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Non-profit organisations with aligned mission in East, Southeast Asia, & Pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa funding regions; by invitation only


Proposals that contribute to the strategic direction of the Wikimedia Movement.


4 months of processing time, 1 round in a year

How much?

250,000 USD is available in total for all invited organizations

How to apply

Applications are by invitation only: We will invite non-profit organizations that have aligned missions with the Wikimedia movement to submit an application for the Alliances Fund. Invited applicants will be supported to submit an application.


The program is for non-profits from Sub-Saharan Africa and East, Southeast Asia, & Pacific funding regions: Due to the reduced level of funding for the Alliances Fund, we will only accept applications from Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) and East, Southeast Asia, & Pacific (ESEAP) funding regions in fiscal year 2023-24. There has been the most consistent engagement with the fund in these regions.

How much funding is available?

250,000 USD is available for all invited organizations in fiscal year 2023-24. The total amount of funding will be shared between the invited applicants from Sub-Saharan Africa and East, Southeast Asia, & Pacific funding regions.

What we fund



Programs from mission-aligned organizations and groups can focus on supporting:

  • contributors and editors,
  • content,
  • awareness and skill-building initiatives,
  • advocacy efforts,
  • strategic planning
  • partnerships with local Wikimedia communities and Wikimedia projects.


Application support


Wikimedia Alliances Fund Application Form (Google Docs)


  • 各組織提交的申請將由區域資助委員會審查和批准。[$url See application guide]
  • 區域資助委員會成員將得到區域和聯盟基金項目負責人的支持。計畫提案將得到一年的授予。如果受資助者實現了他們的目標,在區域資助委員會的推薦下可以延長他們的資助。
Community engagement



  • 提供當地維基媒體社群的背景和概況。
  • 起草和修正申請書
  • 支持使用維基平台,例如元維基、用於報告和提交文件的郵件列表。
  • 介紹可能可以進行合作的社群聯絡人


Timeline for invited organizations from Sub-Saharan Africa and East, Southeast Asia, & Pacific funding regions. There is one application round in a year.


2月9日 - 2024年3月1日

Applicant support and eligibility check


Submission deadline

3月4日 - 2024年3月29日

Review and translation

3月29日 - 2024年4月19日

Review feedback and applicant engagement


Decision announced

5月17日 - 2024年5月31日

Agreement and first payment


Midpoint conversation


Final or first year report due


2024年2月15日 - 2024年3月14日

Applicant support and eligibility check


Submission deadline

3月15日 - 2024年4月22日

Review and translation

4月22日 - 2024年5月6日

Review feedback and applicant engagement


Decision announced

2024年6月6日 - 2024年6月30日

Agreement and first payment


Midpoint conversation


Final or first year report due

Full timeline
Funding region Submission deadline Decisions announced
撒哈拉以南非洲 2024年3月1日 2024年5月3日
東亞、東南亞和太平洋地區 March 14, 2024 May 23, 2024
撒哈拉以南非洲 東亞、東南亞和太平洋地區
Applicant proposal support starts 2024年2月9日 February 15, 2024
Eligibility check 2月9日 - 2024年3月1日 February 16 - March 14, 2024
Submission deadline 2024年3月1日 March 14, 2024
Application translation support 3月4日 - 2024年3月8日 March 15 - April 5, 2024
Review starts 2024年3月11日 March 18, 2024
Feedback received 2024年3月29日 April 29, 2024
Engaging with feedback 3月29日 - 2024年4月19日 April 29 - May 13, 2024
Decision announced 2024年5月3日 May 23, 2024
Agreement signed 2024年5月17日 June 6, 2024
First payment sent 5月17日 - 2024年5月31日 June 7 - June 30, 2024
Midpoint learning conversation 2025年1月15日 January 15, 2025
Final report due 2025年7月31日 2025年8月15日

Eligibility requirements


The following are basic criteria that must be met by all Wikimedia Alliances Fund applicants in order for a proposal to be reviewed:

  • Proposed programs and activities are aligned with the mission of the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Applicants to the Wikimedia Alliances Fund should also have demonstrable experience with Wikimedia projects, communities, or organizations directly related to the proposal prior to submission. Proposals primarily focused on building introductory experience with Wikimedia projects or communities are ineligible for review.
  • Applicant must follow the Universal Code of Conduct and Friendly Space Policies
  • Youth Safety Policy must be in place for any activity that involves underage community members
  • Applicant is within a country that can legally receive funding for the described activities and expenses based on laws on sending and receiving funds in the United States and their country
  • Applicant does not appear on the United States Department of Treasury Specially Designated Nationals And Blocked Persons List (SDN)
  • Applicants must be in compliance with any prior reporting requirements for any past projects funded through the Wikimedia Foundation
  • Works and contributions must be able to be published under ethical, open access agreements
  • Applications must be for future, planned work
  • Proposed activities that meet the United States Internal Revenue Service definition of lobbying cannot be funded.[1]
  • Applicants receiving funding must not be Wikimedia Foundation staff members or contractors working more than part time (more than 20 hours per week).

How to submit report

Here are the reports you need to submit if you are invited for the Alliances Fund.

Final learning report

This is a written report to submit within 30 days after the grant end date.

  1. Go to Wikimedia Foundation Grantee Portal (Fluxx) and log in.
  2. Find the Reports section on the left sidebar. Select the Upcoming link and you will see all upcoming reports.
  3. Select the report and click Edit. Answer the questions in the form. You can write it in any preferred language.
  4. When your report is complete, click Submit to send it for review.

You can prepare the report offline. Make a copy of the report form, answer the questions and copy the text to Fluxx.

Wikimedia Alliances Fund Final Report Form (Google Docs)
Conversation reports

There are also two conversation reports. You will meet the Program Officer online two times in the middle of the grant implementation and after completing the grant. They will ask questions and complete the forms.

You can review the questions before the online meeting.

Midterm Conversation Questions (Google Docs)
Final or Yearly Conversation Questions (Google Docs)


Can a returning organization be invited to apply for Wikimedia Alliances Funds?
  • Yes, a returning organization can be invited to apply Wikimedia Alliances Funds.
Can an organization apply for multiple Wikimedia Alliances Funds?
  • Organizations who have one open Wikimedia Alliance Fund will not be eligible to apply again.
  • 維基媒體聯盟基金希望在更廣大的自由知識運動中建立能力支援,這也會對維基媒體項目和社群的發展產生積極影響。與使命相一致的組織和團體的計劃可以專注於支持貢獻者、編輯、內容、凝聚意識、技能培養倡議、宣傳工作,同時與當地的維基媒體社群和維基媒體項目建立穩定的夥伴關系。
  • 知識公平基金為支持知識公平的外部組織提供資助來解決在開放知識議題上的種族不平等問題和阻礙。由於五大主題的工作範圍很廣,因此並不特別期待或要求他們從事維基計畫或與社群合作。
  • 目前為止,我們還沒有進行到維基媒體聯盟基金的上訴程序。
  • 該地區(申請組織的所在地)的資助委員會將對資助申請做出最終決定。
  • 我們希望維基媒體分會或團體能與結盟的組織一起合作提案,然而,資金接受者將會是夥伴組織。維基人應透過社群基金申請基金。
  • 可以用任何語言提交申請
  • No, we are focused on working with non-profit organizations.