost and the book printing cost will be covered by third party funder. To each school 150 pcs of DVDs will be donated. Total 30 public schools. To each school 1400pcs of User guide will be donated.)


33. What do you do to make sure there is a good management of funds?

According to our previous project performance and effects we chose several solutions of previous project tasks to increase more local Wikipedia usage so this proposed budget is appropriate to best expected results. Please refer to Question 11 that we showed related Wikimedia statistics.

34. How will you contribute towards creating a supportive environment for participants using the UCOC and Friendly Space Policy?

Our team operation will encourage current and future local editors to help each others and to share each others experience through not only Wikipedia based online ways but also through Facebook and Youtube ways that we increase editors interaction and cooperation channels. The local educational community has certain developed culture for positive supportive environment.

35. Please use this optional space to upload any documents that you feel are important for further understanding your proposal.

Other public document(s):

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