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Timeline for Magioladitis[edit]

Timeline Date
Initial meeting with Mata Kaloudaki in Athens 15 November 2016
Initial meeting with Telesilla Editorial Board in Athens 18 November 2016 established 25 November 2016
European Women's Meeting in Athens 2-3 December 2016
Meeting of female educators in Corfu 13 December 2016
Initial Skype meeting with SheSharp 18 December 2016
Short video of how to assign gender on Wikipedia in Greek released 22 December 2016
Initial meeting with To Mov in Athens 28 December 2016
Talk on gender gap at the Second Chance School of Corfu 13 February 2017
Thesswiki – Divided Memories Editathon 16 February 2017
Talk+Workshop on gender gap in Athens with To Mov 18 February 2017
Meeting with Telesilla Editorial board in Athens to discuss details about the questionnaire 19 February 2017
Meeting with Telesilla subscribers in Ioannina 11 March 2017
Meeting with Telesilla Editorial board in Athens to finalise questionnaire 17 March 2017
Workshop organised by Telesilla 18 March 2017
Meeting with Telesilla subscribers in Ioannina 12 April 2017
YouTube video released 12 April 2017
Workshop in Corfu 10 July 2017
Meeting with SheSharp in Thessaloniki. Agreed Edit-a-thon date. 28 July 2017
Online version of questionnare now available 10 August 2017
Meeting with M. Kaloudaki in Athens 8 September 2017
Hangouts with Anna Torres (WikiWomenCamp) 13 September 2017
Hangouts with Florence Devouard (Wiki Loves Women) 16 September 2017
Hangouts with Anastasia Solari (SheSharp) 17 September 2017
Hangouts with Camelia Boban (WikiDonne) 27 September 2017
Hangouts with Alex Wang and Marti Johnson (WMF) 27 September 2017
Edit-a-thon / Hackathon in Thessaloniki 7 October 2017
Workshop in Rethymno 12 October 2017
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Monthly updates[edit]

Please prepare a brief project update each month, in a format of your choice, to share progress and learnings with the community along the way. Submit the link below as you complete each update.

Month 1: November 2016[edit]

During the month I had meeting with my advisor Mata Kaloudaki for brainstorming and planning of activities. I created a website that keeps track of the activities The website contains a blog, a schedule of meetings, basic info on the project and a description of the teams supporting it.

Month 2: December 2016[edit]

On December 2-3, I participated in a cross-border meeting, held in the offices of the Center for Women's Research in Athens. During the event, I presented and discussed the issue of lack of adequate participation of women in Wikipedia, the reasons for it and possible ways of dealing with it. [1] During the month I had meetings and communication with representatives of the three supporting groups (Telesilla, To Mov, SheSharp) On December 13th I organised a meeting of female educators in Corfu where I gathered their opinions about Wikipedia and female participation.

Month 3: January 2017[edit]

I spent most of January organising future scheduled workshops and events via emails and phone calls.

Month 4: Ferbuary 2017[edit]

I talked about Wikipedia and the gender gap trying to motivate and getting feedback from the participants in high-school for adults. [2] Volunteer Amalia Vradi held another presentation in the context of “Thesswiki – Divided Memories Editathon” talking and working with women on contributing to Wikipedia. [3] Held a presentation about “Strengthening_Wikipedia’s_female_view” with ToMov. I presented the basic info about Wikipedia and the gender gap and organised a discussion with the audience about the reasons and how to deal with it.

I had meeting with Telesilla Editorial board in Athens to discuss details about the questionnaire.

Month 5: March 2017[edit]

Organised a meetup of Telesilla subscribers in Ioannina where we discussed the gender gap issue and gathered female opinions about it.

Met with Telesilla Editorial board in Athens to finalise questionnaire.

Workshop with Telessila.

Month 6: April 2017[edit]

Second meetup of Telesilla subscribers in Ioannina where we continued discussion about the gender gap issue in general.

Month 7: May 2017[edit]

Supported students who participated in the Corfupedia project.

Month 8: June 2017[edit]

Month 9: July 2017[edit]

Held a presentation and workshop in Corfu Public Library about strengthening the female participation on Wikipedia. Met with SheSharp in Thessaloniki. Agreed Edit-a-thon date.

Month 10: August 2017[edit]

I finalized the questionnaire made it available online.

Month 11: September 2017[edit]

I had meeting with my advisor Mata Kaloudaki for feedback and planning. I had online meetings with Anna Torres (WikiWomenCamp), Florence Devouard (Wiki Loves Women), Anastasia Solari (SheSharp), and Camelia Boban (WikiDonne) for feedback and planning of activities.

Month 12: October 2017[edit]

Coorganized WikiFemHack in Thessaloniki,with the Wikimedia Community User Group Greece, Open Knowledge Greece and SheSharp. The event was partly a series of presentations and then an editathon and hackathon, all focusing in women. I presented the main issues of gender gap and helped facilitating the online presentations of WikiWomenCamp, Women in Red (ονόματα).

Workshop in Rethymnon.

Presented the project and preliminary results in CEE Meeting in Warsaw.

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Extension request[edit]

New end date[edit]

End of November 2017


  • Results of project so far will be presented in WM Central Eastern Europe Meeting 2017 in September in Poland. I am invited speaker. See Programme.
  • There is a main event scheduled for mid October in Thessaloniki with the participation of almost all cooperating feminist groups, international participants, etc. The event is going to be the biggest event in the series of workshops I organised
  • Replies to the survey keep increasing, we'll need time to collect annd process them.

-- Magioladitis (talk) 08:39, 26 August 2017 (UTC)