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Grants:Programs/Wikimedia Community Fund/Conference Fund/Wiki Student Summit:Connecting, Collaborating, and Creating on Wikimedia

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Wiki Student Summit: Connecting, Collaborating, and Creating on Wikimedia
proposed start date2023-07-10T00:00:00Z
proposed end date2023-08-18T00:00:00Z
budget (local currency) 
amount requested (USD)0 USD
decision fiscal year2023-24
applicant• Magotech
organization (if applicable)• N/A

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Applicant details[edit]

A. Are you applying as a(n)


B. Full name of organization presenting the proposal.


F. Do you have an account on a Wikimedia project?


F1. Please provide your main Wikimedia Username.


F2. Please provide the Usernames of people related to this proposal.

1. Magotech

2. CaliBen
3. Codtz
G. Are you legally registered?

If you are applying as an individual or your group is not a legally registered nonprofit in your country, we require that you have a fiscal sponsor.

Objectives and Strategy[edit]

1. Please state the title of your proposal.

Wiki Student Summit: Connecting, Collaborating, and Creating on Wikimedia

2.1. When will the event begin? Please enter the event start date.


2.2. When is the last day of your event?


3.1. When will you begin preparing for your event?


3.2. When will you expect to complete your last event payment?


4. Where will this proposal be implemented? Where will the conference take place?


5. Is it a remote or in-person event?

Hybrid event

6. Please indicate whether your work will be focused on one country (local), more than one or several countries in your region (regional) or has a cross-regional (global) scope.


6.1. If you have answered regional, please write the country names and any other information that is useful for understanding your proposal.

7. If you would like, please share any websites or social media accounts that your group or organization has.

8. Do you work with any thematic or regional platforms such as WISCom, CEE, Iberocoop, etc.

8.1. Please describe what platforms and your work with them.

9. Please describe the target participants for this event.

10. Please provide the link to the event's page if you already have one.

The following questions (11-14) will refer to the Community Engagement Survey which is required in order to submit a proposal. Here is the survey form that you can copy and use (if the link does not work): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ieEI8EFf2vxjD9wN_h8-srYeRCp4fhSp7_1_wiR2jh8/edit. This survey is required to access a Conference grant.

11. How many people did you send the community engagement survey to?

11.1. When did you conduct the survey, and for how long?

12. How many people responded to the survey?

13. What are the main objectives of the event?

14. Based on survey responses, what are the most important things your community should do at the conference to achieve these objectives?

15. Please state if your proposal aims to work to bridge any of the identified CONTENT knowledge gaps (Knowledge Inequity)? Select up to THREE that most apply to your work.

15.1. In a few sentences, explain how your work is specifically addressing this content gap (or Knowledge inequity) to ensure a greater representation of knowledge. (optional recommended).

16. Please state if your proposal includes any of these areas or THEMATIC focus. Select up to THREE that most apply to your work and explain the rationale for identifying these themes.

17. Will your work focus on involving participants from any underrepresented communities?

18. Do you intend to invite or engage with non-Wikimedian individuals or organizations? If so – can you explain your intention for this outreach?

19. What will you do to make sure participants continue to engage in your activities after the event?

20. In what ways do you think your proposal most contributes to the Movement Strategy 2030 recommendations. Select a maximum of THREE options that most apply.

Logistical Aspects[edit]

21. Do you have any proposed venue for the event?

22. Is the event venue and hotel accessible for people with physical disabilities?

23. How many scholarships would you like to offer?

24. What expenses will the scholarship cover?

25. How will scholarship recipients be selected?

26. In which ways can Wikimedia Foundation staff support your event onsite?

27. Please outline the roles and responsibilities of the organizing team for the conference.

28. Do you have plans to co-organize the event with other Wikimedia communities, groups or affiliates?

28.1. If yes, can you please explain how you are going to co-organize the event and what responsibilities each partner will have.

29. What kind of risks do you anticipate and how would you mitigate these?

30. Friendly space policy - Please add the link to the friendly space policy that your community will be using for this event.

Learning, Sharing, and Evaluation[edit]

31. What do you hope to learn from your work organising this conference?

32. Main open metrics
Main Open Metrics Data
Main Open Metrics Description Target
33. Core quantitative metrics
Core Metrics Summary
Core metrics Description Target
Number of participants
Number of editors
Number of organizers
Number of new content contributions to Wikimedia project
Wikimedia Project Description Target

Financial Proposal[edit]

34. What is the amount you are requesting from Wikimedia Foundation? Please provide this amount in your local currency.

35. Select your local currency.

36. What is this amount in US dollars to the best of your knowledge?


37. Please upload your budget for this proposal or indicate the link to it.

38. Do you expect to receive funding for this conference from other organizations to support your work?

38.1. If yes, what kind of resources are you expecting to get?

We/I have read the Application Privacy Statement, WMF Friendly Space Policy and Universal Code of Conduct.


Please use this optional space to upload any documents that you feel are important for further understanding your proposal.
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